]Hi, has anyone got married at the ledra beach in paphos, I am looking for some info on holding our reception at the hotel. There are 19 of us going.




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    Hi Mandy

    what info would you require

  • Hi Mandy,

    Im getting married at the Ledra Beach on the 6th June.

  • i wondered if people tend to have a disco or entertainment of any kind when there are only 19 people, we are hoping to have the reception in a private room at the hotel. Do you know the hotel at all as people have said it should only be a 3 star as it has a lot of problems.... im a bit worried now as so many are coming. Thankyou for any info..
  • Hi Mandy,

    Sounds like you have been looking at a few holiday review sites, to be honest so have I. Going by the reviews that I have read, yes I think the hotel did have a few probs once but generally things look good now. I have definitely read more reviews that give it 4 or even 5 out of 5 than I have ones that mark it low so on the whole I think we have both made a good choice.

    There are going to be about 18 of us when we are out there but we are probably not going to stay at the hotel in the evening after the ceremony. We are planning on finding a local restaurant when we arrive in resort that we can use for an informal reception/meal. Not sure if you have had much contact with hotel directly, I have emailed them a few times with various different questions and they have been really helpful. Have you seen pictures of the wedding locations? If not, I could send you what the hotel sent me.

    Obviously I will be getting married a few weeks before you so if you do think of anything that you would like to know then let me know and I can update you when I get back.

    Has your wedding package been booked through a UK tour operator, if so who?

  • Hi Mrs Barnes,

    Thankyou for your reply. I would love to look at the photos you mentioned, not sure if we can put personal e-mail address' on here or not, do you know?


    Mandy x

  • oops im new to this, I have booked the wedding through firstchoice in the uk. All seems to be going okay.....
  • Mandy my email address is [email protected]

  • Hi

    My brother got married at the ledra last May. If you send me your email address ill send you the photos. If you want any info just ask.

    There was 20 of us that attended. I was the best

    Em x
  • Hi Mandy

    I'm getting married there in 22 days (i'm soooo excited!!) We booked through Thomas Cook, and found that you can't really book anything with them until you get there, so not wanting to leave anything to the last minute we have booked a yacht through exclusiveyatchweddings (much more reasonable than you might think!!) but this is not until the evening. We are hoping to book/use a room for the afternoon, but again won't know anything abou this until we get there. If you'd like me to pass on anything I've found out when I get home (28th April) I'd be happy to do so.

    As for the reviews, I've read a lot of them - and I do mean a lot!!! I've found the more negative responses are from people who tend to nit-pick over lots of small things. I've read so many bride and grooms who have said they had a fantastic time.

    Let me know if there is anything particular you would like me to try and find out while I'm there.

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    Hi Puffinustus,

    I have been in contact with the hotel direct to arrange a few extras, The front desk manager is the most helpful person ever! he is ringing me today to arrange where we want to hold the reception, I know there are 3 weddings on my wedding day and i wanted to make sure we have a private room. His name is Nicos and the E-mail address is on a link on the Iberostar website. You may be able to arrange something for the afternoon before you arrive.

    Are you getting married in the hotel grounds?

    Good luck and have a fantastic wedding day.

  • Hi Mandy

    We are although we're not too sure where on the grounds yet, how about you? Do you have the chaps email - I've looked on the website and can't see it. I'd love to try and sort something out before we go. We arrive only 2 days before our wedding day!!!

    Thank You!!

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    Hi, We are getting married in the garden by the sea and Nicos recommended the pool restaurant for the reception as it is more private.

    There is another room called the Aspelia hall which looked nice. We visited the hotel last May and there are 2 terraces overlooking the pool and sea which are also nice, (these you can have free, I think the other you have to pay for) We saw a wedding on one of them when we visited. We decided tho that we wanted the sea in the back drop, why get married in doors when your by the sea?

    Any way Im waffling!!

    Try [email protected]

    That is the E-mail address that he replys from.

    I hope this helps

  • You are an angel!!! And I loved the waffling!!!
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    Please let me know how you get on. How many of you are going to Cyprus?

    I am meant to be spending my day off listening to potential wedding music for during the ceremony.... I dont know where to start!!

  • I will do, I've already sent the email to him! We have 16 adults and 4 children altogether, so quite a good size party I think. Our plan for music is to have a guitarist or violinist play for us - again we have been told we can't arrange this until we get there, so fingers crossed it goes well.

