Help! I'd like to get married in Italy but where do I start?

Hello all

I got engaged in November and am planning on getting married in June 2009 in Italy. I keep putting off making plans because every time I start looking on the internet I get more and more confused about where to, everything seems to be arranged through planners and I don't really want to do this as they won't give an idea of cost until you tell them exactly what you want (and I don't have a clue!) I'd like to just approach venues and companies directly to save money.

I've been looking at the Amalfi Coast - possibly Positano - and Florence. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated as I don't know where to begin and I don't speak Italian either! Thank you!!!!


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    I can't help you with this lkw but I'm in the same boat! H2B and Myself are talking about getting married abroad and he fancies Italy too but like you I have no idea where to start!
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    Well we got married in Ravello on the Amalfi coast and it was absolutely stunning.

    Take a look at some of the pics on

    I used a wedding planner called Mario from wagner and he was superb.

    If you want any further help just shout

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    In Italy is it the place or the person tht has to have a license to hold weddings?
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    Thanks kobie - I've been looking at Ravello as someone on another thread recommended far ahead did you have to book? And did you manage to get the dates you wanted? Sorry, lots of questions, but did you have the ceremony in the town hall, and is this the only place you can do it? And where did you have the reception? I'm looking at a small wedding (approx 20 I think)...I'm also a bit concerned about the price of these wedding planners - would you mind giving an idea of how much they charged you?

    Thank you so much!

    And Rachael, thank god I'm not the only one confused...planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, right?!!!
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    Hi Ikw,

    I am a Ravello bride-to-be in April 2009!

    We chose Ravello, because of it's stunning scenery. Positano, in my opinion was too touristy and busy for me. I spent a week there last year and it was magical. It was tough, because I love the rolling scenery in Tuscany, but I really wanted to look out onto the sea, hence our choice!

    We went with Kobie's wedding planner too. Mario at Wagner Tours has been fab so far.

    We are having a wedding for 60 people, with a civil ceremony outside in the Town Hall, then champagne in the main square and then a dinner/reception at Villa Eva. Which is a private Villa with magnificent views.

    You can also get married in the Duomo (the church in the main Square for Catholic ceremonies)

    Or have symbolic ceremonies in hotel gardens.

    For smaller receptions (ie: 20 people) - Mamma Agata is a perfect venue, or Villa Maria. (where me and h2b will be staying)

    Or if you really want to splash out.

    Hotel Curuso or Palasso Sazzo also cater for private parties and small receptions.

    I've also spent a lot of time researching photographers, DJs etc.

    I've turned looking busy into an art at work! image

    Don't be put off. Some sites can be confusing and there is so much choice, but you should find lots of reviews on this site and Tripadvisor of all the wedding planners. I found Mario through lots of recommendations, plus he was one of the only ones who got back to me quickly and he doesn't charge a huge commission.

    Tripadvisor has so much information on the forums - so that is a good place to start - obviously when you have decided where to have it.

    Any questions please ask.

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    Hi there,

    I am getting married in a civil ceremony at Florence's magnificent Palazzo Vecchio and then having a reception dinner at Brunello Lounge and Restaurant at the Bernini Palace Hotel, on 23rd April this year.

    We are only using a planner for the legal and paperwork assistance and to translate the ceremony, which is a legal requirement as we are both British.

    We have sorted the restaurant, photographer, flowers etc all ourselves and have had no hassle at all with the distance and language barrier. We were also pleasantly surprised at the cost of it all!!

    If you want to know any more about our plans my email button on here should work. Best of luck with whatever you decide xx
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    Dear LKW

    Kobie here. We had 23 people at our wedding in the Town Hall (only because I had been divorced) so couldnt do the church. Reception was at the Villa Eva and was superb. Mario arranged picking us all up at the airport, wedding, reception, flowers, music, photos, hotels plus an extra trip to positano and capri. I can bore you to death with the full details if you want to email me privately. I am an event organiser by career but didnt want to spend all my time organising. Choose Mario and Wagner Tours everything went very smoothly and nothing is too much trouble for him.

    Enjoy and ask me anything you need to know

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    Hi Kobie, I'm also getting married in Ravello...can I just ask did you use Marios photographer, I'm booking with Mario but I didn't think the photographers site looked that good, what style of photography does he use? My wedding will be similar to yours, I'm divorced and we have about 25 people going but we're having our reception in Mamma Agata's...can't wait!
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    Hi Loobyloo - i did use Enzo and he was terrific. We just had a disc of photos and developed them back in the UK but Enzo had made them black and white and done some editing to them they were great. Very relaxed and fun .

    If you want to email me on [email protected] i can forward you a couple if you like !!

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    Thank you all so much for your replies, already everything seems much clearer! I'm going to have a look at all the suggestions and then I'm sure I'll have more questions for you all! xx
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    Hi we recently decided to get married in Italy and I had no idea where to start, I decided a planner was needed and then there is the mine field to of which planner to go with starts!

    A friend got married a couple of years ago in Italy, I asked them for advice this was their reply:

    We looked at lots of planners and debated over their services and fees! It was not until we received the same venue from 2 different planners that we understood how the fees could vary! Mark ups and commission... (One planner quoted 6500 for the venue and the other 16,500 euros, same place, same dates, same wedding, and not a typo as I checked!)

    So we went with the planner we felt would allow us to have the wedding exactly how we wanted it, who would listen to all our dreams and tell us straight what the deal was. We went with Kelly at The Italian wedding planner they are more expensive than some of the other planners but they don't charge mark ups or commission so you end up paying less. We met with Kelly in London as she was here on a visit and then we arranged to go for a 3 day visit to have a look at all of the venues we had short listed. Kelly met us at the airport and we took in venues, caterers, florists, and photographers during the first visit. Once we had made a decision Kelly worked closely with us. I went over on another visit with my mother a couple of months before the wedding and Kelly looked after us again for the 2 days we were on site. She even got the venue to give us complimentary accommodation!

    We arrived on the Wednesday with a few of our guests and Kelly was there from the beginning to look after all of us. As she had hired a mini bus (she brought down a lot of her stock at no extra cost and bought the prosecco from the producer direct so needed the mini bus) she kindly volunteered to drive everyone to the restaurant on the Wednesday night. We had a welcome bbq on the Thursday that ended at 0500 and Kelly was there to put the last of our guests to bed, boys dinner and girls dinner on the Friday and the wedding on the Saturday Basically kelly was there from the start till the day after the wedding, her team arrived the day before the wedding to help set up and I don't think they slept on the night of the wedding! As we felt a bond with Kelly we asked her if it would be possible for her to translate the wedding and she happily agreed, that's Kelly she will go the extra mile for you, she even helped plan the honeymoon when my husband asked for her help!

    Yes they are more expensive on paper but you pay for what you get! (We paid 15% of our 30,000 Euro budget) Be wary of the planner whose fees seem too good to be true!

    So I contacted Kelly and I have to say she has been amazing, our budget was no where near our friends, and Kelly agreed to reduce their fees and has worked hard on our behalf to look for service providers that keep all our costs as low as possible. I can not recommend working with a planner high enough, and Kelly has been so helpful, I feel realy involved and that my wedding is unique and not a factory wedding as this was my biggest fear about using a wedding planner. I get consulted on all decisions and I also pay the service providers direct so I get to see where my money goes to!

    I can not wait for our wedding day!

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