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Wii Fit - anyone else seeing the benefits?

Hello everyone! Just wondered if anyone else is waking up the next day with aching muscles thanks to Wii Fit!???

I'm loving it - it's really helped me to tone up and lose weight.

I've just unlocked the snowboarding game and I'm in heaven! image

Has anyone else found it really helpful?


  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    have you actually lost any weight with it if so how much. I have a wii fit. I have unlocked everything on there now and I enjoy it. The cardio is not enough to get my heart racing though need to do my running for that.
  • XCheekyChimpXXCheekyChimpX Posts: 444
    Hey Snowbugs, how often do you go on the Wii fit? I've got one but I really haven't had that much chance to use it yet. I don't need to lose weight (I have a running machine at home for that) but I do need to tone up. Also what activities do you do and for how long? As you've been successful with it, I'd really like to know how you achieived results. x x
  • SnowBugsSnowBugs Posts: 628
    I've lost some weight yes... two-three pounds so far. But I needed to tone up more than anything. And I wake up the next day with sore muscles sometimes.

    I just find it's very motivational. But of course I do keep fit elsewhere.

    I've got a running machine at home as well - although it's just broke! Arghh! I like to do lots of exercise.

    I think doing Wii Fit alone isn't effective enough but it certainly burns calories and I do it every day.

    I use all of the muscle workouts and all of the yoga exercises each time. I find these really help.

    I also just have fun with the games. image

  • XCheekyChimpXXCheekyChimpX Posts: 444
    Cool, I think I will do that then; just follow the muscle exercises and yoga each time. I share your sentiments in that the cardio isn't pushing enough . I think that the cardio exercises they have is for those that do not do exercise at all i.e. like h2b!!!

    I unlocked the snowboarding game yesterday which is quite cool but need a lot of practice!!

  • katiev82katiev82 Posts: 497
    Hi Girls - I am trying mine out for the first time tonight. What are the best exercises? I need to lose weight and tone up!

  • XCheekyChimpXXCheekyChimpX Posts: 444
    I think for a first timer a good thing to do is get familiar with the wii fit. I did this by trying out a bit of everything! As I don't need to lose weight I am concentrating on the muscle exercises and yoga. I've found that cos I am a runner anyway, the cardio activities aren't enough for me. Not knowing what your general fitness is like I'm not sure whether or not the cardio will benefit you. However I'm hoping to see results with the toning after a while of using it. I don't want to suffer these aching muscles for nothing!!! x
  • I think I am starting to see the benefits from using my Wii fit though I have also been doing a Davina Aerobics DVD alongside it too.

    I have been using mostly the aerobics exercises and they do seem to get me sweating (some more than others) I especially like the Rhythmic boxing as you can really put some energy into the punches - it's great for relieving stress!

    Then I do have quite a bit of weight to lose so I can see that if you are already quite fit they wouldn't be pushing enough.

    I've also been doing a lot of the Yoga poses as I find they really work my muscles. I am going to start doing some of the balance and muscle exercises too.

    The thing I like about it is that it is fun so you don't feel like you are exercising. I can definitely see an improvement in my waist and hips which I think is down to the hula hopping.
  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    I could hardly move yesterday where i kept going for jogs!!!

    I am trying to do an hour a day on it. I love the yoga, jogging, the step classes and hula hooping.

    The jogging proper kills me!!!

    So really hoping to see a different! All my sides and belly hurt yesterday too so im guessing that was the hula hooping and possibly the yoga too!
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