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Cellulite! & Body Brushing - Argh...

Hi Girls

I get married May 09 and I really want to make a start towards getting my "wedding body"!!

Ive always fluctuated between a size 10 - 14 at the moment im a comfy size 12. Im not tall so love it when I lose a little bit of weight and get down to a size 10.

BUT I really need to get rid of my cellulite!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

Although im doing it for me (and my new husband!) my point is we're getting married abroad and feel like all our guests will see me in my bikini and think thats whats instore for my new husband on our wedding night!

Can anyone give me tried and tested tips to help get rid of this bloody orange peel ar*e once and for all??

Also Ive bought a body brush. Does anyone know how long I should spend brushing one area? Ive been doing from my knees to my t*ts and the only thing its done is give me extra-soft skin! image



  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hi Xcited,

    I love your post!!! lol

    I'm in the same boat as you, getting married abroad and want to look hot in my bikini!! I'm the same with the body brushing, I have lovely soft skin but still have the cellulite!!! AARRGGGGHHH

    My aim is to lose the belly, get rid of the cellulite and be toned for my wedding in April 2009! Feels like i'm fighting an endless battle right now.

    Maybe we should buddy up and help eachother hey : )

    P.s sorry I had no advice for you.x
  • carzcarz Posts: 17
    Body brushing is fantastic! Basically what is is lymph draining and with it goes some of your fat cells... You need to start with your feet, only brushing in the direction of your heart. Do your calves next, starting on the inside of your legs moving towards the outside. Do the same with your thighs. Brush upwards over your hips and brush the bottom of your bum cheeks. To do your ass, just semi circular strokes towards your crack (don't know how else to say that) Then move up your body to your heart. Also brush up your arms towards your heart too. Be careful not to brush your tits or chest as the skin is thinner there.

    As for the amount, 2 or 3 stokes over the same length is ideal. It really works!
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Hey girls many thanks for your replies

    Hi Sh0rty, God yeah - i'll buddy up with you!!

    Sounds like we're in the same boat! Where are you getting married? We get married in Lindos on 29 May 09.

    Are you on a diet? Have you seen that post on here about the egg/grapefruit one - might give it a go... why not it seems like ive tried everything else image

    Are you drinking loads of water? I'm trying too!

    b2b pere..Something!

    Thank you for your much needed advice - sounds like you know what your talking about!

    i'll give it a go and let you know how I get on!

    Happy brushing girls!

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  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hey Xcited!!!!

    We are offically now buddys, lol : )

    We get married in Mauritius on April 24th 2009, flying out on the 19th. Am I right in believing that Lindo is Sweden??? How exciting!!! Lucky you!x

    I'm not on any diet and I dont want to be. I am just trying to tighten up my eating habbits, ie. no junk (which is my downfall) crisps especially, choc, sweets....arrgghhh.

    I'm trying to push the water, but I hate hooo, lol, i'm trying thats all I can say!!! bad girl I know!

    I weighed in on the Nintendo wii yesterday, lol, it welcomed me with we haven't seen you for 56 days, which may I add is when I brought it!!!! lol

    Thankfully I haven't put on any weight, I have stayed the same. My aim is to losse 3lbs every week, who knows if I can do it!!!

    I went for a run today, 2nd one in 3 days, so hopefully I will see the results in a month or so (lets hope so, pleaseee)!!!!

    Are you trying any exercise? Are you trying to lose from one area or all over? My belly is my serious problem area but overall I need to lose 1.5 stones. Whats your goals etc?

  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    The best cellulite cream I have found is: Loreal Perfect slim! I really reccomend it!
  • gerreddgerredd Posts: 2
    Hi Girlies!! This is the first blog that I really feel I can relate to ... I'm definetely in the same boat! Getting married in Italy next summer (July) so I do feel like I have enough time to get my wedding/bikini bod ready!

