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Want to get married abroad - please help!


I would love to get married abroad, but I'm finding it extremely hard to find a good company to book and organise my wedding with.

Can anyone suggest any good sites??



  • we went into a travel agents and got some brochures - the info in them is really helpful when starting to plan your wedding!
  • Where it is that you are wanting to get married? xx
  • kobieukkobieuk Posts: 22
    I got married in Ravello in Italy using Mario at - take a look at the pics on his website. Everything was superb and views were stunning

  • sadielady85sadielady85 Posts: 334
    We are also having the same problem, finally decided to get married abroad after months of looking at venues over here but now i'm finding it more stressful looking at where to get married abroad and how to organise it! I was just going to organise the whole thing with a tour operator but reading some of the posts on here i'm starting to think this is a big mistake.
  • with me and h2b we were going to do an ocean village package where you stay on barbados for a week and then go on a cruise round other carribean islands...when we were planning wedding in Leeds everything cost so much and the best prices were for huge numbers of guests which we didnt want so we thought we'd marry in barbados. As we'd already decided what we wanted to do and where we'd be staying, we looked at the wedding package the hotel were staying at offers and also emailed some wedding planner packages for barbados from the internet...weve just booked our stay&cruise package through Thomas Cook, but as for the wedding package, were doing it directly with the hotel in Barbados. it could have been booked through travel agent again but you only book the basic package, not the date or your photographer-all that had to be done through the hotel so it makes sense to do this direct all the way through.for the hotel were in you just keep them updtaed with emails for requests and stuff and pay everything when your there.
  • Hi,

    We are getting married in santorini greece and are using a wedding planner from . Had no probs so far.:\)

    Maybe once you have descided on a place you could check out local wedding planners, as they are there in person it might be easier than a travel company?.....
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  • Afternoon ladies...

    H2B and I wanted to get married in New Zealand and decided to lok in to it.

    I found it so easy to do this all myself - I have the wedding virtually planned and it's nly been a month!

    We found a celebrant (vicar), photography has been planned, florist booked ...

    We are gettingmarried on the beach at dawn - Booked a bach lodge and the celebrant can perform it on the beach too...

    I found it so easy to do on the internet - We are going to go to NZ in April (H2B's brithday) to finalise and pay for everything...

    I wuld suggest that if you have the time and the constant internet access ... try doing things yourself.

    A lot cheaper and such an amazing feeling to have total control over all of the procedings!

    (As a result I have started my own wedding planner company and have two bookings already!!)

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi!

    We are getting married in France this summer - it's nice and cheap and so easy for our guests to drive too. If you want more info give us a shout!

    Gem x
  • DSolukDSoluk Posts: 10

    Well I'm still in the planning stages of mine so far, but I'm booking with Helen at Perfect Weddings Abroad. Her website is I've hassled her lots (and I still haven't made up my mind!!) but she's been great giving me suggestions and ideas where is best to go. I just feel more confident booking with a wedding specialist rather than someone like Thomas Cook or Thomsons

    Good Luck

    Danielle xxx
  • Hi,


    has anyone use to book there.... i have just rec'd a quote from them for a wedding in cyprus but would like to get some feedback from someone who has used them already??

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    Hi malibu4radiator, 


    when are where in Barbados are you getting married? We are getting married in Barbados on the 2nd April 2014.  It's always nice to chat with other brides who are getting married in the same place image

  • EmmaK22EmmaK22 Posts: 68

    Hi Girls,

    I have just got married in Portugal and used Algarve Wedding Planners. They were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone, We had the most magical day xx

  • bridie73bridie73 Posts: 34

    Hi there definitely Portugal!! we booked our wedding with Rebecca she's an english wedding planner based in the Algarve therefore no language barriers whatsoever and she knows the ins and outs of the Algarve pretty well if you want to know more just give her a shout on or send me a PM I'm more than happy to be of help. Enjoy your planning image

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