Cyprus May or October?

I am not one for baking hot weather so I am looking for a time when the temperatures are nice and comfortable so I looking at the start and end of the holiday seasons. I am wondering though, would everything still be open in October? I am planning on treating myself to an all inclusive hotel but it is still nice to go to other places! Budget wise October is a good because it gives an extra few months saving time! Also diet wise October gives more time to lose half my body weight (gulp). May is good because it is nearer and I am impatient! Both have to be during school holidays so no big saving to be made there. October will be our 9th anniversary!

Anyway if anyone has/is getting married around October I would be very interested to hear what Cyprus is like at this time of the year.


  • em2207em2207 Posts: 195
    Hiya Chloe83,

    We are getting married at Sunrise beach in Protaras on the 9th Oct 09!

    We decided on October as we have a lil boy and lots of guests have babies so didnt want it to be too hot, and we are on a tight budget so wanted more time to save, and i have also got lots of weight to lose so wanted more time to make sure i have the figure i want!

    I spoke to my wedding planner about October and she said the weather is hot but bearable and it is a popular month so things are still open, and i have seen quite a few weddings on here that are planned for Cyprus in October.

    We have gone half board, so we can still eat out but when we dont feel like it we dont have too, our travel agent told us that the hotels are quite flexible so if we wanted to eat out one night we could have lunch in the hotel instead!

    Where in Cyprus are you thinking of? Is it this year or next?

    Em x
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    We are getting married on 21st October this year. We picked October as the weather is on average 28 degrees. Not too hot but bearable.

    We have had one problem and that was that the school holidays are now the last 3 days of October, and so if you are looking at the holidays that might take you into November, as our kids break up from 27th go back to school on 3rd November, we have had to take them out of school for 2 weeks.

    In Paphos I believe the hotels etc are open all year, but on the east side of Cyprus the hotels mostly shut at the end of October unitl April.


  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    We are getting married on Oct 29th this year, half term week, we have been to cyprus many times in october and the weather has always been lovely hot but cools down in the evening.
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    We are getting married october 3rd this year, similar reasons to you really. that time of yr is brilliant weather wise (i read on one post that a wedding planner in Cyprus chose October too as it is a great month to marry over there - especially weather wise) so we had more time to save, i want to loose as much weight as i can, we will have been together 8 yrs this october. it was just the perfect month for us. don't worry about having to wait ages. i'm sure all the other october ladies will agree with me, the time flies! xxx
  • Hel1976Hel1976 Posts: 248
    I am getting married in July next year know it's going to be hot but

    it's the month me and h2b met. However, a word of warning to you end of october brides check that stuff stays open at that time of year. As some resorts half shut down round the end of september.

    I personally think however many are going or where we are staying its all down to personal choice and wish everyone the most perfect day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mistreymistrey Posts: 294

    I'm getting married at the Golden Coast Protaras, we fly out on 12th October, what about you? What time are you getting married? Ours is 1pm.

    Kate xx
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    hi all,

    i got married last october and it was baking hot, in fact myself and guests were all only dressed for about 2 hours then had to get changed as it was sooo hot. I am going back again this october for my 1st wedding anniversary.
  • SmeeValSmeeVal Posts: 4
    Hi there,

    We're getting married May next year because we've just been there beginning of May and the weather was gorgeous during the day and lovely and cool in the evenings. We've chosen to have our wedding at 5pm in case it's too hot and it's helped save some money too. Good luck with your dilemma!
  • bride2b86bride2b86 Posts: 302
    I too am a May 09 bride 2 be we chose may as our 3 yr old son will be with us and didnt want it too hot plus I am to impatient to wait any longer been waiting 5 years as it is!!!!
  • TinaNealeTinaNeale Posts: 499

    I got married on 22nd May this year and the weather was perfect plus it was before the half term rush and cheaper too! we got married at 5pm on the 22nd and the weather was wonderful, during the day it was in the 30's but by 5pm it was still hot but it had cooled down a little but the heat is so different to that in the UK. October can sometimes be a little unpredictable as two weeks before we arrived there were storms and october tends to have those too if your thinking about having your wedding towards the end of the month.

    Hopefully that helps your decision. my wedding was perfect and Cyprus is so beautiful, good luck with all of your plans. If you need to know anything else or have any questions feel free to fire them away.

    Tina XX
  • Hi

    We too got married in May (19th). The weather was just nice. Hot enough to tan but not unbearable and cool at night.

    None of our party complained of being too hot and we all kept our wedding attire on all day. If you decide on May I would go around this time and not the end as it was getting hotter by the day, we left on 25th. Hope this helps you decide. x
  • Chloe543Chloe543 Posts: 266
    We decided on May in the end 333 days to go!
  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    We also were choosing between May and October due to more comfortable temperature. What swung it for us (and was something we hadn't even considered) was that we wanted to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon. May is the start of their wet season and October was smack bang in the period of the heaviest rainful over there. So we have chosed May 09 in Paphos so that the Maldives won't be too wet. So you might want to think about this if you are going anywhere else. Of course if your honeymoon is also in Cyprus it won't make any difference to you!!

    Kate x

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    May and October/November are lovely months to get married. Here in Limassol at the south coast with its vibrant nightlife all year round, the weather in October is even more pleasant than at the east or west coast. Think Limassolimage
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