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I've been going to the gym everyday for the past 3 weeks and im usually running and using the cross trainer for 40mins during the week and then 70mina on the weekend, so average 500 calories week, over 700 weekend.

My body hasnt changed one bit, am I being impatient? I've really got on this gym thing and I feel rubbish if I don't go, but am I expecting results too soon? My body feels harder, but that is it, I haven't lost any weight. I'm having around 1500 calories in the week and then yesterday I had a treat with pizza for dinner. Can anyone give me some advide on what to do please?? I know muscle weights more then fat and thaat is fine with me but i want my thighs to be slimmer, what ca i do?



  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    If you are only using one piece of equiptment then you will not notice a change, thats what I did when I had gym membership. I just kept using the cross-trainer and little else.

    You dont see results then you get fed up and stop going (well I did)

    Its worth it if the gym has a personal instructor to pay for a session or a few sessions. They will tell you what machines to use to improve certain areas, you wont change body shape unless you use the weights too.

    As for thighs they have some great machines at the gym to exercise them.

    x nicki x
  • I'm surprised that you haven't seen any results. Does your gym offer any circuit training as this will work every part of your body &push you a lot harder than you do on your own. Spinning is good for thighs-it always makes me feellike I'm dying but it works! I would say throw away the scales (easier said than done I know) and focus on the tape measure- as that is where you are more likely to see results,good luck xx
  • p1nk18p1nk18 Posts: 66
    Thanks for your replies girls! I have done spinning before, but because I now go gym in the morning before week they don't have a class that fits in my timetable. Choccyaddict have you seen results from spinning?
  • Don't get down about it. I've started at the gym and got a programme from a trainer. He told me not to expect any change in the first three weeks as it takes a while for your body to get used to it and it will store fat until it realises it doesn't need to.

    If you are going in the morning are you eating enough before you go? If you don't you will just burn muscle rather than fat, which will just make you weaker, not slimmer.

    Keep going - once you hit six weeks it will start falling off you. It might seem like a long time but I saw a quote on here the other day which I keep repeating to myself:

    Don't let the fear of how long something will take stop you doing it. Time will pass anyway and you may as well do something positive while it does.....(or something like that image )

    Good luck x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    * Make sure you drink plenty of fluids

    * Warm up and cool down properly

    * Use a varietytof machines as your body gets used to them

    * Do cardio AND toning

    * Book an appointment for an induction to use all of the equipment properly and if you can, book some personal training sessions!

    Best of luck x

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  • p1nk18p1nk18 Posts: 66
    Thnaks for your replies, appreciate it. Going to keep at it and see how it goes. It is so strange for me because I've never been in to it before, but now I feel rubbish in myself if I don't go everyday, it is a great start to the day.

  • if your going to the gym everyday make sure that you do something different as you muscles need some rest. If you start to incorporate weights to tone then do them alternate days so your muscles rest. Don't worry about bulking up, its not going to happen. But muscles burn more calories therefore you will loose weight and tone up. Plus your body gets useto the work you do in the gym very quickly so you should vary you routine every 6-8 weeks so its new and working the body in a diferent way. Always eat breakfast if you go to the gym in the morning as you will get tired and have low blood sugar levels if you don't eat. Also try doing weights first as this burns off the carbohydrates first then the cardio will burn more fat (or so my trainer tells me). Hope that was some help.

  • When I lost 10kg, it took about 4 weeks for me to start seeing results, so hang in there!

    I would suggest you also keep a food diary - you would be suprised how everything adds up. I started to become addicted to M&M's and half a packet later, I just consumed 500 calories!

    Also, if you are working out everyday of the week, burning 1200 calories doesn't sound like much. I used to burn around 700 calories per session. I used to work my arse off - running, sweating, lifting heavy was endless. The resuts were amazing.

    Would recommend running, along with weigths and yoga.
  • p1nk18p1nk18 Posts: 66
    LOL santorini bride, I meant im usually burning 500 a day on a week day and 700 a day on the weekend! Do you mind me asking, how did you manage to shift 10kg? I'm going to start a food diary xx
  • loweyukloweyuk Posts: 64
    I'm obsessed with going to the gym like you mrsskahn09 and get frustrated if I don't see the results or, even worse, if no one comments when I have made a change!!

    My advise to you would be keep at it but try to be more patient. I agree with what everyone has said about varying you routine and if you do go on consecutive days make sure you do something different to the day before. Maybe day 1 work on legs and stomach, and the next day work on toning and weights. If you are after weight loss you'll need to keep up your cardio workouts. If you're into running try doing some interval training and run on a gradient. Does your gym have any boxing classes? We've got a piece of equipment called 3-kick which is great fun and is a good cardio workout, toning and improves reaction.

    I suffer from chunky tighs and have managed to slim them down by doing pilate excerises (which also help the tummy) and with adding lateral lunges in with normal lunges.

    Be careful with cutting down on eating. Although I've lost weight my bodyfat % has crept up - apparently your body will store more fat if it has less food. If you're after a good diet while still eating plenty I'd recommend a Low GI Diet.

    Sorry if I've ranted on a bit. Dieting and gyming are my 2 biggest obsessions!

    Kirsty x
  • Spinning has worked wonderes on my bum and thighs-they are toned, and my bum is much firmer+they have shrunk several inches on both! I tend to find that if I go to a class then I push myself harder and I love the satisfaction afterwards!
  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    I'm mortified everytime I'm in a gym and here's you all loving it. I think it's because when I go in the stick people are standing around talking and when I leave there still in the same place talking and so I always feel like how the hell do they look so good?!
  • loweyukloweyuk Posts: 64
    Hulkko that's so funny! I was talking to a friend today about that exact thing! I hate those women that seem to stand in front of the machine looking perfect while i'm there with sweat pouring down my face looking the least attractive possible.

    YOu need to brave it...just keep picturing your wedding dress...that's good motivation for me anyway!
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