Welcome to BOOTCAMP!! Theres no turning back!

Hi Ladies!

Reason behind this thread see here: http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/index.php/chatroom/topic/103991

I am already weighing in on Tuesdays so I will stick to that but:

Weight: 9 stone 7.6 lbs

Body Fat: 29.5%

Waist 34"

Hips 37.5"

Thighs 22.5"

Chest 39"

Arms 11"

As the title says - no turning back!!

I have 8 weeks to get skinny!

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  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    hey you!

    Ok i will do my weighing tonight, quick question, how on earth to i measure body fat etc?

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    I have scales which do that but don't worry if you haven't just make sure you do you measurements coz if you build muscle you might put on weight when you are actually losing fat and you'll see that from your measurements. It all so exciting!! I can't wait to go shopping after I lose weight!

  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    ok cool i will do all of that tonight then! yay!

    What are you having for breakfast? I think that is my main downfall, trying to make myself full until lunch!

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    I have two problems - I dont usually eat breakfast and I eat too much in the evenings.

    I am going to make sure I eat breakfast every single day even if I am not hungry. What I am going to do is write a diet plan each week so I wont go off track deciding what to eat last minute. This way I can make sure I am getting a balance of things too. I have done a bit of a plan up until I go shopping at the weekend but the real plan will start once I go shopping. However, tonight I am having a small jacket potato, salad and a southern style quorn burger. For breakfast I will have museli with rice milk and then some fruit if I am hungry before lunch. I am going out tomorrow during lunch time but will find a healthy salad to eat and then im having quorn chicken curry with rice tomorrow evening.

    I know a lot of diets say breakfast should be the biggest meal but I just can't do it. I find that if I make sure I have a big dinner (healthy of course) at around 6pm I am good for the rest of the night but if I try not to eat much for dinner ill then go and stuff my face later so thats counterproductive!
  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Ooooo another thing - I think we should do a daily diary of what we have eaten and what exercise we have done so we can challenge eachother. We can write it in the evening after exercise and dinner or the next morning. It is boot camp after all!!

    What do you reckon? xx
  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Firstly is there anyone else who wants to join? more the merrier!

    Secondly, this is my diary day 1:

    Morning exercise: Davina cardio box work out

    Breakfast: Small banana and a satsuma

    Lunch: Quorn ham and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread, natural fruit and nut bar.

    Dinner: 1 1/2 Quorn southern style burgers, salad and a small jacket potato with non-dairy marg.

    Evening exercise: none as I am out

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Hi kittycath! We are really gonna work ourselfs hard over the next few weeks! We absolutely must exercise everyday and not slip up at all!! We can still have treats but healthy ones! I'll post some recipes on for some treats a later date if you want.

    This is BOOTCAMP!!

    Are you getting married in 6 weeks?

  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    Hey all, sorry couldnt get my internet to work last night! Right i managed to weigh myself however as always i couldnt find our tape measure, will buy a new one today and get that sorted.

    Weight : 10 Stone 1.

    My diet plan today is:

    BReakfast - Bowl of curnchy nut

    Lunch - Salad without lettuce (cant stand the stuff) consisting of Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spring Onion and a small slither of cheese.

    Followed by a bowl of fruit with melon, cherry and kiwi.

    If i need a snack i have an apple and a low fat yoghurt!

    I will try and do some exercise tonight but i am going out so may be a bit of a push!

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Sounds like you are doing well beccasearle!!

    I know the day isn't over yet but this is what I have done so far and what I plan on doing. If I end up eating anything extra (which I wont!) then I will ad it on later.

    Morning exercise: 25 mins on the treadmill

    Breakfast: Museli with rice milk

    Daytime exercise: 4 hours of walking around shops with my Nan!!

    Lunch: Minestrone soup, 2 rings of fresh pineapple.

    Dinner: Quorn 'chicken' curry made with sharwoods tikka masala sauce and boiled rice.

    Tonight: 6 vodkas (max!) with lime and soda water.

    Evening exercise: lots of dancing!!

