Getting Married in Cyprus in May 2007

Hi Everey one,

Just wondering what stages every one is at for there wedding.

I'm ordering my dress on Saturday and i'm thinking have i left it too late. The shop says it only takes 3months but wishin i had ordered it sooner now.

What you think?


Kelly x


  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    Hi Kelly!


    2ND-where abouts are you getting married?

    dont worry about your dress,i only ordered mine last week lol!

    Im just getting on with reception and flowers ect with eve my wedding planner in Limassol

    getting married on the 15th june at st barnabas church,

    staying at

    taking 16+ with us

    Jo x
  • Hi Jo,

    We are gettimg married at the Golden Coast hotel on Protaras, but stayin at the sunrise beach by fig tree bay.

    I've gone through Olympic and i've ordered all my things but feel a bit out of control on whats going on.

    I'm glad i'm not the only one ordering it this late.

    I get worried about things and my H2B is like oh it will all be fine and sooooo laid back compared to me.

    How are you getting your dress there?

    Thanks for getting in touch

    Kelly x
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    hi kelly!

    my chief bridesmaid lives out there,so thinking of sending it to her to look after....

    if not, im being told that if i take it with me,it will have to go in a hard suitcase labelled fragile and put in the hold?????

    so,still thinking lol!

    but as we have ordered late then depending when the dress comes in and after alterations, then it just maybe easier to take it with us..

    my h2b the must be a man thing!

    but like us women say...its the most important day of our lives and everything MUST go smoothly!

    Which package have you gone for?

    Jo x
  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124

    1st June 2007 bride here.

    I went dress shopping a couple of weeks ago as a friend scared me by saying they can take up to 26 weeks to order. Typically I found the dress I wanted on the sale rail and therefore it was the one they had in shop, so they are now keeping it for me until I go for a few tweaks next year. Keep wanting to go back and try it on again.

    It is very bizarre how little organising we can do before we go, and I know I will get stressed about not knowing the finer details until we get there.

    Having a good think about wedding favors at the moment as want something nice as a thank you for making the effort to come out for the wedding (31 guests booked so far!!!), a lot of the things seem really tacky and I don't want something that will just be thrown in a drawer or even the bin without making it home......

    Going to start shoe (or sandal) shopping soon as I always have a nightmare finding ones I like that I can wear for more than 5 minutes.
  • Hi Jo,

    I've been told the hold in a hard waterproof case and lable it too!!!

    I've gone for the gold package but added some extras aswell.

    It includes :

    36 photos

    video of ceremony

    Round rose posy

    Long posy roses

    Button hole

    Two teir wedding cake

    sparkling wine

    Plus wedding car

    Who are you traveling/booked with?

    Kelly x

  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    hi kelly!

    ive booked with libra and gone for the gold package...

    we get~

    36 photos

    dvd wedding ceremony

    lily long bouquet?? spelling lol!

    lily button hole

    2 tier wedding cake

    bottle of wine

    dec wedding car

    same as you really!

  • Hi Jo

    I think they all offer pretty much the same.

    I'm so looking forward to th day.

    I've got to arrange for our parents to meet not done that yet. I'm a bit worried because mine mum and dad are reglious but his are. Well not really his mum but step dad. He goes on about God and preaches to you. Each to there own, but i don't want him doing it in front of my parents and neither does may other half!!! What a nightmare!!!!!

    What favors are you taking with you?

    Kelly x
  • Hi welly172,

    Where abouts are you getting married?

    I can't wait to try my dress on again tomorrow.

    I went for shoes with the fronts in with a strappy back fror BHS there are so comfortable. Bridalshoes are sooo expensive and probably won't wear them again. I can't really spend hundreds on some shoes that no one really sees.

    Mine are very like these but go round the back of the ankle and slip on

    Hope this helps


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  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Hi All

    Does anyone know of any trips you can pre book in cyprus like helicopter ride, or hot air balloon?

  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    Hi Annette,posted a company in the other post

    cyprus brides 2007

    Kelly,those shoes are really nice!

    Is your avatar your dress?

    ive gone for

    olympia in light gold

    Jo x
  • I just hope no one is using Cyprus Moments, they ruined my best friends wedding and I can't say one nice thing about them. If anyone has let me know and I'll let you know what happened to save you the pain!

    Penny image
  • Hi I'm going through olympic?

    Wha happened with them?
  • Hi all..

    I'm getting married on the 31st May 2007 at Grecian Sands Hotel in Ayia Napa...

    I too have booked with Olympic Holidays.. I had problems with them at first, but things are Ok now... I have'nt booked a package with them, I have done my items individually as I have booked my Videographer with a company in Ayia Napa, which is alot cheaper than Olympic.

    Plus they told me that I had to pay for a cake and reception venue, and the hotel told me that I am able to get that FREE as I am also staying at the hotel...

    Olympic did'nt tell me that.. I emailed the hotel direct...

    See, - try and find out as much as you can by yourself..

    Other than that, plans are going great!..

    Got told today that my dress is arrived in stock.. yep hey!!!!imageimage

    Speak to you all soon

  • Hi Becky,

    I'm getting married on the 30th May at the Golden coast in protaras.

    I've only just ordered my dress!!!

    I booked through Olympic too. We had a bit of trouble to start with too. Like getting a date for the wedding!! A nightmare.

    Looks like a few people are getting married that month.

    How many of you are going out there?

