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20lbs in 9 weeks?!?!?

Is it possible? I HAVE to lose the weight! My wedding is December 27th and I have a dress coming that's still too small for me.. I HAVE to do it.. there's no choice!!

Anyone else crazy enough to want to join me?? :\?



  • aangel240283aangel240283 Posts: 1,982
    well healthyly they say that 2lb a week is ok, so it should be but youd have to make sure that you are very good every week. lol

  • Hey hun,

    You can do it, no doubt about that! Have you tried the cabbage soup diet? It sounds gross, but is actually not half bad, and trust me, you WILL lose the weight!

    You shouldn't really do it for more than 2 weeks on the trot, so I'd recommend starting off with a low cal and fat diet and alternating with 2 weeks of the cabbage soup diet so that you finish up doing the CS diet just before your wedding day.

    I'll try and find a link for you to the recipe for the soup and what you should be eating every day if you like? Good luck! xx
  • pianobexpianobex Posts: 163
    I lost 2 stone in 10 weeks so it is definatley possible, i would def say go to weight watchers or such!

    You have to be honest with yourself, write down absolutly everything you eat, and you need to be really motivated or else you won't do it!
  • Go to Slimming World, i lost 5 pound on my 1st week. and then 2 every week after for about 4 weeks. Till i was a bit naughty lol. xx
  • try cambridge diet i lost a stone in 3 weeks, after first 3 days you are not hungry.x
  • I will join you! I am getting married on 29th November and over the past couple of months i have put on 10lb (i wish i was one of those pople who didn't eat when stressed) I would really like to lose those 10lbs. I have been doing 60 minutes a day on the trampoline and having only 1500 cal a day and drinking about 2 litres of water a day. I would love to have some support from someine in a similar situation.
  • Thanks for all the replies!

    And, yes Retartomc.. let's do this together! I'll be logging up a DAILY weigh-in and keeping myself in check the whole time!

    Oh, and as for WW or Cambridge diet, it's a bit hard for me as I live in South Korea and I can't get all the foods on those diets. Might try the cabbage soup diet though JamieJo.. I'll also have a look for some info on it.. they definitely have cabbage in Korea!!

  • Ok.. today's weight..

    71kgs... aaaarrrggghhh!!! (that's 156.2lbs)

    hmm.. I've been thinking that daily weigh-ins might be a bit too much, so i'm going to do a Friday and Monday weigh-in to keep me on track over the weekend..

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  • Wow!! First weigh-in.. my weight is now 69 kgs / 151.8 lbs!!! Let's see what happens on Monday!!

    retardomc - how are you doing?!?
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    well done allovera. that's a big loss. what are you eating?
  • Yes well done! What ARE you eating? I NEED to shift 10lbs and I want me some of what youve got (or not as the case may be!) SPILL! I am doing WW and have decided to go back to basics and do 18 points for a week - probably a bad week cos its him indoorses birfdee this week and i ate A LOT yesterday and we are going out for dinner on Saturday! I wanted to have lost 4 lbs by 8th November and Im not sure that it isnt a tall order? That would mean Id have 6 lbs to lose in a further 2 weeks for final dress fitting. Im so stressed about it which in turn means I eat!
  • Hi!

    Well, I haven't started the cabbage soup diet yet, but I will be doing next week I think.

    Pretty much my day is like this.. fruit for brekkie, yoghurt and fruit for lunch and then a normal dinner just a really small serving. If I'm hungry I've been letting myself have more fruit, salad or some water crackers with a bit of marmite on them. Each day i think my calorie intake has been about 1000.. not too low I don't think.. don't want to hurt my weightloss in the long run by slowing down my metabolism so I'm trying to keep it over 800..

    I have also started a walking programme in the mornings and then doing my other exercises after work in the evenings.. hard work but it seems to be paying off!!

    Worried about Monday's weigh-in though, I slipped up last night and had beer and fried chicken.. not the best idea!!!

    Nyemrs.. you can definitely lose the weight if you put your mind to it.. go for it!

    V x
  • oh, the link to the website with the walking programme is if anyone's interested.. there's loads of stuff on the site but i really like the walking calendar.
  • Monday morning weigh-in: 150.48lbs/68.4kgs

    doing well!! my motivation is sky high!

    I'm off to do my walking and then off to work image
  • I weighed myself on Friday and i was 9st 10 which was a 2lb loss since Monday. I was very happy with that. BUT I was very naughty over the weekend, had lots of wine and was persuaded to order chinese with friends. I think i will lower my cals to 1300 for this week. I shall weigh myself on Thursday i think.
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