  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    ooo sarah im liking the vodka for tonight! haha. Im going to try so hard to be strict on myself tonight, hence the reason i am driving! i must stick to this!


  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    Can I join? I've got more than 6 weeks til my wedding, but lots to lose.

    My stats at the minute are roughly:

    Weight: 11 stone 12 lbs

    Body Fat: I'll check later

    Waist: 29"

    Hips: 38.3"

    Thighs: guess about 26"

    Chest: 35"

    Arms: 12.5"

    So as you can see I'm heavier than the rest of you. What do you think about adding height and ultimate goal to the stats list? Mine would be height 5'6" and target 10st (by October).
  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    hey Misspickles! Of course you can join, like said earlier the more the merrier! And dont worry i have far more than 6 weeks but i want to be in shape for the summer!

    I do have one question, ill be doing my measurments tonight, where do you do the chest measurement!? haha, silly question i know!
  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    Measurements are funny things, but I was going for a fully made to measure dress originally (before my measurements turned out to be very close to a standard size (apart from round my hips where I would be a size 16+ according to the size guide!). Anyway, the sheet the shop used actually asks for measurements below and above the bust rather than the fullest part of the bust. I guess it wont really matter as long as you always measure at the same point, so you can see the progress.
  • JaysgirlukJaysgirluk Posts: 205
    Ladies if this helps at all, I used to have a personal triner and these are the top tips I can give to you

    NEVER miss brekkie

    Have three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a small snack between each. You need to keep your metabolism up....

    If you can face it exercise in the morning, this is the optimum time for fat burnning.

    If you don't have much time, you are better doing 15mins say hard and fast (90-100%) of your ability then plodding along for 20 mins at a slower pace.

    Allow yourselve 2 "naughties" a week, i.e. a night on the booze, or a choccie bar. and then just get back on it for the next meal!!

    Hope this helps and good luck to you all!

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Oh you are you becca!! I'm getting h2b to drive us there and pick us up! Hehe!

    I have more than 6/8 weeks until my wedding (its Aug'09 in fact) but like becca I want to get in shape for the summer. I have tried setting reasonable target times before and it has never worked so although my target of losing 1.5 stone in 8 weeks is challenging, I need it! I have organised a surprise family garden party on 26th July (8 weeks (56days) tomorrow) and want to lose as much as possible by then. I am ordering my dress on 30th August this year which is only 14 weeks away so not long to loose the weight and get in shape!!

    I think it is a good idea to add height and weight targets up so heres mine:

    Height: 5"1

    Goal weight: 8 stone

    Can I say misspickles that you have a fabulously skinny waist! As you can see from my measurements I am more of an apple shape.

    Thanks for the advice Jaysgirl! For the last 2 days I have had headaches around this time and I think it maybe coz I havent eaten any snacks and kept my blood sugar levels up. I haven't felt hungry which is why I havent had any snack but think that I might have to have something. I am doing exercise in the morning as last time I did this I saw a HUGE improvement very quickly. The only naughty I will have on this diet is alcohol and even then I am having it with water and lots of dancing!! lol!

    Is everyone OK for weighing/measuring in on Tuesdays?

  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    i totally agree, i will have alcohol on this diet but i will make sure i cover my back with it the next day!

    I will get my tape measure tonight and do exact measurments and then see how i fair up!

    And Tuesdays should be fine !

  • clairealoclairealo Posts: 227
    hiya everyone,

    Can I join in, I will do my weighing and measuring in the morning if thats ok with everyone? I am going away in 2 weeks to benidorm for a fortnight but would love to lose sum weight before then and then get straight back on track as soon as i get back! Hope you dont mind me joining in? need some motivation!! image x x
  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    Motivation and support on it's way to you now mrs martin 2 b. Oh and thanks for the comment on my waist sarah_jayne, I'm more of a pear shape, so my waist isn't too bad, although it's not as flat or toned as it used to be....a bit too many cakes and glasses of wine!

    Tuesday weigh in is good for me, I'm joining a Weight Watchers class on Monday night. I figured help for everywhere I can get it is the way to go. A bit too much red wine last night, so aching head this morning. Off to take the dog out for a walk now though, to whip myself back into action.

