I want to get married abroad - any ideas?

Hi all, I am looking to get married abroad next year but there is soooo much choice - any help, ideas or reccommendations would be greatly appreciated as I have information overload at the moment!!!!

Thanks Gemxxxx


  • Hi! Welome to the forum!!!

    I've always dreamed of getting married in a castle, but we are getting married in Cyprus!!! We knew we couldn't afford a wedding in the UK, after my best friends wedding (in a hotel) was £19,000. Theres no way we could afford a castle!!!

    So.....we decided on a sunny wedding overlooking the sea, and did lots of research into different destinations. In the end we choose Cyprus for lots of different reasons.....

    1. there were cheap flights available (as opposed to Barbados etc) and cheap packages hols for the guests

    2. the views were stunnning, beaches beautiful for the pics.

    3. the idea of a 'wedding holiday' with all our family and friends was great...not just one big day!

    4.All my friends are already married...and I'm really trying to make mine different!

    5.We're having an evening reception when we get back....so I get to wear my dress twice!

    6. Cyprus has 350 days of sunshine a year! (so they say!)

    We have used a co-ordinator over there (I didn't want the conveyor belt thing either!) who has been amazing so far. We have used Kerry from aisle of love....lots of girls on here are using her too. She is very reasonable and very efficient!

    Here is the link to where we have chosen.,.....(Nissi beach)


    Hope you sort it all out!! xxx

  • Thanks hun, it looks a great place.

    If I got wed in Cyprus more of my friends and family would be able to come and I love the idea of getting to wear my dress twice by having a party when we got home.

    Hope you dont mind me asking but what is your budget in arranging all of this and what date are you getting wed?

    Thanks Gemx
  • Hi,

    I am another cyprus bride to be. I am getting married in a villa.We are hiring a large villa for a week and we are getting married there and having a party there and then a party when we get back.

    Anyway I am here if you want to do anything like that and have questions.

    Jo x

  • Hi Gem

    Another Cyprus bride here too I'm afraid, so not muich selection so far, ha ha!

    We were going to have a quiet wedding, register office then a curry, nothing big, then I was looking at the register offices in my area and I just could not face having my wedding pictures taken there, so h2b suggested Cyprus, as his work colleague had just got married out there, as soon as he said that I jumped at the idea and cant wait!

    I didnt really do much research and sort of jumped in the deep end and chose the first wedding planner i found on google, saw the package they had to offer and we thought we'd go for that. But since looking on the forums, going over to cyprus, and doing a little research I've found I can do things cheaper.

    We've budgeted £12k for the wedding but that is with a 2 week stay in the Elysium which is costing around £2,500, so you can do the wedding a lot cheaper. I am currently using cyprus dream weddings for ceremony booking, and Zucchinis for the reception and various other bits.

    Also so far we have approx 40 guests coming, never thought so many would make it out there for us but I am pleasently surprised.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

    If you need any help with anything on Cyprus, or marrying over there there's plenty of people on this forum with plenty advice, and one in particular (that I've noticed) is CeolMor Kev.
  • oh nearly forgot, one piece of advice DO NOT use a tour operater, I have read so many posts from brides to be who are stressed and frustrated because nothing can be booked until you get out there, so definately avoid those!
  • Boo73Boo73 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking at getting married in Lake Garda next year - we were there for a few days last year and we were bowled over by the breathtaking scenery and the wonderful lifestyle they have out there. We're going out there on 5th March to meeting with Gwen from Lake Garda Weddings. We really like the look of Malcesine Castle. Has anyone got any advice or suggestions for other venues?



  • hello

    Another cyprus one i'm afraid. We're getting married at the Capo Bay on 6th June this year (arrrggghhh) again we chose it for its beaches, sunshine and proximity to the UK as my BM has not long had a baby. We have around 35-40 coming with us and it should come in around the 7k mark. This includes 2 week stay at the hotel. Kerry from Aisle of Love is also helping us and has save us a fortune.


  • HI Gem!

    In answer to your questions... I am getting married on 26th May 09, and its costing about 7/8 grand. You can do it cheaper, but I'm having 3 bridesamids, 2 flower girls, a page, boy, 3 ushers, a horse and carriage, photographer, dj, DVD, strawbeery cocktails, releasing lit up balloons, 11 nights at Nissi beach which is about £1500, and about 50 guests (which is about 1500 to feed them!!) So you can do it for 3000 I think, if you're not into having all the umph!!! Or you can go much higher if you've got lots of guests and choose a 5*.

    Hope this helps. Just email me if you want any more info xxxx
  • shellslnshellsln Posts: 14
    o wow i just lookefd at your link its gorgous!! me and my partner and children are planning to go to mauritus in 2010 cant wait image
  • gunnogunno Posts: 171

    I'm already married!!!, we got wed in Ayia Napa Cyprus on the 28th May. We had a fantastic time in total there were 26 of us, (only 7 of us though for the first week which was nice).

    I organised everything - no planners, when i think i was very brave, but the whole thing went without one single hitch.

    We were married at 2pm in the Ayia Napa Town Hall the wedding room is beautiful, photos there and then at the monestary with all family, then while everyone made there way to the reception on the bus that i booked when we arrived in the resort, we went to the beach in the hired focus cabriolet in purple that matched, for photos of us two.

