wedding co-ordinator?

Hi guys. Does anyone know how i can contact my wedding co-ordinator? (thomas cook) The shop told me i couldnt contact them before hand but im sure i have tead some posts where people have??:\?


  • nicilewisnicilewis Posts: 41
    Hiya. I struggled to get my wedding co-ordinators email address too. But in the end I looked up my hotel on Trip advisor, and sent a message to a couple of people who mentioned in their reviews that they got married there. And someone gave it to me the next day. It's a long shot but worth a go! Good luck x
  • Where are you getting married?
  • 1104amy1104amy Posts: 43
    Thank you, I have contacted someone on trip advisor which i never thought of doing, so fingers crossed they will get back to me.

    Sunset jamaica grande is where im going and yourselves? x
  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    i looked up the hotel email address for my hotel and they passed on an email,and she replied so i then had it?!x
  • I did the same as Kelly, just email the hotel and they will pass the email on for you. We are getting married in Mauritius x
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