Diet Buddy for June 09 Wedding.

Hi, my wedding is June 09 and I want to lose 2 stone before then. I'm really lazy and don't exercise often at all! I'm eating like a pig at the moment too becasue I know I have to start dieting soon!

About 4 months ago I lost 7lbs in a week on a diet from cosmo magazine. I think I might do it again. I was going swimming 3 times a week too though. At the moment work is really stresful and am working 12 hour days so no time to exercise but I want to start in sept and go swimming at least twice a week.

Is there anyone else who wants some support? I really just want someone to spur me on and email/post to each day to encourage each other?

The one thing I really want to change is my face and arms, they are both too chubby!


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    Hi lizannewilliams, i'll be your buddy! I'm getting married in sept 09. Have just dug out my cross trainer and am determined to use it for at least 30 mins every night from now on and also need the motivation image Did your diet before have an eating plan with it, where you getting married? xx
  • Hey pinkygriff! Yay diet buddies! would love to, will get in touch soon. x
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    i need a buddies tooo image

    mine is June 09... I lost a stone since X-Mas.... thou i kinda stopped at the weight i am now.... really need to lose some off my hips, Tum and Arms.....

    I have a cross trainer (and not a lot of will poweer) image
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in July 09 and would really like to be diet buddy with you guys. I also lost some weight until April when my dress arrived, the length was too short so as they had to make a new dress for me they measured me again since then I put on half a stone and I know the new dress will be here soon and I am dreading it not zipping up!! I am a post grad student at the moment and it hasn't helped especially since I go and grab a coffee and a snack in the middle of the afternoon when I know I shouldnt!!!

    I am doing pilates, and cindy crawford again now for toning, but I just bought a skipping rope and am plucking up the courage to get back on my Wii fit, although I know it will tell me off!! So I will let you know how that goes.


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    @ Freckle07

    I know the feeling.... i ordered my dress at the hight of my weight loss.... now i am scared it wont fit in the first fitting... *weep* *weep*

    I should really go on the cross trainer right now.... but i feel so lazy... and i ate a mars Bar Icecream ops....

    However didn't drink any Coke Cola today (my biggist thing i do that made me gain weight in the first place)

    i have stopped eating toasted teacakes in the morning (so nice from this cafe i walk pass) and drinking lots of water.... i need a wi fit... look like so much fun... But both wi and wii fit will cost me more then i can afford right now....

    BrideE x
  • Please please please let me join in!

    I requested a diet buddy a while ago and got no response - blub!

    I'm getting married June 09 and really need some motivation! I've got at least two stone to lose! I'm the same as a lot of you lovely ladies! lost a bit but then I thought I'd have a rest and have put most of it back on and I'm super busy so feel like i haven't got the time for the gym - but I will make time! - Promise! image

    So so need a push in the right direction! eek!

  • I'm loving this support ladies!! So is it a bit cheesey to have some kind of diet group?! We could swap emails and msn and spur each other on! i have two stone to lose and I'm starting in the second week of sept. I'm going to go swimming twice a week at least and my diet is basically just low carb but it's really easy! If anyone is interested I'll send you the details. I lost 7lbs in a week. but it does say you shouldnt do it more than a week in one go so i used to have weekends off! I would still eat well but have more carbs and maybe a treat.

    So what do you think? any other suggestions? I'm quite excited!
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    In urgent need of help!

    I thought when I booked my wedding I would automatically go into psycho mode and loose 2 stones. Didn't happen.

    Am getting married in July '09 and am going dress shopping in a few weeks. (Had planned on looking like string bean!):\?

    Have tried weight watchers before and lost weight easily but couldn't stick having to point count all the time, especially when h2b loves his grub and ok so do I. Has anyone tried lipotrim?

    Have been trying to be good and walk 2 miles everynight but nothing seems to be happening.image
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    sound like a good plan.... i will temp set up a email thing (icon)... i am on msn so i am fine for you girlies to add me...

    What is Lipotrim?

    I think i want to lose a stone and really tone up...