    Kelly x
  • Hiya Kelly,

    It nice to talk to someone with the same count down as me. Only 188 days until your day...

    I am having 16 people coming to my wedding, just enough for me...

    I have 5 bridemaids, as my H2B has 2 niece's and also I have 2, which is very nice. Then my best friend of 15 years is my maid of honour.. The colour which I am having is Pink (of course).. and Ivory!

    But I am having problems choosing a suit of my H2B, Best Man and my Daddy, as I kept changing my mind.. It doing his head in! - but he is not given me any ideas.. Bloody men!

    What is your H2B wearing?

    Keep me updated with your plans, as it lovely to speak to a fellow Olympic Holiday booker.. we can exchanged notes!!!!image

    Take Care


  • natcognatcog Posts: 98
    I too am getting married in Paphos in August. I'm really struggling with menswear and can't find a dress thats appropriate for the heat. Let me know how you're geting on with your grooms outfit etc.

  • hi Becky,

    I'm having pink too for my older sister and ivory for my nieces. Pink i'm very girly!!!

    We are hiring light weight suits from Duncan James. They are modern lookign and not as heavy as traditional morning suits. Darren wears suits everyday for work and wanted something different.

    Men are a nightmare to get for.

    There is 10 of us in all going to our wedding.

    Olympic are ok as long as you get the right person. We had michelle and she was great.

    Kelly x
  • Hi All

    Im getting married on the 15th June at Peyia Town Hall, near Paphos......

    Ive booked through Planet Holidays.....they seem to really good......

    but i am organisng everything myself, through Anna @ Wedding Belles, as she is alot cheaper than Planet Holidays......

    Ive got my wedding dress.......

    but im having trouble on mens suits.....but my H2B thinks he has along to go......which i think he hasnt, by the time christmas and new year is over.......

    Happy Planning

    Caroline xx
  • hi natstar

    i am also getting married in cyprus in august and have just seen the spring/summer preview catalogue for next. they have lovely stone colour linen suits for men and matching for children. they are £110 for the mens suit (jacket and trousers) and £ 50 for the childrens suit (jacket and trousers).
  • hi natstar

    i am also getting married in cyprus in august and have just seen the spring/summer preview catalogue for next. they have lovely stone colour linen suits for men and matching for children. they are £110 for the mens suit (jacket and trousers) and £ 50 for the childrens suit (jacket and trousers).
  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124
    Hi Kelly 149,

    Sorry for delay in replying, I had forgotten I had posted on this one.

    I am getting married at Capo Bay Hotel 1st June 2007 at 17:45pm.

    189 days to go.....

    Given up on shoe shopping for a while as I found a pair like the look of but can't really justify £80 for something I will probably only wear once..... feeling the same about tiaras... starting to think I am just tight or that as soon as the word wedding is mentioned people just double the prices......
  • Hi,

    I was going to get married at the capo bay but we couldn't get a date so decided on the golden caost it was the only place we could get a date and venue.

    You are there the same week as me then.

    We are staying in the sunrise beach so not far.

    My shoes were only £30 from BHS.

    I've only paid £45 for my triara from a bridal shop.

    What part of the country are you from?

    Kelly x
  • Quoted:
    I just hope no one is using Cyprus Moments, they ruined my best friends wedding and I can't say one nice thing about them. If anyone has let me know and I'll let you know what happened to save you the pain!

    Penny image

    Hi Penny,

    Unfortunately I didn't see you post until it was too late. I booked with Cyprus Moments last year just after we got engaged and decided to have our wedding in Cyprus. Thing were quite replaxed up to the end of 2006 but now that it's time to act and we have only 7 months left, my wedding organiser has disappeared. She doesn't answer my phone calls, emails, nothing!

    Can you pleaseeee let me know what happened with you friend??

    I'd be eternally grateful,


    Angie image
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    hello, i am getting married on the 29th may in paphos....well excited i got my dress last april and also bridesmaids dresses too, and just got the suits for the men last pretty orgainsed. we have gone for the proper 3 piece suit. gotta look the part on your wedding day.
  • hi everyone.....

    im getting married on the 15th june....only 143 days to go..........cant wait.............

    ive got most things done..........

    the dress, shoes, tiara, veil, b/m dresses, little b/m hair slides, chief b/m shoes, booked the reception at the hotel, booked the flowers, cars, cake, photos...

    just need to do

    mens suits, favours, shoes for little b/m, tiara for chief b/m.....

    im having problems with the favours, wanted to take little bottles of champers, just to heavy......

    any ideas....what is everyone else doing????

    Caroline xx
  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124

    Wow you are so much more organised than me and my wedding is 128 days away.....

    I have ordered my dress and just ordered some shoes, started ring shopping this weekend and my HTB is going to go and look at suits this coming weekend.....

    Think we better get our organising heads on and get some stuff sorted.

    I am thinking of miniature perfumes for the ladies favours and Lottery Scratch Cards for the Men. offer discounts for bulk buying the miniatures.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your ideas for the favours.....miniature perfumes sounds a good idea.....

    I know, im ready for the h2b isnt!!!!!!!! we've had a look for mens suits in Next, but the linen suit that he wants isnt in the shops until 8th feb, not long to wait....but if he doesnt like them, i think that are going to have to take a trip to Trafford Centre!!!!!!!!! he hates shoppping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im just going to start writing my invitations for the return reception, as i want to know whos coming before we go to Cyprus.......

    Caroline xxx
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