Anyone getting married in Turkey

Hi all

was just wondering if anyone was planning or have had their wedding in Turkey?Looking for some inspiration



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    Yes I'm getting married in Turkey. Don't think many other people are as Cyprus seems most popular. Getting married at Paloma Perissia hotel in Side. Booked with Thomas Cook and fly out 22nd June so not long now.
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    I was starting to think that there was no one out there getting married in Turkey heehee!!

    Not long for you then what made you decide on Side-where abouts in Turkey is that?

    We are just thinking of Turkey at the mo because my mum n dad live out in Turkey in Fethiye and they have suggested the Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz

  • jodixon16jodixon16 Posts: 25
    We decided on Turkey as we have been before and stayed in Olu Deniz and loved it and we wanted to make it affordable so as many people could come as possible. Was originally going to go to Cyprus but glad now I'm not as everyone else is going there and hopefully I'll be the only bride on my wedding day at our hotel. Side is on the same bottom coastline as Olu Deniz just a bit further round towards Antalya. The blue lagoon is lovely and you'll have great photos if you get married there.
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    I've been trying to find some photo's of the Blue Lagoon but with no luck-I have been to Fethiye loads of times and to Olu deniz but we have never been to the blue lagoon.

    How many people have you got going with you?

    It would be an ideal location for us really as its a kind of home from home for us with my parents already living out there

  • jodixon16jodixon16 Posts: 25
    There are 30 of us going including me and h2b. This link shows some photos of blue lagoon and also this site has some gorgeous photos as well
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    Thanks-it looks fantastic
  • jodixon16jodixon16 Posts: 25
    Also if you go on website and type in weddings at blue lagoon there is a forum that theres loads of people on who have married there before and they have answers to loads of questions.
  • aceuk1aceuk1 Posts: 185
    I can't seem to find it??? When I type in weddings at blue lagoon it comes up with no results found??

  • aceuk1aceuk1 Posts: 185
  • hi ive booked to get married at the blue lagoon next june, it looks lovely and ive heard some really good reports, im staying in Fethiye, im hoping its not to far as ive some family members staying in olu deniz, do u know how far they are from each other?

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    Merhaba ladies..

    ????ok g????zel.... My siter lives in Turkey she's married to a Turk.. lovely fella.

    I went over in Feb for her wedding, she got married on a boat in Marmaris harbour. Marmaris isn't the best of resorts as it's very touristy. But, it's where they live and it was out of season, so not too busy!

    Gorgeous country though and people are so friendly, you'll get great service and value... iyi ????ans xxx
  • aceuk1aceuk1 Posts: 185
    Fethiye is not far from Olu deniz at all. You will have a great time.Fethiye is a lovely place
  • im geeting married at the blue lagoon next june, im staying in fethiye and was wondering if any one knew how far olu deniz is from fethiye?

    and if any one knows of any good places for a reception

  • Hey,

    I am thinking about getting married in turkey, but dono weather to book through a company on the net or thru a tour company? What is everyone else doing? ive found an amazing company that you can either get married on a pirvite beach or on a yacht?

  • aceuk1aceuk1 Posts: 185
    what companys is that MrsTelferASAP ?? I have been looking who to book with

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    We went to my H2B's brother's wedding in Turkey in September. It was at Calis Beach (next to Fethiye) at the Golden Moon Hotel, was lovely the staff couldnt do enough for them on their day.

    We had a day in Olu Deniz whilst were there and it's beautiful, I would say it was about 15 mins taxi ride away from Fethiye?

  • Spoonie- it is

  • Hi, I'm getting married at the Paloma Perissia in Side, Turkey in May 09, and I was wondering if anyone has got married there / been to a wedding there? I'm worried about leaving all the planning until we get to the hotel so any tips / advice would be much appreciated! x
  • I have booked our wedding today with first choice. It is at The Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz but we are staying at Hisaronu. I can't wait! The only thing that bother's me is all of the paperwork needed. We have to spend a full day in Turkey sorting out documents which I am not looking forward to but it has to be done, and we have to have a medical which is a bit daunting! Has anyone been married in Turkey that can tell me that it's not as much bother as I am imagining???!!!:\?
  • i am soo glad to see i'm not the only person who thinks turkey is beautiful and the perfect place to get married! thank you soo much for all your replies!

    We are getting married on Sugar Beach Olu Deniz on 14th August. We have booked with Carole and Tayfun of

    Carole is english and married to Tayfun who i believe is Turkish. They ahave a beautiful boat business out there and run fab day trips!

    They do organise weddings on a turkish gulet as well as the beach wedding (we are having beach wedding as my dad is sea sick!)

    I have found Carole to be extreeemely helpful! And there prices are fab too! Also there packages can include drink and food for all guests which i couldnt find in any other packages!

    They have also already confirmed the date of the wedding, which we picked, which i know many tour operators wont do!

    We are staying at the club sun city with approx 25 guests and i cant wait!image
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in Fethiye in Turkey September 09, booked with Carole & Tayfun (WeddingsTurkey). We are staying at Club Letoonia and getting married on the yacht. I did go to all the major tour operators first but found it easier to hire wedding planners in Turkey and to book the holiday/honeymoon separately. The package with Carole & Tayfun is a really good one and we are looking forward to a (relatively) stress-free time in Turkey!

    I booked this in April this year and thought that it was such a long wait but it is less than a year now!

    Claire x
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    Another Turkey wedding here.

    Getting married at a beautiful rustic villa in the valley of Kayakoy in May/June 09. Planning it all ourselves it's not a package thing so lots of pressure - gulp image
  • Kayakoy is beaqutiful, i've been there before-great choice! And i'm sure you'll be just fine. Turkish people are so kind and lovely, they will always help if you need it!x
  • :\):\)
    Hi, I'm getting married at the Paloma Perissia in Side, Turkey in May 09, and I was wondering if anyone has got married there / been to a wedding there? I'm worried about leaving all the planning until we get to the hotel so any tips / advice would be much appreciated! x

    Hi , i have booked to get married at the Paloma Perissia in may to!! really worried that there doesnt seem to be much planning to do untill we arrive!! how many people are in your party? and how are your plans going? x

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    We're having our wedding in Kalkan, Turkey in 2010.

    We go there a few times a year so we're booking everything individually as we've got plenty of time to do it.

    I love Turkey and can't wait to get married in the sunshine.
  • Hi Carly.2,

    I agree it's very scary because Thomas Cook haven't been helpful at all and have just told us to wait until we get to to the resort before we can plan a single thing!

    I've managed to find 2 very helpful ladies online who got married at the hotel last year. They've both sent me lots of info and pics. If you'd like to know more then send me your mail address and I'll pass it all along. Let me know when you will be there as well! We are hoping to have the ceremony on the 19th May x
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    Hi i also booked with Carole & Tayfun (WeddingsTurkey) and am getting married in June 09 at the Blue Lagoon. Booked our holiday via Thomas cook.
  • Another Sugar Beach bride here!

  • Hello everyone. Yay Ive found some more people getting married in Turkey. We are planning to get married in June 2010. Thought I'd try and find out alot more information before April 2009 when we can book the dates and everything. We are going with First Choice and have possibly chosen to stay at Club Letoonia and will go to the Club Sun City to get married. Im having such difficulty trying to find photos of the area where you get married. has anyone got any of the Blue Lagoon or Sun City. Speak to you all soon. Gemma xxx

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