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I may be getting married on a beach in Oz - just my h2b and I. On one hand, I find the thought of this very romantic but then on the other hand, the thought of us getting married with no friends and family around after the service to help us celebrate feels strange!!!!! Are any of you just getting married alone? i would love to know your thoughts on this!!

Caroline xx


  • zfoster1892zfoster1892 Posts: 86
    caroline, im actually having my closest family fly out to the states for my wedding and i know why you may not feel quite right doing it alone, but could you not do that then when you can come back to england and have a blessing but do the whole thing like the wedding your not getting. on the other hand it could make it even more special that it is only you and your husband. xx
  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158

    I am also getting married in australia and just taking close family with me. Where abouts are you getting married??
  • LiukLiuk Posts: 48
    Hi B2B

    If we get married here (Oz) then we will get married on a beach on one of the islands in the North of Queensland... possibly in the Whitsundays. It just depends at the mo because my chap has an interview in the UK (he is flying to the UK as i type) If he gets/takes the job then we will probably get married in the UK but if not the it will be a beach wedding in Oz. We live in Brisbane at the mo! Where and when are you getting married? Do you have family/friends out here?
  • shirlsukshirlsuk Posts: 1
    Hi Caroline, I'm from the uk, I live in the north 'newcastle upon tyne' I'm getting married in Jamaica - we're going out there on 12th June. Hope your h2b gets the job - good luck!! shirley
  • LiukLiuk Posts: 48
    Hi Shirley

    Thanks for your post... H2B got the job... so we are going to have the Uk wedding after all and he has actually booked the venue and photographer today!!!!! Am so excited!!

    Are you getting married on a beach in Jamaica? Its a beautiful, gorgeous country!! Best wishes for your wedding ...not long to go hey!!!!! image
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    Hiya Shirley,

    Just read your will be married now CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I'm getting married in Jamaica April 07.

    We have booked the Beaches resort there.

    Where abouts did you get married and have you any hints and tips to share with me.

    What flowers did you chose?

    Only 271 days to go!!!!

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