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Stress! How on earth will I do this?

One of my best friends has asked me to be her bridesmaid (August 08) which I am thrilled about. The problem is she bought the dress 18 months ago and wanted to surprise me by only teling me recently! The dress is about a size and a half too small, it fastens to just elow where a bra begins and wont go any furthr. I am really panicking that I am going to ruin her big day by not being able to get into this dress. I have looked on ebay for the same dress ina size bigger and contacted the maker with no joy! Wat should Ido? does anyone know any super back fat reducing execises?

I have joined the gym & lost ovr a stone so far and should feel happy bu I can't with this hanging over me!

So stressed!:\?


  • feelessfeeless Posts: 274
    hi shoeaholic...

    first of all i want to say congratulations on your weight loss so far! you should be really encouraged by that!! i think that you shouldnt stress about the dress fitting... you won't ruin your friends day as she wants YOU as her bridesmaid, not just someone wearing a frock! It's her responsibility to find you a different dress or get it altered so it does fit (she shouldnt have ordered it too small!)

    For you though, if you want to lose more weight, then apparantly a loss of 1 stone is about a dress size and this is doable in 3 months! you have already lost weight and so you must have found a plan that works for you. Keep at and stay encouraged, but lose the weight for you and not just to fit a dress. I would need to be motivated for me and not feel pressured by someone else - this would make me stressed and reach for the biscuit tin....

    let us know how you are getting on!

    fee xx

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