Evening Invitations.. Advice please

Hi, hope everyones well and having a nice Easter.

Does anyone have any recommendations for evening invitations.. Theres so many websites I dont really know where to start.

I'm also on a budget so am looking for a reasonable price.

We had also thought about making our own but again dont really know where to start.

Is anyone else making their own?? If so, where did you buy all the bits and bobs from and was it cheaper or more expensive to do this??

Any advice much appreciated as I'm hoping to get something ordered this week..




  • Leese1011Leese1011 Posts: 79
    hey hun, hope you're enjoying the long weekend.

    Not really sure about the evening invite wording etc, but just thought I'd give you the details from where I got my invites done, got them on ebay, and she done the wording plus the added note, and she done a really good job and was reasonably priced...http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/marisa-designnprint

    she might be able to do something for you
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    Kelly, we are making our own invites & have turned out quite good. We got our materials from our local craft shop (in plymouth) & a few bits online but it has definately worked out cheaper in the long run, we paid £30 for the materials just for the card itself & £10 ontop for other materials, i.e.glue, double-sided sticky tape & a cutter........we have made 50 cards for this price-range - much cheaper than getting them made.

    We didn't really know where to start either so we ordered lots of samples of different ranges etc & decided what we liked & didn't then took different ideas from each card & sort of put into one card & we think (& others) that they turned out really well....we are thinking of doing our menu's now.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck!


  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    We've designed our own invitations on the computer, and are just using Dad's decent printer and some hp cards to print them off.

    Here are pictures


    I could probably send you a copy via e-mail if you wanted it (would need to copy it from Dad's computer first though!)

  • Charl_BCharl_B Posts: 86
    Have any of you got pics of your home made invites? I want to show my other half they can still look good, rather than waste tonnes on evening invites, I want to spend more on daytime ones? Thanks xxx
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    i wil take photo's now & then uplaod them then put them on here give me 5 mins!!

  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    Unfortunately the pictures don't do it much justice as cuz of the type of card the flash re-bounds & without a flash it looks abit dull but i have uploaded them anyways........

    (good luck in designing your own though)


    there is 4 pictures.


  • Thanks everyone,

    For some reason I wasnt able to look at ur pics on photobox.. I Still haven't worked out how to use it!!

    I'm not too sure on wording either, I think maybe something like this ' Jason & kelly would like to invite ..... to an evening wedding reception on .....to join them in celebrating their recent marriage in Cyprus'

    I dont know if I'm supposed to mention that their will be a buffet or put details of the gift list on there?? Any suggestions?? It's difficult with the gift list as we really aren't expecting anything - but I know some guests will insist so we'd rather ask for gift vouchers than end up with toasters etc..

    I really like the idea of doing our own, but its difficult knowing what ur buying when doing it online, as colours are different etc..

    Think I'll pop to a craft shop, get some ideas and see what happens.

    Leese thats a really good site - did you order day invites - or evening ones too??

    Thanks again everone..

    Oh and how do I look at ur pics on photobox, I've signed up to it?? xx

  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    i found if u aint logged in u cant see the pics but when u click on the link if u just login then the pics should appear after that as i just tried goin on it when wasn't logged in...hope that makes sense....let me know what you think plese (withthe poor photos) yeh we only got 1 thing online & that was the vellum paper inside the card as we took a chance on the colour as looked the right colour & wasn't expensive & we could of sent it bk if needed but turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.

    We are putting this inside our invites (well something one lines of - as the copy of it is on my laptop & that is in the repair shop)

    Mr & Mrss Chris Abel

    request the pleasure of the company of


    at the marriage of their daughter

    Kayleigh Ann Samantha


    Daniel Mark Baker

    at moorland links hotel

    on friday 15th may 2009 at 2pm

    and afterwards for the

    wedding breakfast

    Reception - 7.30pm

    please reply to ........ rsvp......

    (& we just altered it for evening) so instead of marriage we put reception - etc

    hope this helps
  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586

    This is where I've posted mine, may be worth a try again!

