Slimming World Slimmer of the week!!


a couple of weeks ago i put up a post about slimming world, I joined, did really well the first week then the class was off because the leaders daughter was unwell. After not being weighed i was dissapointed and so went a bit mad and ate loads. Anyway i went back and had put on a pound!

sO i thought need to get my head down and sort this, so in two weeks i've lost half a stone, this week i was weighed on Monday and i had lost 5 pounds, so i was slimmer of the week!!

absolutley delighted so i am!

so or those wanting a good steady way to lose weight, definitely worth it, i'm not hungry and i'm chuffed to bits, hoping to have 2 stone off by the summer!!


  • Tricia1965ukTricia1965uk Posts: 1,148
    Well done, I have just started Slimming World and have lost 61/2 lbs in 2 weeks.
  • trudstertrudster Posts: 67
    I have just got my 2 stone award (took me about 14 weeks) I'm dead cheffed and only want to loose another 1/2 stone before my 1st dress fitting
  • bentos1bentos1 Posts: 887
    well it would appear the proof is in the pudding then!!

    keep hearing about these diets to lose 14 stone in a day!

    i'm not finding it too hard, Well done ladies, thats great I hope I can keep it up x
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    Arr congratulations image

    My mum has done both weight watchers and slimmingworld and she says slimming world was by far the best! Goodluck with loosing the rest of you weight image
  • I was in a chat group but all the people have already stopped the diet within 3 weeks of starting it. Slimming world is so easy to follow. I've lost 11 pounds in three weeks with having 10 sins a day. I have 3 weeks to go until my SIL2Bs wedding so hopefully will have lost my stone goal for then!
  • icg308icg308 Posts: 199
    I've just started Slimming World having done ww for ages. Unfortunately, I seem to be gaining weight rather than losing it. H2B thinks body storing because it is used to not getting anything on ww. Does anyone have any tips or hints for me to lose something as feeling like a right old heifer today?
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