Anyone booked BMI flights to Naples


Just a word of warning to anyone that's booked BMI flights to Naples this summer.

We booked last October for ourselves and quite a few of our guests for August 08. a phone call from them completely out of the blue last night.......they have cancelled flights and are now only flying from Heathrow to Naples twice a week on Thursday and Saturday.

We have all been transferred to Lufthansa flights with a stopover in Munich on same dates as originally booked. Their attitude was very matter of fact and felt very rushed to make a dceision or take a refund but phoned them back today and got someone helpful who re-arranged everyone's flights.

If anyone else gets faced with same scenario, don't take a refund unless that's what you want - once you take the refund their contract with you is over & you'll be very unlikely to find flights at similar price now - our flights would be more than double if we were to rebook with another airline now.

Also don't take first option they offer, we checked web for other airlines ( and phoned them back this morning with preferred options and were able to get more convenient flight times than they had offered.

Dreadful customer service by BMI though, stafff I spoke to last night in Indian call centre didn't seem to mind that they had a B2B almost in tears. H2B had to take over call but thankfully got a more helpful member of staff this morning and got a reasonable solution.


  • klolavklolav Posts: 16
    thanks for that

    we are flying to naples in june for our wedding and again booked 30 people's flights last yr. We haven't been contacted but we are flying from Gatwick, so hopefully no changes!!??

    Glad all yours are now sorted out, as the prices this late in the year are triple what we originally paid. i will keep an eye on this.

    thanks again

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