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Please help

Hi all!

We would like to get married in Jamaica April/may 07, however after reading many posts on this site not sure which way to go. Both myself and HTB would like a small wedding, nothing big, have our 2 children coming with us- 9 and 5. Can anyone suggest ideal hotels family orientated, planners etc. Where do I begin..... Do I go through travel agents or independent planner. Does anyone know of independent plannners in Jamaica?

Many thanks



  • We are getting married in Dominican on April 10th, there's just the two of us and his children. We looked at 'Beaches' resorts - Run by Sandals but are family orientated with the same high quality.

    We plumped for a hotel we had been to before as there was a wedding taking place whilst we were there so we had an idea of what to expect. It is 5* all inclusive, which means the kids can do hundreds of activities as part of the price of the holiday.

    We have booked through Thompson, we went in and spent an afternoon talking about dates, accomodation and what kind of ceremony each hotel offers. Some give free weddings, some are really expensive, some offer optional extras and some have pretty complete packages. Shop around and enjoy it!
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    my auntie has just returned from a holiday in montego bay jamaica...

    she stayed in the holiday inn hotel 4* and was very impressed with everything and would go back tomorrow!

    they do alot of activities for children

    you can get reviews on any hotel and areas from

    good luck

    Jo x
  • socdfmsocdfm Posts: 43
    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

    Clementine, we will certainly look into Thompsons and packages they offer.Good luck with your wedding.

    Jo, thanks for that, We stayed at Mo Bay last year and it was fantastic! hence why we would like to return and marry there next year. My HTB parents live there, so it would be easier for them too travel, my mom and dad included.

    Will check out tripadvisor

    Thanks again

  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    glad to be abit of help naz!

    Jo x
  • Yeah, let us know what you decide on! xx
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