    We then joined the party at dione restaurant, just next door to adams beach hotel. We had provided a 3 course meal and a free bar for the duration of the reception. We left there about 1am the next morning the restaurant organised the wedding cake, and the disco, everything was fantastic and all our wedding party said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to,it also has a play area for children which as a wedding party we was sat right next to it, we gave ladies personlised fans and gents lottery tickets, children got goody bags i had made.


    Stayed at the Anesis hotel for 2 weeks h/b booked this and flights seperate, then all the above including wedding licence, extra marriage cert.,dresses, rings, all food & drink at wedding, disco, cake,car,photo's,dvd,and the bus, all came in at just over £3,000.



    Hope this helps you decide,

    Vikki x

  • 3mmalou3mmalou Posts: 257
    Hi, another Cyprus one, we're getting married at Cavo Maris on 22nd May 09, we're on a tight budget but wanted something not to formal anyway, we've only paid £1400 for 2 weeks b&b for me, h2b & 2 kids, (ages 2 & 11) i was a bit worried about the quality of the hotel considering the low price and as it is only rated 3* but have read loads of great reviews saying it should be a 4* and my brother has already stayed there and said it's lovely. Also using Kerry from Aisle of love and she is proving to be a godsend already and very reasonable too! Hope this helps! good luck with your plans x
  • kimshutlerkimshutler Posts: 255

    We are getting married in Santorini next June. We wanted something quite informal and close enough so friends and family could come. We are planning it through Stella at weddingsinsantorini who seems great so far...


    Have just about settled on this place... In most places in Santorini you are on a cliff edge over-looking the sea and the famous sunset!!!

    Budget-wise, it is about £800 for the planner, £400 for the venue and then between £15 and £40 per head for the reception depending on what kind of thing you are after.

    Let me know if you need any more details... I asked the planner millions of questions and have quite a few photos of venues etc.

    Hope that helps,

    K x

  • Amy144Amy144 Posts: 1


    Does anyone have any advice on villa weddings abroad please? 


  • Sarah296Sarah296 Posts: 11

    Hi, We are getting married in a villa (actually one of the top 25 villas in europe) in France, this place is gorgeous called le petit moulin in annepont, www.luxuryweddingsinfrance.com and the planner is working with us and our budget and we get stacks of different options. 

    The packages are worked on the number of people not just a standard package which works for us as we only have 43 people coming.

    I'd definitely advise contacting this place.

    Sarah xx

  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67

    Yes.  Amy144 Try Lisa at HitchedinItaly.  She works with a couple of Villas and farmhouses in Tuscany. She was our wedding planner and she sourced some really great vendors, we couldn't quite believe how much cheaper it was than the UK.

    I just wish we could do it all again, I'm planning on returning for our first anniversary.

  • Hi,

    My sister got married in Cyprus (seems to be a trend here..!!) and it was spectacular. She hired a private villa for her wedding reception after having the ceremony at the Ayii Anagyri Natural Healing Spa and Hotel and it was absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend it! The villa can be rented for the day or as a wedding package. A nice touch is that the company will even visit you in the UK prior to booking to discus all your requirements and answer any questions. The villa she booked was;


    Happy planning!

  • Mauritius...... I'm getting married there in January 2017. Such a beautiful special place :)

  • Does anyone know how much the villa weddings cost??

    also those who have mentioned hotels in Cyprus are any of them all inclusive??

    many thanks xx

  • yes Lake Malawi in Southern Africa is beautiful I got married there. It's not a lake as we know its the length of the country so it's like an inland sea, white beaches, clear waters, tranquil, untouched beauty. If you want a small intimate wedding with a few guests it's perfect plus you can add a safari to your beach holiday and there are islands on the lake prefect for honeymooners. let me know if interested i have contact there 

  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    Costa Del Sol, Spain........cheap flights, 2 hour flight and loads of sunshine!

  • Good choice ITALY. Venice or Verona (Romeo and Juliet town).. the most romantic place you can see. I get married in Naples 3 years ago and a good chef-planner helped me. She is truly amazing, full of imagination and speaks English and French. She organised all my wedding. Cool!

    email [email protected]


  • Celine5Celine5 Posts: 12

    Hi we was looking at cyprus but been swayed to the yacht club in cala'dor in Spain. It's beautiful. Costing £3,500 roughly for 35 quests next October. It looks beautiful xx

  • Celine5Celine5 Posts: 12

    Hi we have been penciled in for October next year too. and I have calculated for 35 quests at the same price. Just weighing up wherher I need to us the recommended photographer or if I can find someone cheaper. 

    don't know where to start. Xx

  • I'm getting married in Greece next August we have estimated cost will be £3000 we are have a dj sit down meal dj photographer at a stuning location kalithea springs


  • We're getting married in Santorini Greece June 2017.Booked through a local planner(Gold-Weddings Santorini) and prices are really normal

  • GulnazGulnaz Posts: 20


    take into consideration Slovenia - you won't be disappointed. There are wedding venues to any taste.

    Local planner in Slovenia for foreigners here:


    Good luck!

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  • EktaEkta Posts: 5

    i Think India is a perfect destination for a wedding. and i am 200 % sure that you are going to enjoy your wedding. I attended a wedding last year in month of november in Jaipur, India organized by http://www.fnpweddings.com/wedding-planners/ and wot should i say about it? I have no words to describe how wonderful my experience was. I wasn't in mood to return from that heavenly place. If you are planning your wedding and thinking about destination weddings, surely go for India. Hire a wedding planner there. and, its almost done for you. All the best! Happy married life.

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