    We're putting one of the poems that I've seen recommended on here in with our invitations, as we're having a gift list (Mum thinks people like to know what to get, and I'm beginning to agree - we've just had an invitation that asks for cash and I haven't a clue how much to give!!!), but would also be very grateful for any Euro's to help with the honeymoon! I've only ordered the poem tonight, so I'll let you know how it turns out!

  • Mrswoody, I managed to get a look at urs and they are fab image Is yours a single piece of card with the writing on the back or one that opens out?? (If that makes sense) gorgeous dress and hair 2 image

    I know what u mean about cash, we're going to a wedding in a few weeks - I have no idea how much to give!!

    Kay n Dan - I still cant see!! I'll keep trying though, the wordings really nice -

    I may be picking ur brains as I haven't got a clue where to start! I dont even know what the normal size card is for an invite, and how did you do the printing inside - on the computer or with a calligraphy pen xx
  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    The cards are one's that Dad's found by Hewlett Packard - they come with envelopes in packs of 20 (not sure how much cos Dad said he'd get them), we're having the cards to open up with the rsvp details on the reverse of the 'front cover' and the details of the wedding/invitation where you would traditionally write!

    When I'm next at Mum and Dad's I'll copy it and e-mail it to you - I'm certain it would be really easy to personalise to try out a copy of your own!

  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    hhhmmm, ok i am uploading to my picasa instead & then will post the link as its definately available to all....bit weird...

    i haven't yet done the inside of my cards yet but i am printing them (chocolate ink colour) onto creamy colour card.

  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461

    try now & let me know what you think please...

    hope it works this time
  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    They're lovely Kay!

  • Yes that worked, they are great!! Love the colours and fluffyness lol!!

    I think I'll definately give it a go, I'm just a bit concerened I'll end up spending a fortune and then get bored half way through..

    How long did it take you to make all 50?? Did you get all the card making tools etc?? Just seen some on ebay for a few pound including the stamp thingy for the envelopes..

    And (sorry so many questions..)

    Did you order the card ready cut to size or did you cut it urself?? xx
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    thankyou MrsWoody..... means alot!!

  • tigribtigrib Posts: 26
    We did our own as well. Print & CD, which was quite nice cause most of the people coming from Canada hardly know me, so with the CD invite (pics etc.), it was a nice way of "introducing" myself. Haha.

    Our wording (print version) was:

    Name of the Bride (first, middle & last name)

    & Name of the Groom (first, middle & last name)

    Request the pleasure of the company of name of the guest (depending on how formal we wanted to make it we either wrote ie "Mrs. Walker" or "Mom")

    to join them to celebrate their marriage at St. (name of the church) in (town), Bavaria, Germany on

    Saturday, 30 August 2008 at 1:30 pm

    The reception afterwards will be held at (name of the venue and full address w/post code).

    Please RSVP by 29 February 2008 by phone, postal or email address.

    Thank you and we are excited to see you there.

    Dress Code: Formal, the colour white is reserved for the bride only.

    Please understand our wish for no additional guests to be added on as we would like to keep the celebration small and intimate. Thank you.

    On the opposite site:

    Please RSVP by 29 February to:

    Address, Email & Phone Number

    I hope this helps!

  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    i got the card already cut to size in my local craft shop (totally crafty) & me & my h2b (yeh omg he did some work - he helped) we worked it out it took us about 3 mins a card & we spread it over 3 days but just gotta do the gold bit inside on most of them & then print on card for the insert & thats it rele but we didn't get bored but the best thing we found is that if you got plenty of time to do it then you shouldn't get bored. Yeh we brought a heart shape cutter thingy for £5.....we r thinkin of goin into card makin after the wedding, & we got double sided sticky tape & clear glue (thats all we needed for ours) no probs im glad i can help you....

    glad you liked them....we got the envelopes to match too....i heard hobbycraft is a gd place to go if you have one of them near you (form my sister in law 2b)

  • tigribtigrib Posts: 26
    I bought A3 thick paper from the shop and was able to print (both sides) 3 invites on each. Our invites only cost around GBP 15.00 as I printed & cut at my work. If you can do this without getting into trouble, I'd do that. Ask them first maybe. The printers at work can print easier on thick paper and print nicer.

    Ensure to check if the print sticks on the paper properly as this can sometimes be a problem. Try not to get paper that's too "waxed". The letters will just fall off.

