I was just wondering if anyone else has found that having a party back home is so expensive.

We really want to have one for about 100-120 people who cant make wedding in Vegas but are just finding that it is so expensive. One of the reasons we are getting married abroad is cost!

Its the food. Everywhere is saying we have to use their food and they change a fortune for it and also have to have their disco etc.

just had to get rant out ...sorry


  • Im paying approx £1300 altogether for our do after getting back from cyprus. thats 4 80 guests at £10 per head for buffet (only payn for 70 tho) £185 for DJ, £150 to stay the night, £140 to have proper 3 tier cake and £150 for welcome drink for people on arrival. It is quite expensive but its what i wanted as we only have 8 family members joining us in cyprus. There would have been an extra £300 on top of that but i know the manager of the hotel so we got free room hire.
  • lisapat1lisapat1 Posts: 104
    i have not booked mine yet but i think its going to work in about 1500-1800. my parents are paying for most of this as we are paying for wedding in cyprus and our wedding party to come with us. but it is quite expensive and always seems to go up.
  • I'm having a similar problem....I'm thinking about hiring a village hall and doing my own catering. My budget is only £400 and I don't want anything grand. If I could rely on the weather I'd have a tea, champagne and lemonade party in my parents' back garden!

    Hope you manage to sort something out!

  • paulafosterukpaulafosteruk Posts: 1,027

    we've just gone for a local function room who will allow us to cater for ourselves. We looked at quite a few hotels etc but because we are spending so much on america it was just too expensive.

    our room hire is £100 and £140 for the dj

    good luck finding somewhere

  • jojosieukjojosieuk Posts: 159
    We are hiring our village hall. We were going to cater ourselves but are torn between this and getting either a hog roast or using a local catering company whose leaflet was supplied by the hall. They are quite cheap with buffets starting at £4.85 per head! bargain.

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  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Yes they are very expensive we have found that its costing as much as the wedding in Cyprus,

    We are Holding our reception in a hotel, and have a phtotgrapher, Cake , chair covers, centre pieces, a sweet Corner. Dj, Buffet for 100, and to stay the night, it all mounts up to a fair wack of money...
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    We are having a huge BBQ when we go back to Canada for my side of the family! Mind you, we don't have to worry about rain as much as you guys do - it hardly ever rains in the summer! My dad is into music and knows quite a few buddies that play in various bands so we are having live entertainment all night (about 3 diff. bands). It's on my uncle's property which is a few acres so we are putting tents up for people to stay in! We are expecting around 200 people to show up! We are also providing all the food and alcohol but can get the food catered for very cheap (pasta, fried chicken, and salad) plus we are doing burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and roasting a big hog. I do want to get a nice big fat cake as well! My mum and dad are paying for it as we are paying for our UK wedding!
  • We are getting married in Gretna Green to keep costs down, and then having a party when we get back for everyone else, but it is so expensive.. the hire ov venue is ok, but they sting you with the cost of food! this is turning out more expensive than the actual wedding!! its mad!
  • gunnogunno Posts: 171

    We get married in cyprus in 5 weeks we are having a night do in a local masonic hall a week after we get back.

    We are having a hogroast £350 for upto 150, disco £100, room hire £70, extra food and choc fountain £100, balloons i have bought and clintons are inflating and arranging them for 50p a balloon, all for under £700 a Bargain!!
  • BEATTR2BEATTR2 Posts: 48
    This is something I have justed to look into and the Hotels are charging a fortune for a tiny finger buffett (£10ph).

    All we want to do is have a party with planty to drink and dancing and fun for all those we can't invite to cyprus.

    I am going to have mine in a social club and do the decorations & food myself. I'm hoping to spend no more than £600.

    Hope you find something suitable for you x
  • julesb2bjulesb2b Posts: 159
    Totally agree, our party is turning into something massive - all we wanted was a knees up, nothing fancy or plush but its already turned into a full blown party. Having around 220 guests with evening buffet , 2 bands, welcome drinks and favours and the cost is unbelievable. But hey - looking forward to it and dont plan to do it again.
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    I agree, We are getting married in Antigua and want a party in this country when we return. It seems to be working out as a fortune, but as you say, I only plan to do this once and I want to see all our friends and celebrate. Is anyone asking for gifts at the after party? My friends say that they are going to buy presents even if we don't have a list, and I don't want 20 identical jugs... what is everybody else doing?
  • mrs_platt2bmrs_platt2b Posts: 283
    we're the same as you JulesB2B - was only suppose to be a little welcome home party for us and for the ppl that cannot come to the actually wedding but its turned into a party for 200 in a hotel, evenin buffet, dj, welcome drinks, favours, we're looking at £3500 (but my parents are paying for the wedding abroad, so this is the only expensive we have for the entire wedding)

    in referance to gifts, we live together already like i think most couples do so dnt need anything really but family still want to give us somethin so we have asked for vouchers so we can have our garden done.

  • Err... ours is about £4000. Hardly cheap but we want to have a big party as we're getting married in Mexico which has meant most people can't join us out there.
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869

    yeah our party too wasnt cheap either

    we had a company in to decorate the venue, magician

    chair covers and all sorts

    plus the tab of 1 grand was drunk in an hour so my parents very kindly increased the bar tab all night.. bless em..

    then there was the DJ @ £400 too

    the food & cake wasnt cheap either, but hun everyeones different,

    you do what YOU want and can afford

  • God i don't know what to do, i certainly can't afford a bar tab of a grand!! it wouldn't last 10 mins with my friends lol

    I don't want to spend a lot but i don't want to go to a social club etc as they are all grotty round here. I've found a buffet for £6.50 a head which is awesome and my friend has offered to dj as a present, but its just a venue i need. I'm tempted to hire a marquee in a field but i don't trust the weather (it'll be easter time when we have it). My other half had a fit when i gave him a quote for our local hotel Whitehall, i've got to keep him sweet and still have a good party with nice surroundings! Arghhhh!!
  • misskittyukmisskittyuk Posts: 257
    we're hiring the barn of a local riverside pub and will be spending about £500 in total. H2B's brother and my brothers band will be playing. the hiring of the barn is £100 including someone on the bar, we're spending around £150 on decorations and around £200 on a bbq and buffet (using cash and carries for the meat etc) and my mums paid for our cake. We're going for an exotic tea party theme and it should look really nice. It can be done cheaply if you shop around.
  • lisapat1lisapat1 Posts: 104
    we are getting married in cyprus april 09, we have not booked reception back home but just looking into it the price is around £2000 and increasing. my parents are paying for this as we are paying for the wedding party to go to cyprus. which is around 15 people. its the food that takes up most of that but as my parents havent had much say in cpyrus wedding they can do what they like back here as they wont stop till i agree anyway.

    hope your wedding goes well. i cant wait for mine.

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