fuschia/hot pink chair sashes

Hi! I know there are some abroad girlies on here with a hot pink scheme so here we go.......I ordered 25 fuschia and 25 orange sashes for my wedding at Nissi beach,Cyprus, and they've sent me 50 fuschia!! As I gave the seller bad feedback, hes being really awkward. So I'm selling the 25 spare fuschia ones. I paid £46 for 50, so am selling them for £18 for 25, and I will pay the postage. Please email if interested and if you want pics!!

Thanks! xxx

(my message with prob be edited for advertising soon!! Sorry web ed! )


  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300

    Would love to know your contact - [email protected]

  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Have emailed you xx


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  • MrsJENMrsJEN Posts: 194
    Hi Nikki

    How are you? That guy from ebay did the exact same to me. I ordered 50 of each colour but he sent me 100 orange but after emailing him he did apologise and he sent the 50 pink ones. He asked if I would then post 50 of the orange ones to a UK address if he relisted them for sale in the UK instead of me posting them all the way back to China, and he would pay for postage. I agreed to this but he has never got back in touch for me to send them so I too have 50 orange spare.

    Have you informed Kerry that you have the sashes? I was just wondering who will actually set them all up??

    I think time is passing pretty quick now. Not long off a year to go!

    It was 560 days to go when I got my date and now only 402 lol!


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    could you put a pic or link on of the sashes. i was wondering about getting some but would only need 11
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