    I also recommend putting a little band in the fold (if you fold) in your colour scheme, I forgot. image

    I can email you our invites, but it's nothing compared to the original. I could maybe send you a copy of that, or I will scan. We'll see.

    Let me know if you need more info. I personally went for an Art Deco theme. So the colour is very light turq and by co-incident I found turq bridesmaids dresses!

    But: I am not sure how I will use this colour throughout, or if I will even use it at all. My flowers will be pale pink and cream. We'll see.

    All the best.
  • U've all been really helpful, I'm so excited.. I've just told h2b we'll make a start tomorrow - I hope the shops are open!! (Yes Amazingly he's offered and actually seems quite keen to help)

    Kay - U should defo go into business after the wedding!! Theres nothing better than working for urself - and as we all know - U'd make a packet - handmade cards are sooooooooo expensive!!

    Tigrib, wow cd invitations - that sounds cool I've never even heard of them.. What a good idea!! xx
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    yeh i know - thats our thinking too!! i'm so pleased we are all able to help you!! let us know how you get on wont you!!

  • Definately Kay, When they are finished I'll try adding them on here..

    Tigrib, Oh my God ur scaring me now.. paper thickness, waxing, fold, band?? haha

    Ours is an aqua, ivory and silver scheme which is another reason for wanting to do them ourselves as its a really awkward colour to find.. I like the idea of maybe a feather or 2..

    Oh forgot to ask, what are you doing about the rsvp part.. I've seen some that are attached to the invitation but detachable so guests can just sent them back after checking the 'can come / cant come' box does anyone know if this is possible to do when DIY'n it?? maybe with segregated scissors or something...

    Am getting carried away now image
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    we are thinking of doing a business card shape with the rsvp & envelope in with the invite.
  • Ooooo I'm so getting into this now...

    Look what I just found..


    What do you think?? Maybe just an aqua coloured ribbon going up the side.. xx
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    looks really nice!!! love it!! up to you what you go for but i must say ordering samples from companies helped us alot especially when you can see how its done exactly.

  • Thanks Kay, I'll bare that in mind.. I have quite a few examples of invites which we've recieved over the past few years - I keep everything!! So I'll study them!! We haven't got much time really - I ordered some samples about 2 months ago and still haven't recieved them so dont hold out much hope!!

    Its quite funny, I was just going to order some and have done with it... It seemed like to much hard work..

    But I'm really looking forward to it now, esp, now h2b has finally decided to get invoved..!!

    I think its a great idea to go into business, not just with wedding cards but also birthdays too.. My mum's friend made my daughters birthday card and personalised it to her with a high school musical theme - She was so pleased with it image

    I only paid a few pounds and I'd never have got that in a shop - high street cards are really expensive anyway especially if its a special one..

    I hope it works out for you, u've been a great help xx
  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    thanx...hope all works out for you too... found cardlab lets you order 2 or 3 samples & iot hem wihin the week...if that helps....

    good luck wth it all


  • kay_n_dankay_n_dan Posts: 461
    thanx...hope all works out for you too... found cardlab lets you order 2 or 3 samples & iot hem wihin the week...if that helps....

    good luck wth it all


  • Hi Kelly,

    How are you? Hope you are having a good weekend x

    I have bought the materials to make 150 of my own cards for £65 including a paper cutter and 4 pairs of fancy cutting sissors. A good website I used was http://www.madaboutcards.com/index.php

    I have ages to make them but thought ahead when I was trying to budget. Here is my prototype:

    Good luck x
  • Hi Tanya, Yes good weekend thanks, u??

    They are gorgeous, you must be really pleased image

    Cant believe how into this I'm getting, It's like a whole new world lol

    I've been on ebay all evening looking at all the different bits and bobs, I've just bought 100 of those silver rings for £2.40 and some marabou feathers for next to nothing.. now I'm looking at sprays.. I didn't even know what one was untill this evening!!

    I know this sounds silly, but what size is a normal invitation?? I notice that most envelopes come in C5 so I'm guessing thats the norm, but what size is the card b4 u fold it to that??

    Help please anyone, Haha its always the simple things that get me.. xx
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