wedding photographers in Athens, Greece

I am trying to find a good but not too expensive wedding photographer for my wedding in Athens this summer. Has anyone married in Athens and can you recommend anyone? Your help will be much appreciated! :\?


  • helen1980helen1980 Posts: 172
    who did you book your wedding through, out of interest? Where will you marry. Do you need a licence to marry in Athens?
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369 they are doing our photos image ..they are based in Athens and we are getting married in Hydr a
  • Ali2308Ali2308 Posts: 83
    i booked it privately as have family out there - marrying at local town hall, then recption at a venue outside athens - you need to ring the greek consulate to find aout all info - and perhaps your local registry office to get their advice. You do need a license - you have to get a cert of no impediment 3 months before the wedding, from your local town hall, and then get it transalated, along with your birth certificate, into greek at a translation service. Then you need to get these documents certified by the greek consulate I think. Then take it to greece to apply for license (contact teh town hall of the are you want to marry in)
  • Ali2308Ali2308 Posts: 83
    thanks littlebobo - have contacted them for their rates!
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