Finally Chosen Wedding Music

Hi All.

Finally we have chosen our wedding music.

We are having a civil ceremony on the grounds of the Azia Resort facing the sea with 25 guests, let us know what you think.....

Walking down the aisle... You're beautiful - James Blunt

Signing Register... Elton John / Ronan Keating - Your Song & Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

Walking Out... Leanne Rimes - How do I live without you / Or You to me are everything - The Real Thing

Not sure about walking out, What do you lot think????

Amanda & David x


  • Hi there,

    Sounds good to me, but if it were me i would have "you to me are everything" rather than leanne rhimes song as it is more uplifting and upbeat! love that song! We are getting married in Canada, on Lake Huron and we are having an outdoor ceremony to, for our music we are having for the walk down "I Do " by boyz 2 men, then for signing the register we are having Carrie underwood " Inside your Heaven" and haven't really decided on walking out yet, i really like Leona Lewis's song Foot print in the sand, but want something a bit more chipper and happy! so thinking cap is still firmly on!image
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