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Has anyone got any good recipes for slimming world? are you meant to know how many syns are in things if they arent in the book?

any ideas for a freddo choc bar?


  • minterne78minterne78 Posts: 20 New bride
    A freddo bar has 5 1/2 syns each. Are you a member of slimming world? if so they have a great website which gives syn values to most things
  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016

    if u can't find the syn count in the book, then check on the SW website...its got pretty much everything on there! x Also loads of recipe ideas as well. x
  • MrsRainbowUKMrsRainbowUK Posts: 1,150
    syn free chips! They are are the best and what I'm cooking now! Cut up you potatoes, put them in the microwave in hot water for about 5 mins, dry them, then put them on a baking tray, spray them with fry light, put them in the oven for about 20 mins and hey presto! Completley free on a green day and taste fab too!

  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016
    I looooooooove syn free chips! Never thought bout doin them in microwave tho! i always boil mine on the cooker... good thinking batman!!
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    oh thats a clever idea putting chips in the microwave first... never thought of doing that! Yeah I reckon the slimmingworld website is best! Or try the magasines Im not part of slimming world or weight watchers (mum has done both) but I buy the magasines for the recipes. You get loads of fab 0point recipes in both!
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