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I think everyone want to shift a few pounds to the run up of the wedding. It would be great if we can all share ideas and tips how you manage to lose weight here!

I have started excercising and cutting out junk food but my biggest downfall, is I got a very sweet tooth and love desserts. So I have replaced dessert with homemade lollies made out of innocent fruit juice! I got six coconut and bannas in the fridge! I let you guys how that work out and if it curb my hunger fr desserts!

Look forward to hearing your tips!


  • vgavga Posts: 1,312
    I to have a sweet tooth and have been told that one zinc tablet a day will take away cravings for sweet things. Plus having raw onion/pepper at hand helps as these are sweet tasting and healthy

  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Ooh I'm gonna try the Zinc! After many fad diets I really have learned that 'eat less move more' is the answer. Lemon water in the morning to get the digestive system awake, it also stops me getting bloated. Lovely.

    Water and herbal tea all the way too!
  • Drinking lots of water. If you don't drink enough water the weight you lose will be mostly water but if you replenish your water loss then you should lose fat as well as water, plus it fills you up and stops you feeling hungry.

    And it makes your skin and hair look better too.

    Keep crudites or fruit in the fridge ready prepared for those times that you want to grab a snack.

    Vary your exercise as your body gets used to it if you do the same things all the time.
  • Thanks great tips girls! Any more tips? What excercise do you do? I am using stretchy bands which are great as you can take them everywhere. How ever am slightly bored with the excercise!
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