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Body Attack/Body Combat

Any Body Attack/Body Combat girls out there - have you done the new release yet...Our gym still hasn't started with them and getting v bored with old ones??!! Just want to know what is in store image


  • doctorsarahdoctorsarah Posts: 188
    Hey, I think the gym I go to is starting the new routine within the next week or mum also teaches combat and attack but hasn't done the launch as of yet so unsure as to what is in store for us all image

    I am a bit unsure of the routine we are doing just now, don't enjoy it as much as the previous one.

  • JaysgirlukJaysgirluk Posts: 205
    The Attack one we are doing at the moment is so hard, not sure of whicj release, but the lunge track, track 4 is so hard, it's a proper killer! x
  • I liked the hairspray track in the last release but find some of the current release so boring! On the wednesday class the instructor tends to add bits and peices from previous releases and its so much better (and harder). I like the mutai track 7s and sometimes she puts three into the routine. lets hope the new release is a bit harder!

  • fluffymoviefluffymovie Posts: 351
    I have dipped in and out of combat recently but the last class I went to (2 weeks ago) ended with I'm Kissing You from Romeo & Juliet. Is that the new or the old routine?
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