Tuscany Venues and the cost?

I am doing research into getting married in Tuscany (civil). I will have approx 60 people coming along and i want a amazing venue with amazing food! I don't want to be gawped at by tourists either as I would just be too embarrased so something quite intimate and a little bit out of the cities (we would be flying to Pisa). Is it possible to have this at a reasonable price and what would the ballpark be. I saw a place called Castello di Vincigliata that looked perfect but does anyone know how expensive that would be? Or any other venue ideas?:\?


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    hi jojo25.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding plans!

    You have so much choice in Tuscany. Have you considered using a wedding planner? I would also recommend that you book a long weekend to go over and visit the venues, since photos on a website can sometimes be misleading and you ideally need to visit to get a "feeling" for a place as well as the surrounding area.

    Vincigliata is stunning and it costs about 3000 euros per day for exclusive use (weekday - Saturday is 5300). You get use from 5.30pm-1.30am. Dinner starts at 79 euros per person with wine and drinks etc. Then obv you pay extra for (for example) tents, candles, flowers, cloakroom, open bar, toilets and parking attendants....

    You also need a minimum of 71 people at that venue (or you could take 60 and pay the extra perhaps)

    As a venue, it is set high in the hills above Florence and requires a steep drive. THere is no accommodation at the venue (well I think there are a few bridal rooms) so your guests would need to stay in Fiesole or FLorence and you would need to book taxis/coaches etc.

    There are lots of lovely places in the tuscan countryside. We have chosen to take a place for a week and all our guests are coming to stay with us with the wedding at the end of the week. We preferred this to just having somewhere for the day.

    Remember you will need to have the ceremony in a town hall.

    If you got a wedding planner within your budget this would help a lot, unless you can speak italian?

  • thanks seren that is really helpful! I think I am going to get the ball rolling now and contact some co-ordinators. I have notices Pia at Invitoscana gets highly recommended by people on the forum. Will defo organise a visit this summer to have a look around - all the pictures of these places look amazing on the internet so hopefully it will be easier when you are actually there and can get a feel for the place.
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