Work friendly diets?


I want to start a healthy eating diet but all the meal plans i've found have lunches that need cooking and just aren't practical!

I find lunch a real problem because I get so bored! Does anyone know a meal plan that takes this into account or even some suggestions for interesting lunches?



  • rave77ukrave77uk Posts: 742

    I keep away from faddy diets as I'm quite a fussy eater and never like half of what's in eatig plans. I love Weight Watchers, it's sensible, sustaineble, adaptable and it works (and no, I don't work for them!)

    A typical day for me

    Breakfast: Cornflakes and skimmed milk

    Lunch: Soup (usually one of baxters, loads of choice and many have less than 3% fat) either heat in microwave in work or take in a flask, Apple, banana, satsuma's

    Dinner: Spag bol/chilli con carne/ curry

    Plus the occasion treat (packet of crisps/glass of wine, mmmmm)

    Hope this helps. You don't have to follow what i eat you can make your own sandwiches or salads and fill up on fruit.
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    I would agree with the above poster I joined Weight Watchers on 4th May this year & I've lost 13lb's!!!! I've never lost weight before.

    I work stupid shifts aswell

    I work the following hours:

    Mon 8 till 6.30

    Wed, Thu, Fri 10.30 till 9

    This is what I was worried about too.

    I'm managing ok on a Monday I'll have soup for lunch cos I'm not too late home so can have dinner. On Wed to Fri I'll have something more for lunch but have soup when I get home at night.

    I'll snack during the day aswell on fruit aswell as crisps & stuff as long as I keep to my points allowance I eat whatever I want.


  • ElSebukElSebuk Posts: 842
    weightwatchers def works for me - I've lost 2 stone so far. Just keeping a track of what you're eating really helps, and the support you can get from the meetings and online community is great, especially if you slip up from time to time!!! It's really flexible and there are great menu ideas too.

    Good luck!!
  • Have to say i am big Weight Watchers fan as well, i've found it the easiest thing to keep the weight off once you lose it as well. Thank god i'm not the only one who works stupid shifts, i start at 10 and dont finish till half 7 so it really restricts what i can eat for dinner cos they say you shouldnt eat after 7???
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