    @lizzann that Low carb sound cool... although i wasn't going to diet i planned on eating healther and toning up... i seem to be stuck now on my current weight...

    I am very busy at the moment so it is hard to give this 100% however i mutli task... i work on cross trainer while watching hollyoaks...

    Good news thou... not had any Coke Cola since last week i am normally one a day girl

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  • I wann a lose weight to, but work 3 jobs so hard to find time to excerise, let me join in?

    Shall we all post our weight on here the weekley or monthly say how much we have lost?
  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    Welcome Emma (btw i think there are lots of Emma Brides at the moment.... ) I am an Emma too)

    Scared to post weight.... however i will do... luckly i dont look (least i dont think i do) what i weigh,,,, but maybe weekly ????

    I find hard to find time to excercise.... mainly cos have full time job (min wage image) also studing and setting up my own business... looking for full time better paid job and and projects (some free and some paid) i think stress help weight lost?

    i found ways to be more active in the day... just changing and doing little things

  • Hi every one,

    BrideE and Emma, it is a stress fitting it all in, and I know the stress of getting back to the dress weight is enormous, I havent been on the wii fit yet this week but did have a 20 minute walk every day so far and 2 sessions of pilates, solike you say its the little changes that count and they are the bits that you think, ah that wasnt so bad now for the rest of it!! Plus well done for kicking the coke habit I am struggling with chocolate but figured a freddo in 2 days isnt as bad as 2 bars in 2 days!

    I got weighed yesterday at the doctors, (had a contraceptive implant in so hoping that doesnt affect the weight either!!) and I am 78.5 kg which I think works out about 12/6 or something? I was 11/12 when I got measured so there is a bit of a difference!

    Anyway I hope everyone else is feeling a little bit more motivated, will fill everyone in on the advancement with the wii fit!! Also mum's birthday this weekend which means meal out, dreading that!
  • Hello again lovely ladies,

    I feel inspired already and I'm going to a spinning class later today! (Hoping its going to work off the pasty and massive sandwich i had for lunch). hmmm!

    I've decided to try and eat a little healthier and really try to reduce my binge drinking weekends! Think that'll have a massive effect on me!

    So are we having a weigh in day?? Is it sad if we have weekly challenges - something like try to not eat chocolate for one week or something geeky like that! image
  • Ok ladies, how about this for a plan; We have a weekly challenge like junebridejen suggested and we have a weekly weigh in. then we can have a slimmer of the week every week!

    I always used to weigh myself on a monday morning. so how bout we do weigh ins on a monday? We all post our weight and weight lost?

    I'm not starting untill second week in sept but whoever is already dieting could do it now?

    My biggest weakness is takeaway, chinese especially! I love it. So am gonna allow myself one chinese every fortnight (might sound like a lot but you should see how much i eat now!).

    I'm gonna bite the bullet and tell you that when I last weighed in I was 11st 8. I want to get down to 10st.

    I have ten months so only need to lose 2.2lbs a month! am worried I might lose a bit and then put it back on.
  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    right sounds like a good plan.

    I am 11st 12 (this moring weigh in) . i like to get down to 11 maybe 10 & 1/2 stone. again have 9 and half month to lose in so if carefull and a few lbs a month.

    I was a little bad last night... but not as bad as i could have been. i was taken out for a meal... had duck and pancakes.. (no Coke) normally i have something that has chips and lots of drinks of coke.

    AND NO PUDDING,,,, first time ever i was treated to a meal i turned down pudding!

    How are all my buddies getting on?

    E x
  • Hi everyone,

    Junebridejen, how was your spinning class? They have them near me and I was tempted to go but wasnt sure if I was too unfit for it!!! Would you recommend starting up with it?!?


  • Hi Freckle, I had a really embarrasssing incident at the gym yesterday - i raced to get to my spinning class after work and then paid went in started to get changed and realised I'd forgotten my blooming trainners - how embarrassing!! I had to leave the gym looking very sheepish!

    I've booked in again next week though!! image I've done it before though and it is very good, its quite hard at first but you do improve quite quickly - also I've been told that it helps you to actually shift weight as its all cardio!

