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I was wondering if anyone was getting married in Protatas and if so which planner service you used out there? i am looking into MedWeds and Tiara Cyprus Weddings as we are looking to get married out ther next June. we would really like the Vrissiana as we went out last year and it looked beautiful!!


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  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421

    Kerry from aisle of love is helping us with our wedding at the Capo bay in protaras (in 43 days) and she has been excellent. she has saved us loads of money and is well worth considering.

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  • HIya

    I too am using Kerry at aisle of love. I get married on 4th sept 09, so still a whole 14 months to go!!! She has been great in getting good prices for everything we want and at getting back to us quickly. definately reccommend her!! best of luck xx
  • Thanks Sarah Jane. I will email them now.


  • thanks jimmychoo.

    what package are you having?
  • hi tinkers,

    we'erusing medweds for our wedding in the capo bay next june, they have been really helpful so far and don't mind swapping the packages around so you get your money's worth.
  • hi naughtynats,

    have they given you a complete price for your ceremony and reception or have you just been given the package fee?
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    Hi, i am using kerry too, and we are getting married at Sunrise beach on 9th Oct 09, I would def recommend kerry along with tons of other girls on this site!

    Em xx
  • Thanks ladies!!

    I think after talking to terry and adding up the pick and mix quotes i've had that we're going with Kerry at Aisle to Love. Their price for same stuff is cheaper by about CYP300 which is about 450 british!!! And they are there through the whole wedding.

    ours will work out about 2200 british without the reception.

    Thanks for all your help though girls

    Kay Hopkins 2 b!!! image
  • just in case ur wondering we have actually booked with MedWeds and Emily and are very excited as we have booked the Vrissiana on 26th June (My Birthday!!!) at 15.15!!!!!!!!!
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    I did a wedding in Vrissiana at the beginning of June and I wasn't impressed as a venue, as they have only just started weddings I think they are still in the learning process. I am hoping to see Polis shortly to discuss what can be done. The ceremony was on the Terrace which is long and too narrow for the way it was layed out and as there was about 60-70 guests there wasn't a lot of room, the photgrapher got some lovely pictures with the palm trees and the sea as a background. The Gazebo I feel is in the wrong position there is nowhere to take nice photos, on the beach there is a lifeguard tower and the watersports and in the hotel gardens you have sunbeds. If you e-mail me I will let you know what the outcome is. It has to be sorted as I have another wedding there in August this year. However the hotel itself is lovely.

    Denise xx
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    I am getting married at the Vrissiana too on 18th June 2009 booked with MedWeds also.

    Would love to hear any further infortion you get on the weddings held there.

    We have only got about 20 or so coming so I assume the space wouldn't be an issue.


    Rach x
  • well my brother is returning from cyprus today and he says the hotel is amazing!! we know already as we went out there last summer and saw it.

    we've only got 20-30 as well so not really thinking space will be an issue either.

    Emily seems to think it is a beautiful venue, and Kerry from Aisle of Love said so as well.

    if i hear anything though i'll let you know.

    k x
  • pompeyukpompeyuk Posts: 176

    With 20-30 guests even with more it shouldn't be a problem as long as the layout is right. I will keep everyone posted.

    Denise xx
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