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Help....bridesmaid weight issue!!!

My cheif bridesmaid is normally a size 16 but is stunning. When we ordered her dress because of the issues with bridal sizes the shop said she equated to a 20, which left her fuming!!! Went for her first dress fitting today and to be fair it fitted where it touched. It seemed so tight around her waist and really didnt look flattering.

She's currently doing the slimming world diet and refused any alterations and shot the assistant down every time she suggested taking the dress out, so she didnt feel pressured to loose any weight. Bm turned really nasty and got so annoyed, i can appreciate that she really wants to loose the weight but wedding is only 9 weeks away. Has anyone got any idea of how sucessful this diet is, if she has great willpower (which i hate to say she hasnt) would she shift the weight in time (about 7 weeks really to allow for any adjustments).

Just dreading the next fitting because of know she'll get so upset and angry with me and the staff. Any ideas how i can approach this with her, or encourage or help her.

Sorry this is so long, but i really want to support her and help her its just I have no idea how. I can see that at the next fitting, if there's no change she'll just say she's not coming to the wedding (which would kill me!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom xxxxxxxxx


  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    hi, maybe you could lie a tiny bit, say something like, its probably going to be really warm on the day and wouldnt you feel better if your dress was a bit looser? or just be completely blunt and say i dont think you'll lose as much as your hoping to in time for the wedding (this might actually spur her on to work harder at the diet)

    hope that helps a bit

  • JBeeukJBeeuk Posts: 10
    I think the easiest thing would be to say that you've changed your mind about her dress, say the dress itself is not what you thought it would be, and that as your chief bridesmaid you want something a bit more special for her, (one that's a bit more forgiving), may cost a bit more in the long run but avoids any last minute unpleasentness,

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