    Have a great weekend everyone xx
  • clairealoclairealo Posts: 227
    Hiya everyone, Just weighed in!

    Weight: 10stone 2.4

    Body Fat: dunno??

    Waist 30"

    Hips 22"

    Thighs 22"

    Chest 32"

    Arms 11"

    Im 5 foot 4 inches and my would love to reach 9stone or even 9 and a half stone! not sure if i will do it tho!

    I really wanted to reach 9 and a half stone b4 my holiday in 2 weeks, but that wont happen now! image But ill try till i go then get back on track when im back from my jollies!! image

  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    mrs martin 2 b this is bootcamp - you WILL get down to 9 and a half stone in 2 weeks!!

    Little confession ladies: I was gonna have 6 vodkas max last night but ended up having 7 and a sambuca. However, I weighed myself this morning and I am 9 stone 5.2 lbs meaning I have lost 2.4 lbs in 2 days!! Woop!

    I am not going to be doing exercise this morning before breakfast (had a lye in hehe) as I am a little hungover but I will do some exercise later.

    Will check in with you ladies later with my daily diary. Have a lovely day xx
  • may99999may99999 Posts: 31


  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Daily Diary day 3:

    Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast with non-dairy marg

    Lunch: Lentil soup, 2 rings of fresh pineapple

    Exercise: 15 mins on the treadmill and some bum exercises

    Snack: 1 small banana

    Dinner: small piece of lasagne (made with soy mince and my own red sauce but shop bought white sauce) and salad.

    Just thought i'd say ladies - I haven't had a headache today! (well apart from feeling hungover lol)


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  • clairealoclairealo Posts: 227
    Hiya ladies, Well here is daily diary day 1: (oww how exciting he he)

    Breakfast: Tin of plum tomatoes

    Lunch: Piece of homemade pasta queesh (not sure if thats how u spell it?!) made with 4 eggs, large tub of cottage cheese and packet of batchelors macaroni and cheese, but this makes a huge queesh and i had a quater of it.

    Dinner: Packet of tesco basmati rice, cucumber, 4 cherry tomatoes and 2 mini slices of queesh.

    Exercise: 1 hour walk

    I also only intend to have 2 slices of wholemeal toast if i am hungry later and will do some sit ups and press ups.

    x x
  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Hi ladies! Are you all still on board? Are you gonna be doing your daily diaries?

    Daily Diary day 4:

    Lunch (got up at 11.30 so didn't have breakfast lol): Quron ham and salad sarnie with wholemeal bread.

    Snack: 2 rings of fresh pineapple

    Dinner: 1 1/2 quorn southern style burgers, small jacket potato with non-dairy marg, salad, 2 scoops of non-dairy chocolate icecream.

    Evening exercise: Davina pump it up DVD.

  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    Oh dear, the weekend didn't go too well for me. I really will have to try harder next weekend! Off to weight watchers meeting for the first time tonight, so I'll check in with weight an measurements tomorrow.

    ANy tips on how to force yourself out of bed first thing in the morning to do some exercise? I used to go to the gym most mornings when I lived in Glasgow, but since moving south of the border I've not managed to find a gym that does early classes (I like yoga/pilates type exercise in the mornings not too much jumping around). We've got a dog now, so I try to get up to give her a walk in the mornings, but I'm finding it really hard to lift my head off the pillow at the moment.
  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    Hey all, sorry taken a while to get on here, ok well weekedn wasnt to great for me either, family are such great convincers!!!!

    Today i have eaten

    Breakfast - Toast with very minimal topping!

    Lunch - Salad and a low fat yoghurt

    Afternoon snack - Apple

    Tea - will be doing spag bol as healthy as i can!

    IM not looking forward to weighing tomorrow, i have a feeling i havent lost anything!

