PCOS Girls Weight Loss!


Didnt realise how common PCOS is, so thought I would set up this topic for a bit of support / weight loss ideas / questions etc....

Here goes...

Weight today 13 Stone 11 pound

Goal weight 9 Stone 7 pound

Diet Im try as little carbs as possible and healthy eating and portion control

Exercise Thai Boxing, purely for losing weight (haha Im rubbish at it) 3 times a week.

Dress size 16

Id like to know, what has everyone else been told / found works well for them?

My wedding is 18th April 2009, Id like to be at leat a 12 for it!

Dont be shy we are all in the same boat!

Kelly xx


  • Hello...i read this and had to reply...i too have been told i have pcos and an underactive thyroid?! and i am getting married on friday 17th april 2009 and am researching every trick in the book for getting trim for the big day so will keep you posted!

    i am beside myself with my weight problem. i have joined weight watchers and lost 2 stone in all but that has taken almost a year and i have another 4 to go until i am at my healthy target weight!!! i am at the biggest i have ever been and totally miserable. i am 6ft tall and size 20 and dreading trying to get into a wedding dress...

    i love my OH so much and really want to marry him but at the same time i don't want to walk down an aisle looking and feeling like this. am i totally over reacting? would value any opinions on this...or ideas to boost weight loss...is it even possible to lose 4 stone in 8 months?

    Sorry for moaning but seeing tis post made me realise i'm not the only one in this boat...so thanks for sharing!


  • Hello there,

    I am also a PCOS sufferer. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and have been taking Dianette ever since to give me periods and keep my excess hair under control (It works like a dream by the way). My real struggle is with my weight, hence i'm putting it all out there in the hope of losing some vital lbs for my wedding in June 2009.

    Current weight: 14st 4lbs

    Target weight: 10 st

    Weight loss method: Weight watchers - I like to count points as it gives me control over my portion sizes, which I really need. I find Weight watchers successful and have previously lost 2 stone on it. I seem to have dropped off a bit in the last year though and now i'm desperate to get back into it before June 2009.

    Dress size now: 16/18

    Dress size to be for wedding: 12

    Good luck to all PCOS sufferers on their weight loss journey. Hopefully we can all be a support to each other.
  • just read all the previous posts and i really am not alone am i?

    i don't get to log on here very often but always have my email open at work so if anyone does want to email me i will always reply...i think i am just one of those people who really needs support if im going to achieve this...and i so want this 4stone off!!!

    thank you for setting up this post and making me feel a bit better!

    my email is [email protected]'t mind putting it on here because i get a feeling that people who are prepared to discuss their weight and fears are people you can trust.


  • Hi ladies,

    yes i have the dreaded PCOS too!

    have been battling with my weight for the last 3-4 years and was diagnosed 3 years ago now and i hate it! currently on dianette and metformin and i think it helps.

    Have not tried any specific diets just the - trying not to eat rubbish diet and doing exercise. had been spinning 3 times per week until a hellish cold got me three weeks ago. but im back to full strength now and plan to go tomorrow.

    Weight now 12st 6, was 13st

    aim 10st for next march

    it is good to speak to others in the same boat!
  • kellyd1982kellyd1982 Posts: 272
    Some days I dont find it such a struggle and not eating carbs is easy, other day (like today) I just want to eat whatever I want and find the entire thing so unfair!

    Tell all about your wedding girls to cheer ourselves up!
  • Hi Ladies,

    So off the subject of PCOS, as Mrs Osborne 2B suggested, have any of you picked your wedding dress yet? I have fallen in love with Maggie Sottero Bliss - it is one of the only dresses I can find which also has a cathedral length train (I'm getting married in a cathedral in Ireland - though I live in London). I haven't actually tried the dress on yet, just seen it on the website, but I have found a stockist in London and am planning to take my 2 bridesmaids and try it on in September.

    Anyway that is a bit more about me x
  • kellyd1982kellyd1982 Posts: 272

    I have found my dress - Ian Stuart Versailles and I love it! It will be in 1st December so Im really trying to be thing by then!

    Just had a peak at your dress and its lovellllllllly!

    How come your getting married in Ireland? My family are mainly Irish and I would have loved to have my wedding there actually just never thought about it, just making them fly here haha!

    I have also found my bridesmaid dress they are by Kelsey Rose, its taking ages to get them all into the shop for fittings (7 adults, 2 children) because they wont let them all go together!

    Im having our wedding in a Church in Bexley Village then going to a place called Rowhill Grange for the meal and evening!

    Only 38 weeks Im so excited!

    Have either of you thought about shoes yet or Tiaras / hair stuff for the Bridesmaids? There are so many to choose from!!!

    Where abouts are you both from?

    kelly x

  • Hiya Kelly,

    My H2B's parents are both Irish (although they live in London) I wanted to get married over there because I didn't really want to get married on a London Street, and also most of H2B's family live over there so it is more convenient for them. I have got family all over the place (My parents live in Malta, and my brother and his wife and children live in California) so it was just as easy for all of them to come over to Ireland.

    We're going over in August to find a florist, speak to the Priest and the reception venue, photographer etc. Luckily H2B's family have been amazing and given me the best advice on who to book for what. I just pray it doesn't rain on the day!

    So where abouts in Ireland are your family from?

    I am getting the bridesmaid dresses from Forever Yours - I'm ordering them off an American website and then having my 2 bridesmaids fitted into them by a dress maker - I think I will save myself a substantial amount this way! I'm also having my neice, who will be 5, as flowergirl and one of my bridesmaid's daughter - she will only be 1 - how cute!

    I think you seem to be a bit like me - planning everything to the last detail - I am LOVING it though.

    So tell me more about your wedding.

    Also would you like to be my PCOS weight loss buddy? What kind of dieting style do you like to do? I'm a weight watchers person - I feel I need to count points so that I can be in control of portion sizes etc. x
  • kellyd1982kellyd1982 Posts: 272
    Weight watchers sounds good to me!

    I could find a meeting near me somewhere!

    My email address is [email protected] - easier for us to email than for me to keep coming on to here, dont want to get into trouble hehe!

  • Can I have some PCOS weight loss buddies please, [email protected]
  • Hello...know this may sound ridiculous but I had 'suspected PCOS' but won't be diagnosed with it as there wasn't enough polycystic ovaries for it to be classed as PCOS! Anyway, I feel like I have got it as I have a lot of the symptoms - and quite bad! I'm about 3 stone overweight for my height (5ft3 and weigh just over 13 stone) and have an overload of hairiness that sometimes brings me to the point of screaming. The only thing that I truly am panicing about on my wedding day is my facial hair being on show for all to see as I will be centre of attention and the photos, etc...dreading it. I also have hair EVERYWHERE else but that doesn't bother me sooo much cuz my H2B has more or less accepted that I'm hairier than him! I've tried bleaching as quite dark, shaving, waxing (not my sideburns tho - they're my mine paranoia) and just don't know how to have my hair so that it covers my cheeks!
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