    Xcited - you made me laugh out loud reading your post! I know exactly what you mean about exposing ourselves in a bikini before the wedding. What are we doing to ourselves - most other brides just show off their arms on their big day, we're letting it all hang out (not literally!!). I put on over a stone in the last few months, just eating way too much crap and feeling miserable in the evenings. I'm about 5 9" and now weigh 12st 2lbs (have lost 5lbs already YEA!!) but seriously have at least another stone to go. This is the heaviest I've been and my thighs and ass are gross with cellulite image My routine is now body brushing, shower, exfoliate, cellulite cream and massage on my thighs and bum (L'oreal is really good but if only if you keep it up). Trying to drink loads of water and go a few exercise classes in the week (HATE the gym) but it's all bloody hard work!! I'm really trying to watch what I eat too but it's all early days yet so watch this space! My motivation is imagining myself (as I am now) in my bikini surrounded by all our guests - yikes!!!!

    Good luck everyone!!

  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    gerredd am glad you can motivate yourself I've been a nightmare for 6 months! It was only today after I couldn't fit into any jeans in the shops they didn't have my size that I realised I need to seriously do something. christ the highest jean size they stocked today was 32 inch waist I need a 34 bloody ridiculous.
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Hiya Girlies!

    Oh thanks for that Melowdie & Gerredd (bloody hell Gerredd, you've got a good routine!! Well done you on your weight loss up to now!) - i'll go and get some of that cream tomorrow. Ive tried an Avon one but to be honest not sure if it works as I probably didnt stick to it for long enough - will try really hard "this time"!!

    Sh0rty, Hiya Buddy!

    Oooh, Mauritius, lovely!! We're getting married in Lindos, Rhodes (Greece) we fly out on 20 May next year.

    So have you got a Wii Fit then? I really want one! We've been looking on Ebay but they're flippin rediculous! Over 100quid!

    Yeah, me and my sister are always trying some sort of diet! If I just cut out the cr*p i'd probably reach my goal! Talking of which i'd really like to lose a stone. I know I can do it (my god, ive GOT to do it)! imageimage

    You know what theres a really great exercise I know for your belly - do you know the plank? Honestly it really does work! You lie on the floor, face down, 'prop' yourself up on your elbows. Turn your palms to face the ceiling then, with lots of determination(!) raise yourself up on your toes. Keep your body in a straight line, dont dip your back. Hold for 20secs, rest for 20secs and repeat 3 times. Then increase at your own pace. I promise it kills image... but it works!

    So, im going to really tortue myself and start that grapefruit diet on tues (going to buy all my stuff tomorrow) so shall we meet up on here in a few days and see how we're both getting on with our brushing and stuff?

    Good Luck Chick!

  • danyuk1danyuk1 Posts: 60
    how about endermologie or Hypoxi or vacustep? i've heard good things about these cellulite treatments
  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Xcited, ooops not really sweden,lol -silly me hehehehe.

    Greece sounds lovely...ohhh I bet you cant wait, how exciting!!!

    Yes I have a wii fit, brought it used it once and havent done it since. I turned it on the other day, done my stats and then turned it rubbish!! I hope the grapefruit diet goes well, I dont envy you thats for sure: )

    I also hate the gym!!!! lol

    Thanks so much for the stomach excerise, I will start those tomorrow!!! I will try honest, lol. Will check in and let you know where I am. I am actually going to post my stats now to shame myself into losing weight, : (

    Gerredd: Welcome and we are glad you can relate : )

    Melowdie: Oh my goodness you are my twin, lol. Here my stats go, I wana cry : (, im so ashamed!

    height: 5'2

    Weight: 9 Stone

    Waist size: 34

    BMI: 23

    My BMI is in range apparently but they said its nearer the top half so I would like to at least get it to 19..?? My legs are a size 8 but my belly is a size 10/ out of bloody proportion. I am small as well-it looks like I am pregnant : (

    I have fairly big boobs for my size so that doesn help at all.

    So I have now shamed myself into losing weight, I think you girls should help me and join me by shaming yourself, please.xxxxx

    P.s I snapped my body brush,lol, so I need to pick up a new one, probably wont be until the weekend.

  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Yeah I know Sh0rty! I laughed when I read Sweden!! (not that theres anything wrong with marrying in Sweden of course...)

    Anyway this blo*dy diet is killing me!! It better work! First couple of days weren't bad but im starving today!! Well hopefully i'll be a few pounds lighter by Monday!

    Cant believe they had Wii Fits for sale today and I missed it!! Arghhh! Really want one - Cant stand the gym but my fella goes so it gives me the ideal opportunity to really go for it while he's out!

    How you getting on with that exercise? Have you tried it?

    Here are my stats...

