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Las Vegas Wedding...with toddlers?


My wedding is booked for October at the Bellagio. A couple of people have mentioned that I might have some problems taking along my three year old and one year old.....feeling very worried about this now.

Does anybody know anything about this subject??



  • Hi.

    Children can walk through casino's but they can't stop in them, so if their parent is on a slot machine they can't stand next to them. They are not allowed.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    Congratulations on picking a fab place to get married. I have been to Vegas quite a few times (I have family living in Arizona) and would have loved to have got married there, like you we have children though, 3 of them aged 6, 4 & 3 so decided to go to Cyprus instead. As Storerbird said the children can walk through casinos but cannot stand next to them. I spent many evenings of my holidays just waiting around. My family would each take it in turns to wait outside with me. It will be a big problem and inconvenience if you intend on spending quite a few nights in the casinos. On a more positive note though, there are so many things to do and shows to see as a family, you will be more than entertained. Why not ask relatives to look after the children for 1 or 2 nights to let you and hubby have a flutter. Think we're going to try and get a week there without children for our honeymoon. Whatever you do, you'll have a fab time in a fab place. Enjoy yourselves. xx
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