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What songs are you all having to walk back down the isle to once wed?

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  • gunnogunno Posts: 171
    As my partner and i have been together since we were in our teens, and have left it 18 years!! to tie the knot we are having, 'At last' by etta james. It was on the galaxy advert not long ago.

    Vikki x
  • hmarsh8hmarsh8 Posts: 430
    We're having Gnarls Barkly "Crazy"

    I know it sounds like a odd song to have but it first got to number 1 the week we first dated properly (We had known each other for a few years previous) it the stayed at number 1 for about 11 weeks every time we went out for those first few months it was played and when we here it now we both think of each other and remember our first few months!!!!!!
  • Can I go off topic for a minute please?

    We are exiting to a piper (friend of h2b), but today as I sat at the registra's desk and was asked what music we are having for the rest of the ceremony I felt very embarrassed to tell him. I know he just wanted to check it has no religious content, but still, what do you think?

    For guests to arrive to;

    Daniel Beddingfield - if you're not the one

    Leona Lewis - bleeding love

    savage garden - truly madly deeply

    Apologise (momentarily forgotten who that is by, was in charts recently)

    For signing we have All for one - I swear, then the rest of Pachelbel that we used for the entrance music as it just keeps going for ages.

    I just feel now that it is a bit poppy and not grown up enough or somber enough for a wedding. SHould we be going for something more sedate? We have 4 weeks to change things.

    Sorry that was very off topic.
  • I've been looking I can't decide, so far i've got

    Beautiful Day - U2

    I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth

    High - Lighthouse family

    Better Together - Jack Johnson

    I'm gonna be walking down the isle to either

    every thing i do (i do it for you) or

    Take my breath away (topgun)

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