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bingo wings!

does anyone know any good exercises for toning your arms?



  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    loads but hard to explain!

    Your muscles that need to be exercised are yout triceps.

    Slow, controlled toning exercises are best. Holding small weights / tins of beans / bottles of water are best for resistance.

    Here is a link for these exercises:

    This is a video : I suggest # 3 & 5 are the best to get started with.

    Tesco sell small weights which would be good for these exercises if you are willing to invest - no more than £10 for 2 weights - don't use anything more than 3kg in each hand!

    Good luck!

  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    the old ones work the best I have found!

    exercises such as:

    tricep dips

    push ups (great for you chest, back and shoulders)

    bicep curl

    tricep extensions

    tricep kick-backs

    Try 3 sets of 8 of 3 of the above every other day (give your muscles time to repair) and I am sure you should see a difference!

    I should listen to my own advise and get doing some myself!!

    x x x

  • sueian3sueian3 Posts: 938
    I am going to start these straight away - I never knew what Bingo wings were until I lost 2 stone - where the hell did they come from???
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