  • meganmooukmeganmoouk Posts: 247
    hi can i join in too? I am struggling with my diet at the moment. I've been dieting since mid january and lost a stone and a half fairly easily. Now however i really want to shift one more stone and its just not happening. I'm trying to stick to under 1500 cal a day and am going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week and i've estimated i'm burning off between 500 and 600 cal a time but my weight is going up not down. these last 2 weeks i've put on 4 lb and i'm not happy as i've been trying and working so hard.

    Anyway here we go with details

    height : 5ft 9

    weight : 11st 1

    bust : 34"

    waist : 28"

    hips : 40"

    thighs : 22"

    arms : 11 1/2"

    Food i've had today is

    breakfast : fruit & fibre

    muller light yogurt

    lunch : heinz soup


    dinner : sml baked potato with tiny bit of cheese, salad and gammon with 2 rings of pineapple

    supper : solero ice lolly

    I know i shouldn't of had the muffin and prob not the solero either but other than that i don't think my diet is too bad. Here's my exercise :

    walked the dog 80 mins

    walked to school for my son 30 mins

    Gym : Run :20 mins

    Row 10 mins

    stepper 10 mins

    I usually end up in gym a lot longer than this and do some weights as well but was short of time today. I've had a few people say i'll have put on weight as i'm burning fat and gaining muscle but i'm not convinced. Anyone any tips?

  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    Went to weight watchers last night.

    Weighed in at 11st 10.5lb (1.5lb loss)

    Scariest thing was my body fat it was 33% when I checked the scales this morning. The good news is that I've lost a total of a stone since I started dieting back in January, so it's going in the right direction!

    How's everyone else getting on?
  • Char01uk1Char01uk1 Posts: 75
    Hi girls, having been trying to lose weight since Jan and managed to lose a stone so far. Which isn't bad, but not as much as I wanted to. Hopefully writing everything down and getting support on here might motivate me more!

    Weighed in this morning at 11st 10, unsure about body fat percentage and measurements as the tape measure has gone missing!! I am 5 foot 2 and my ideal weight would be 9 stone 7, which I would like to reach by October (so, 5 months)

    I was going to the gym twice a week, but it was too expensive to keep up. Am now doing Davina DVD twice a week and aiming for 30 mins on Wii Fit each day.

    Am trying to keep calorie consumption about 1300 - 1400 a day, which I've been sticking to most days. It's the snacking and funny working hours that have been letting me down!!

    Good luck everyone!
  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Hey Ladies sorry I didn't post my daily diary yesterday but our school has just been hit with ofsted coming in tomorrow and Thursday so I have tons of work to do!!

    Daily diary day 5:

    Morning exercise: Vicky Entwhistle DVD

    Breakfast: Toast with non-dairg marg

    Lunch - salad with different leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and sprouting seeds. Fruit salad made with fresh pineapple, apple and satsuma.

    Snack - 1 small banana

    Dinner - pizza (made with non-dairy cheese, fresh tomato, sweetcorn, mushrooms and red pepper) and chips (made from real potatoes chipped with some spray oil done in the oven).

    Pudding: Orange flavoured ice lolly.

    Daily Dairy day 6:

    1 Fruit and nut natural bar

    Dinner: Chippy chips (oops!)

    I am very stressed!!! lol!

    Weight 9stone 4.8lbs - loss of 2.8 lbs

    Body fat - 27.4% - loss of 1.9%

    Waist - 34" - same

    Hips - 37" - loss of 1/2"

    Chest - 37 1/2 " - loss of 1 1/2"

    Thighs - 22 1/4" - loss of 1/4"

    Arms - 10 1/2" - loss of 1/2"

    I have worked really hard this week but not over the top. I have stuck with eating sensibly and healthy (apart from todays non-existant diet!) and done exercise everyday (apart from today! lol) I will try and do some exercise tomorrow morning depending on how much work I get done tonight and I will make sure I eat properly tomorrow. This diet and exercise regime really works for me ladies so if you want any pointers then feel free to ask (probably wont answer until friday though. For me being a veggie/vegan it is easier with the diet but if you really have the motivation to do this properly that sort of diet is the way to go.

    Goodluck and I will be back after my mad rush to post again everyday!!!!

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