    I'm going to start my diet properly on Monday! So my first weigh day will be then! Do you think that means I can eat like a beast till then?!?!?! image

  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    lol @ JuneBridejen.... oh dear.

    I been looking up spinning classes.... and yep, i dont understand what you do in them?

    No you cant eat like a beast.... er ok... you can if i can?

  • Oh dear, that sounds like something I would do actually!! At least you are still going next time and not avoiding the place like the plague, which would also be my style!

    Well I think I will try it next week and get into the routine of going before I go back to work.

    Also, I would say eat as much as you can, but only because I am going out for dinner for mum's birthday and would like to eat a pudding, although I was impressed with BrideE's refusal so will go for something less calorific!
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    Can I join in please? I'm getting married june 09. I am aiming at four stone loss (I know it sounds a lot) I'm starting 1st Septemeber and going to slimming world every monday. going to go swimming once during the week (not a lot of a chance to do anything else because of hours worked) and going to the gym at the weekend.I worked it out that four stone between September and may is 1.5lb's a week. sounds easy eh? I don't know what my weight is at the mo. I think I'm over 13.5 stone. I will know my weight 1st Septmeber.

    Oh yeah, i'm also giving up alcohol!!!!
  • Im 10.5 at mo want to lose about a stone or at least get below 10. I just want to be able to git ina pair of trousers, im between 12-14 at annoying. We are doing out house up at the mo so seem to have to livre off take aways but will try to eat more sensible. it will be easier when i am in my own house. i still live woth parents at mo so eat what ever mum cooks for me.
  • oopa, had chinese last night. sorry everyone! Also i couldnt do up the second button of my trousers this morning!
  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    I am a size 14 atm however this morning my clothes felt really baggy.... My Nan last night said 'have you lots weight.... keep it up'

    I did have a Chicken Korma last night (pub Meal) again i said no to pudding and had Diet Coke.... Luckly this morning i weigh the same as yesterday... However i have just eaten half a Sausage/Tom/Mushroom Sarnie... some reason i got full halfway thou.. so i thought as nice as it was i stop eating it.

    I finish work early today so paln to do a longer then normal sesson on the cross trainer....

    Oooo i hate it when cant do buttons up....
  • Has any one tried Paul McKenna? I used his cd while I was trying to lose weight before and think I might start it again, has anyone else used the cd's and noticed a difference?

  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    no sorry... i cant use CD things.... maybe you should if you think he helped you... after all every little helps.
  • Im getting a wii fit baalnce board! Any one else got one? what do you think?
  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    i want one... my friend has one... said they lost 7lb in one week... she loves it and never had so much fun....

    Let me know when you get it and what you think image

    E x
  • We have one,

    I havent used mine in a while because we moved and I had uni work to finish, but it is really good and it lets you know exactly how you are doing I was amazed by how much I changed the way I stood and thought about my posture after using it as when I first got on you would have thought I was leaning to the right constantly as it tracks your centre of gravity!

    I love the yoga and H2B uses it as well and he gets super competitive on the balance games etc which is good for boosting your time on it because you know you have to beat them. You can really work up a sweat and you think 'wow' cos you were just hula hooping in your living room!

    Its good for motivation but harsh when you gain weight, although it is still quite positive and gives you little tips on how to lose weight and things like that. I love mine but am afraid to get back on after a couple of weeks it might tell me off, but I am going to reset my target and get back into the swing of it

  • Ok ladies,

    today is the day i begin my diet - no more excuses just weighed myself and I'm mortified to discover i weigh

    12.5 1/2 arrggghhhh!

    Can't belive my weight has creeped up so quickly! So this week my aims are to stay away from takeaways and to do at least three sessions of exercise!

    The website is now telling me I have 299 days to go before i get married so I need to lose 2 stone in that time! eekk!!!! I'm going to be a motivated saint this week!

  • Love4pipLove4pip Posts: 531
    hmmmm weigh in for monday... i gained 1lb.

    i am now 11stone13lb however it could have been worse..... hehe

    I think i need a wii and a wii fit now :O (need money)
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