    Weight - 9st 2lb @ monday

    Height - approx 5ft 4

    bmi - calc'd online said 22 but prob wrong

    not done my measurements yet - will re-do them next monday once ive finished this diet - dont want to give up on my diet now if i'm going to be disappointed!

    That was funny about your body brush!!!!!!!!!! image

    Is anyone else going to name and shame?

    update soon xx

    You know what as well - i just wanted to say that although there are many brides on here with a lot to lose which must be tough, I think its also fair to say that its just as hard for us girls who have only got a bit to come off (or tone up). People always comment saying "ooh you dont need to...blah blah blah" and although it should spur me on it doesnt and its really hard to find the will power!! And then im in 'comfy zone' image - does anyone else agree with me??

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  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    I totally agreed with you Xcited. I think the last stone is definitely the hardest.

    Also I am now wondering if not being particularly overweight makes cellulite look bad as this is one of my major concerns too.

    I really want to tone up my legs so now do a lot of running as that all important shot of the garter would look awful with my current shape.

    I read somewhere that a way to reduce cellulite is to stop eating or eat fewer foods with preservatives in. It said that these actually preserve the fat in your bodies which turns to cellulite. I am not sure if this is true but it has got to be healthier for you so I now eat a lot less of these types of food.

    I will let you know if I see any recognisable results. Please keep us updated about the body brushing as I used to do this too but stopped a few years ago.

  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hey - How's it going!!!! Your diet sounds like toture!!!!! lol ; )

    I hope you see your desired result.x

    Xcited: I must admit my weight was a little off when I wrote last,lol, apparently I was 9.3lbs!!! I weighed in on my wii and it told me I had lost 3lbs...woohoooo -small victory I know, but it made me happy : ). So I am now down to 9 stones, yey!!! lol

    Your exercise is an absolute KILLER!!!! Argghhhhhh, lol

    I can't physically do them, I can't beleive how bloody hard they are : (

    I intend on going for a run first thing tomorrow morning,so lets hope I sweat to death and drop a few pounds ha.......

    I'm going to do a weigh in now : (, I have a feeling I have put the 3lbs back on as I have seriously over indulged the last few days, my life is not going very well (feeling sorry for myself!!!) Regardless, I need to get back on track and intend on doing so first thing tomorrow.

    I must say, thank you so much for putting your stats makes me feel better knowing we can shame eachother into getting slim!!!! lol

    My body brushing has gone to pot......will try and get back on track-its so bloody time consuming!!!!

    I also agree with your comment re: having less weight then others to lose doesnt mean it is any less easier, because its not. We just need to be determined and keep ourselves focused.x

    Check in soon, take care.xx
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Right back at ya Penel!

    Definately agree about cellulite looking worse the slimmer you are.

    Body brushing is going well not missed any mornings so far but Sh0rty's right it does take its toll on your morning routine! Skin is ultra soft (H2B even commented!!) BUT! the flippin results havent come through...yet. Going to carry on so hopefully should see results soon as been doing it a while now i'll post when I do!

    My diet? That was a killer too!!! Wouldnt do it again. Ive weighed myself this morning and ive lost 4lb, at least its off rather than on! It said you can lose up to a stone so was a bit disappointed cos I was hardly eating! My jeans feel nice on though! I'll do my measurements later.

    Now im just 'healthy eating'. My sister told me last night that celery (steamed or raw) and strawberries are meant to be GREAT for cellulite so will go and buy a crate today!!

    I know why I have so much cellulite - its because I used to just pick at 'packet foods' during the day and would never have a 'proper' lunch. Im a full time mum and got into a silly habbit, it was just easier at the time but im paying for it now!! Ive changed now but think it proves what Penel was saying - i was eating rubbish cos it was easy but now im making sure I eat really well and have mainly fresh food and then treat myself at weekends.

    Sh0rty - keep trying that exercise its so blo*dy hard but I promise you it works and if you do it every day you'll see results really quick. Dont get me wrong I havent got a six pack but I try to do it most days and my belly isnt really one of my problem areas - its my cellulite, *rse and legs oh and my arms need toning! God, isnt it easy for men!!!!!!!!!!

    Im feelng quite positive today! Im really feeling like I can do it - the thought of going dress shopping is working! I cant wait to go and have a look! I get married in May09 so plenty of time really but I want to have my wedding body before I go looking!!

