Cyprus photography prices

I wondered if anyone could tell me how much roughly it is for a photographer to take sunset shots (in protaras).

We have a photographer included in our package but have to pay extra for him to come back for sunset shots, and just wanted to make sure we're not paying over the odds.


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  • buttie16buttie16 Posts: 135
    Our photographer wanted 307 euros for 12 sunset shots, so we've sacked him off and are now getting family to do it for us.

    We're still having a professional photographer for the ceremony though!
  • wow that does seem a lot, i'mstill waiting for an estimate, hopefully it'll be lower than that.
  • I just came across this price from Cyprus Wedding Belles so it might be worth contacting them.

    Sunset Photos

    15 colour or black white photos

    15cm x 20cm mounted in a white satin album

    includes 24 proofs

    Price: CYP £80 (???????136.69)

  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    usually my guy in paphos is around 150 / 170 euro mark

  • Kev im still actually looking for a photographer do you think you could let me have the prices of the packages that he offers.

  • Thanks for the replys everyone.
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Mrs_Barnes_2B

    sent them over

  • Hi Kev

    Would you be able to send them to me too please? Thanks xx
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Emma

    Whats your E-mail

    By the way ladies the summer season is about to explode so if you have not sorted your photo's out I would suggest that you do so now so that you have your required time

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