Living in London, Planning wedding in South Africa

I am a South African living in London. I will be doing all my planning from this side and then having my wedding in Cape Town.

Any others in my situation?


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    Seems I am the only one image
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    i am doing the same. The wedding will be near Hermanus. There are not a lot of south african brides on here. My sister is planning most of the wedding but i do wish that i could be there to ensure that all the details are in order. Where is your venue and what date are you getting married. I take it your h2b is english?
  • Hi Ladies,

    I am south African living in london, getting married in 35 days in the kruger park! it has been quite tough planning from here. Luckily my mom is out there still and there have been hours of calls and photo's emailed back and forth!

    How are you finding it and when are your weddings?

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    Hi Guys,

    Not quite the same, but I live in London and just got married in Australia! I had to do all the planning over the internet and had to have some very early mornings so I could make phone calls because of the time difference!

    It all went really well, I was lucky in that everything we did turned out to be just what we wanted.

    Good luck with the planning, it can be done over the internet without being there!!!
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    Daisy, my H2B is South African! We getting married in Tokai, Cape Town. My mom. mom in law 2 be and sister are helping out alot. But I do wish I was there. They are going to taste the cakes for me image
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    Hello there

    I am living in London and planning a South African wedding - we are staying at 12 Apostles Hotel and getting married with Kuoni, ring ceremony on table mountain!

    I have booked cake with Design a Cake, photographs with Carrie Wooley and flowers with Wild Affairs. All organised through email, it's been amazing - and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope it all looks as good as the photos on their websites! And we've never ever been to South Africa before! Very excited!

    Wondering if anyone can recommend mobile hair and/or make-up services? That's the only thing left on the list I think!
  • collyuk1collyuk1 Posts: 79
    WOW! I am so glad that you have chosen Cape Town as your venue. That is amazing. You will love Table Mountain, the views are stunning.
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