    Have any of you bought yours yet or tried any on? The thought of me in one the way i am now is working too...

    Tracie x

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  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Body brushing is now non-existent!!!lol - oh well , cant keep it all up : (

    WELL DONE on your 4lbs, yey!!!! 4lbs is a lot for such a short time. They say the average to lose is between 1-3lbs a week, you are then more likely to keep it off as apposed to put it straight back on, so well done you!!!

    I weighed in yesterday and had put 1lb back on : (, its not too bad, at least I am 2lbs lighter than last week. Now I need to lose another 3lb (will probably gain 1lb back) for next week. Just to top it off my h2b has said we should go on holiday with some mates in september- thats a friggin nightmare!!! What the hell am I going to do if we end up going??? I guess I will be living in the gym, cant walk about in front of mate with my belly hanging out : ( -boohoo for me,lol.

    As for the celery - I cant manage it, I hate the stuff, I really do. I have cellulite because I am a lazy cow that loves eating and therefore now have it and hate it!!! I cant defend myself, its all my own fault!!!

    Im glad your feeling postive, it really helps having a little boost to get you going!!! I know its only a small loss but avergare it up over 4 weeks, say 2lbs, its 8lb, which is just over half a stone, thats amazing!!!! Imagine losing half a stone in a month!!!!!

    I do really need to get that exercise going- I really do struggle with it ,lol, will get back on it tomorrow.

    Owww I so want to try on dresses!!!! I have not let myself at all because I must lose some weight first, that is my reward , I must push myself towards it. I know what dress I want though : ), cant wait to try it on, hope I love it on as much as I adore the it is : )

    Dress 930

    Do you have any dresses in mind? there are soo many to choose from. I know mine isnt very beachy but I love it and will have to sweat to death (hopefully I will lose a few lbs when im wearing it)!!! hehehehehehehe

    Anyone else want to post their personal stats here??? Go on, be brave : )


  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379

    I have a confession. I haven't managed to do any form of exercise this week : (.

    H2b has had a few days of work ans I have been lazin around with him!!!! : )

    I'm having Salmon for dinner, a small help. I hate the stuff but its 1 my healthy living foods, lol.

    Must exercise tomorrow!!!!xxxx

  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Morning girlies,

    I just had to write to update and keep myself motivated. Yesterday I went for a run and then 40 mins of exercise, the bicycle, the the core excercise Xcited told me about and light weights for the biceps, 5 sets of 15 for each. I woke up this morning and my stomach was tender, so somethings working!!! yey

    Today I have just done weights, no running and exercise, will continue with some wii training : )

    Xcited I must add that I recieved some Hydroxycut tablets in the post this morning of which I ordered. They are to aid fat burning for use with exercise. As long as you exercise they can really help. Will let you guys know the out come after I have finished the pack. I dont plan on using then for more than 8 weeks, just for a little boost, kick start to weight loss really.

    Hope you are all well.xx
  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hiya also forgot to mention I started Special K this morning. I have decided on for breakfast and dinner and have my biggest meal at lunch.x
  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hiya Xcited,

    Its me again. I kind of wanted to email u but cant to let you know that im not getting married next year (dont want to go into full deatails etc on here)but wanted to know if you're still happy to buddy as I am still desperate to get into shape.

    Let me know.x
  • wainjwainj Posts: 603
    Hi ladies - could someone confirm - for body brushing do you go round in circles of just upwards?? I've been doing it from the feet towards the heart in circular motions...have a feeling this isn't the right way! x
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129

    So sorry for the delay ive not been on for a few days.

    Goodness, I hope you are ok?

    My email address is [email protected] - Couldnt see yours on here so I really hope you read this.

    I understand that you dont want to go into detail, hope things are ok for you? Get in touch, i'd still like to buddy up...still need to make sure we stick to it!

    Throw yourself into it xx

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Tracie xx

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  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Hey there EcstaticMiss

    Have a read of ''b2b pere..something!'' post.

    Great advice - ive been doing it for ages and only yesterday did i 'see' a visable improvement!

    I was over the moon! It really does work! Dont get me wrong ive still got it but the craters in my a*se are finally shrinking image

    It does take a while to see any benefit though but stick with it - it'll work but youve got to help it along - water, diet & exercise image


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