    What else have you arranged for while you are there? I feel a bit worried that it might all be too late to arrange it now! Still on the up side, I do like a challenge!! xx
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    We have just organised where in the hotel we are getting married and the venue for the reception really and the buffet. It was most important that the reception was private as we went to a friends wedding at a hotel and they had the reception meal in the main dinner hall with the rest of the holiday makers and i thought it was a bit impersonal!!

    I am sure you will be fine, especially as you are having the yacht, that will be lovely. We had a dvd from them but as our friends have a toddler I was a bit worried we wouldnt relax. How much did that work out to by the way? If you dont mind me asking that is.

    Have you been advised of what time you get married?

  • We don't find out about the time of the wedding until we get there, which is the only thing that I have found frustrating, although I have just asked Nicos to see if he has any info!!

    Our daughter is 17months, there will also be a 19 month old, a 3 yr old and a 5yr old, but they all get life jackets if you want them, and there are plenty of us to keep an eye on them and quite a few crew members so we feel quite assured from the safety aspect. The buffet etc will be inside as well.

    For our package (deckhands deluxe) on the website, but we chose our buffet which they were really flexible with, an hours extension, a full paid bar, a wedding cake, and return coach journey to the hotel for everyone cost us EUR2101 or £1642 GBP, but you can have more or less depending on your budget. They are so nice there! We've also got a horse and carriage picking me, H2B and our daughter up and taking us to the yacht, the others all go on the coach. This is extra through Skarvelis Weddings. We thought it would be something that we would never do in the Uk so why not! I'd loved to have gone the whole hog and had fireworks too, but we thought they were perhaps a little too expensive as you have to pay for a council recognise fire official to attend also.

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    Rearding the time of your wedding, all tour operators have to apply to the town hall for the time, once this is given it is pretty much set in stone. I have booked with Firstchoice and although they didnt like telling me I pushed them and they did tell me, however they added that they couldnt 100% guarantee it in case "something happened beyond there control" maybe if the registrar was held up for some reason. So if you really want to know you should push Thomas Cook. Im going to look at the website of the Yacht company now, you have got me thinking lol.
  • I think I'll begin harrassing them now!!

    I have been dealing with Michelle there. She's great and is originally form the UK. She used them to get married and now works for them so understands both sides of all questions!! Let me know if you decide to use them!!
  • One of the following emails is the one for the Geroskipou Town Hall which is the Town Hall that covers the Ledra Beach, I just can't remember which is the right one.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    You can also phone the Town Hall to find out what time your wedding is booked in for, which is what I did . The receptionist spoke excellent English so I just asked to be put through to the weddings department. I then spoke to a lovely lady who was happy to confirm what time our wedding was booked in for. If you are going to phone then it is probably best to phone at about 8am, the number to call is + 357 26962324.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hey ladies

    Thanks for the encouragement to chase down the wedding time - I now know that I marry at 4pm, which is perfect for us as the yacht is booked from 5.30/6.00pm!!

  • Thats great news Puffin, did you get the info from your Tour Operator or did you contact the Town Hall yourself?
  • It was actually the tour operator. But my next port of call would have been the town hall as per your suggestion, so many thanks!!! xx
  • I really think that the tour operators don't give you the time of the ceremony so that you have to book all of your extras through them. Their prices also tend to be much higher than the Cypriot wedding planners which is so unfair when you consider how much money your wedding party spends with their company. I just wish that we didn't have to get so stressed them before they will let us know our own wedding details.

    Really glad you got it sorted out.

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    I get married at Yeroskipou town hall on the 19th June and am also staying at the Ledra Beach Hotel, 11 of us in total inc 3 children.

    Just trying to sort out where to have my reception.

    If anyone has photos of the reception areas at the Ledra could you please e.mail them to me?


    Becky x
  • Hey Becky

    I've just had an email from the Ledra Beach that tells me areas available around the hotel and any associated prices for reception ideas. If you have an email address I could send them to you, although I'm afraid I have no pics.
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    Hi Puffinustus,

    That would be great. Just press e.mail button under message.


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    Hi 06-06-08 Bride,

    I have e.mailed you.


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    Hi There,

    I am getting married at the Ledra next April & have luckily found this site to which i hope i will be able to get some advice. if anyone has got married recently or is due to i would very interested to hear from u. we have booked our wedding but obviously won't sort the ceremony or receptions details out to we arrive.

    many thanks for any help/advice

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    I get married in 10 days time at Yeroskipou Town Hall

    We are staying at the Ledra .

    I will e.mail you when I get back!

    Becky x
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