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somewhere to watch live football in Paphos, Cyprus

My partner and i fly out to Cyprus on Sat morn for our wedding. As im stressing about the finishing touches he is stressing about where he is gonig to watch the match on Sunday. (typical bloke) So if anyone knows of anywhere in paphos that shows live english football i would be most grateful as neither of us or our familys have been to paphos.


  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    Hi Debbie,

    Not sure if you are on the Paphos Post or not but Kev (The Piper ) has a post on their about Paphos Liverpool Supporters Club and watching games in "Mikes Black Velvet Pub" . This may not suit , I know it wouldn't suit my h2b as he is a United supporter . I am sure there are other bars which show the footie.

    Good luck with your wedding , hope you are all sorted and have a brilliant time.
  • Thanks for your response. My h2b is an Everton Supporter so i think we will avoid the Liverpool Supporters Club bar, lol.

    Thankyou, im getting there i think. Ive got the whole week off work this week to make sure ive done everything and pack everything.
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Hi Debbie

    Most of the pubs will show the football, i know last year when we were there we watched a few games in pubs, where abouts in paphos are you staying?
  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Walk down the road for two minutes and you will find somewhere - there are many, many bars that show football - the only curse is he'll be forced to have a pint - hard life!

    I'm a blues girl myself (Everton - for my Dad, and Portsmouth)

    Nicky x
  • JoolyukJoolyuk Posts: 280
    There is a bar called the crocodile bar and another right next to it. It is about a 10-15 minute walk from down town paphos and they do food.
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