Anyone getting married in Venice?

We were thinking May / June next year but dont really know where to start - any suggestions anyone?


  • Hi beaglefan

    I'm sorry I can't help you for Venice but I think that Venice for weddings might be "too commercial". It is surely a romantic and unique city but I'd rather keep it for my honeymoon..

    I can help you on the Lakes and on the Italian Riviera if you wish..


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    Hi we are planning on Venice too for March next year, I am heading over there in a few weeks to check it out. The main problems I am experiencing is the expense and as we are having a small wedding we only want a restaurant meal rather than the traditional band & dj after the meal. Will give you an update after we get back home if you like?

  • Hi I'm planning on getting married next April in Venice and am looking for a restaurant meal, how did you get on lynchycat?
  • Hi,

    We are getting married at the Palazzo Cavalli (Venice Town Hall) in August 2010. I am compiling a list of hotels from bottom budget to top, lists of local restaurants, hairdressers and florist. Then we are going to visit in April next year and visit all the places we have found and book the ones we like. There is a lot of information on the net for Venice. My plan is to just do all my research here and then decide once I have seen everything in the flesh.

    We are not hiring a wedding planner as the charge the earth and I love organising. The British consulate/embassy help with the legalities and the consulate in Venice have been very good with communication.

    How far have you got with your plans so far?
  • Hi Helen

    Haven't got much arranged so far. Put in a request to be married in the Palazzo Cavalli in April 2009 and still havent had confirmation yet. Getting a bit disheartened with the whole thing really. If they don't confirm by December then I think we'll need to rethink the idea.
  • im getting married in 3rd july 2009 in venice. athough i be-grudged paying for a wedding planner, its impractical to do it yourself unless you speak good italian (which i dont), plus i found that when i emailed hotels to ask about things they never replied back to me. we went over to venice in march 08 and met up with her and she had set up meetings with 10 hotels in 3 days (it was a busy few days!). it gave me the chance to see the variety of hotels there is in venice-some we liked and some we didnt. i love organising myself-but even with my wedding planner organising stuff in venice there is still plenty to organise here in the uk. she is sorting out my wedding at murano town hall (of which she also translates on the day) the reception which is at hotel dei dogi, a photographer and a boat to transport people around. everything else im organising in the uk and taking (shipping) over to venice prior to the wedding. There are several hotels where you can have a nice meal rather than a full-on reception. we saw some hotels which had lovely terraces overlooking venice which were really nice.
  • How are everyones plans coming along? I have had my date in Venice confirmed in April 2009. Getting really excited about it all. Have arranged to be married at the Palazzo Cavalli with a reception at the Hotel Londra.
  • Anyone been to the Restaurant De Leoni at the Hotel Londra? Any opinions?
  • Hi,

    I'm also getting married in Venice - Oct 09. My fiance is Venetian and I speak ok Italian. A couple of warnings for people getting married in Venice:

    - They will increase the prices of everything by at least 20% because you are a) getting married; b) not Italian; c) not from Venice. Expect it to be expensive!

    - Even if you have the price set, still be careful on the day. I went to one Venetian wedding recently where the couple somehow managed to supply their own wine and only had to pay corkage. The hotel slowed the service of the dinner down so much that it lasted over 4 hours and, of course, the guests drank 3 times as much.

    - Watch out for your guests too. Not only do they have to shell out to get there (not a terrible thing in my opinion - all my guests seem happy to come) but they tend to get lost once they get there. At the wedding I just mentioned we lost about 10 people for the first couple of courses of the meal.

    After saying that there are lots of good things! Your photos will look great, it is a great romantic setting and Venetian hotels / restaurants etc are really good at catering for weddings - they have centuries of experience behind them.

    For Lynchycat who wants to have a restaurant meal after the wedding - that is the traditional Venetian way of doing things - it is quite an English / American thing to have a big party into the night - the Italians tend to have a 6 course lunch / dinner after to celebrate and then everyone kind of rolls home.

    I'm going over in Feb to do some wedding planning. I'm taking a bunch of girlfriends with me to make a fun weekend of it. I'll let you know how it all works out.

    Finally, I'm not having a hen party, instead I'm taking my 2 closest friends and my sister to an Italian spa for 2 days - I get to off load the wedding madness onto my future mother-in-law and head off into the Italian hills for some girly time. I thoroughly recommend that option if the traditional boozy hen party doesn't appeal.

    Good luck everyone!
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    I'm thinking that if you're doing the organizing yourselves, you'll need an interpreter for the ceremony...
  • ally2009ukally2009uk Posts: 2,020
    From a quick look on google, I think you're talking about 120 Euro for the interpreter.

    Do you need to get your documents translated into English after that?
  • Don't worry - they'll do the ceremony in English image
  • Helen82ukHelen82uk Posts: 328
    Hi lynchycat and truthdog.

    I just wondered how your plans were coming along for your Venice weddings this year? If you don't mind I woul like to keep in touch so you can maybe give me a bit of adviceand you can tell me how yours days went once you have had your magical day.

    Helen x
  • Hi everyone


    I hope you all had beautiful weddings!


    I was wondering if you could help - I am posting in this old thread hoping you will share your wisdom. Could anyone a) recommend a caterer b) tell me the rough price you paid? The caterers I was recommended have basically said they won't do the wedding for less than 130 eurps (+10% tax) and I have had one caterer say they wont quote for less than 150 euros (+10% tax). Any help very appreciated.



  • Yes it is one of the beautiful place in earth but i never thought about venice for destination wedding..

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