OMG do i have to pick my own songs

Ooops another threat on here got me thinknig. I havent even picked any songs for the ceremony ive just stupidly assumed that my wedding planner in Cyprus or the hotel would sort that. Do i have to take my own music over there with me etc? Really really stressed now as we fly on Sat am


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    Hi Debbie,

    Sorry can't remember is your wedding a church or civil ceremony ? I have been looking at music on ITunes for our wedding. For the civil ceremony I am thinking of Forest Gump Suite for my entrance as I have a set of steps to walk down. I have chosen an Irish tune for the church entrance not sure what to have for exit was thinking of the thornbirds theme. I think I will just use the church organist for the other pieces. There are quite a few good suggestions on "the ceremony " forum.

    Do you have a planner ? I think you should probably take your music with you on cd incase your venue doesn't have what you are looking for.

    Hope you get sorted .


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    I would follow annamaria's advice and take a cd with you. They may well provide the music but it may not be what you had in mind.

    Hope everything goes well.

    Best wishes.

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    Yes we got told by our planner to take any music we want playing with us, we are having a civil service in the hotel grounds. got most of ours sorted, struggling to pick one to walk down to, cant believe ive only got 26 days until we get married cant wait!!

    Faye x
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