Back home party invites, any ideas??

image:Back home party invites, any ideas??


  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I like these.....the invites are personalised for sending to guests coming abroad with you and they also do a postcard which you can send to guests at home for the reception when you get back...that way, the theme ties in with your wedding abroad image Just a thought
  • MaryLeechMaryLeech Posts: 159
    We just struggled with the wording on ours. We originally had it from Miss X and Mr Y

    then realised that by the party I will be Mrs Y so who did how were we to word it???

    in the end we settled for a casual first name image

    i also just made them with the same design as the abroad invites as it was easier image

    hope this helps

  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    I am sending message in a bottle invites for going abroad and then making these for the party back home. We have also just used our own names cos thats what we will be when sending the invites.

  • jules08ukjules08uk Posts: 59
    Vicki2323, they are lovely, how talented are you!!, will check out the other invites too Miss VW, like the postcard idea, thanks very much, love this website xx
  • Vicki 2323... your invites are so lovely. You must be talented. Just wondering do you post a picture on a thread? I haven't a clue how to do it!
  • I have designed our own postcards headed up with Miss x and Mr Y are flying away to get married best bit of it all is only cost £30 for 100 invites and have ordered matching fridge magnets for the people actually going to St Lucia with us
  • julesb2bjulesb2b Posts: 159

    I was looking for somehting simple to reflect that it was a big party/celebration when we get home (we didnt want a formal wedding reception) and I really liked these ones:

    We didnt get them as I wasn't sure it was appropriate to say 'we're getting married...' when it was my parents who are sending them/hosting the party. But I loved this one all the same.
  • We got our invites from Celebrations Plus, they have a little gold embossed aeroplane on the front with 'flying away for our wedding' written below, then inside they say (my parents) 'Mr and Mrs _____ request the pleasure of the company of ____________ at an evening reception to celebrate the marriage of their daughter __________ to _________.

    We liked the idea of this as the front explained very clearly that the wedding will have been abroad and then the inside makes it clear that the invite is for the UK reception. My parents are paying and hosting our reception (although its more just a party really for 100 or so people with buffet and DJ).

  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    *Gypsy Girl* to post a pic you need to upload pic to somthing like photo bucket and copy img code then go into post reply (not quick reply) hit img button paste code and hit img button again then delete the capital and
  • Ladies, if you don't mind my asking, how much are you budgeting for your home party? My head is turned at the mo trying to think of suitable venues! Don't want to be out a fortune!
  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    Think we are just going to do a postcard that ties in when our proper invites! Most people know if they're invited to the wedding abroad so don't think they'll be any confusion! Will probs keep with the travel theme just to be clear though image
  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    Im making a simple A5 invite that says

    Gemma and Michael request the pleasure of your company to help them celebrate their recent marriage

    Doesn't need to be overly fussy etc

    As for reception venues we have a bar in Birmingham hired out and catered for the guests which ill decorate just want an informal party for everyone to come and have a drink with us
  • Hi, i designed all my own wedding stationary and now help other brides, if you would like some picture examples please email me at [email protected] ... sorry i have trouble uploading pics on here xxx 

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