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Thin h2b

Do you ever compare yourself in size and weight to your h2b.

My h2b is 6ft and rake thin whereas I am 5.4, just, and curvy.

I wasnt that concious with my ex as he was much more, rounded, is I guess as good a word as any.

It just makes me a bit paranoid because with him being so slim I feel much bigger?

Maybe its just me, he eats like a heffer too, and I have to be so careful or I put on weight, its SO UNFAIR!

lol, rant over x


  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Is your avatar you??? If so then you don't even seem "curvy" to me you seem quite slim!!!

    I know what you mean though. My H2B isn't particularly skinny but his arms and legs are and his legs are skinnier than mine image I'm a size 10 at the most so it's just not right!!!!! Does make me feel worse about myself but you have nothing to worry about!!! image x
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Im a 10-12, it just annoys me like for example last night we had a chinese and the last few days broke my diet, Im costantly watching my diet or the weight creeps on.

    so today I join the gym and will be punishing myself for 8 months while he dosent have to worry about putting on a pound,

    just not fair
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Oh I know how that feels!! H2B will say that he's bought us a "wee treat" for the weekend etc and doesn't realise that I need to work an extra hour at the gym for that!!! And in the winter I find it impossible so looking back it's a bit silly that I decided on a January wedding!! This time next year I'll be on a starvation diet image

    It really really isn't fair!!!:\(
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Winter is a bad time for diets cold weather makes me want to eat and eat and you never fancy salad in the cold, I always fancy pasta and spag bol, and choccy, very bad!
  • 0811200808112008 Posts: 156
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Yep the only things in the winter that are appetising is fatty foods!! Very very bad but next year I'll need to just deal with it and starve myself!!! When do you get married??
  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    I know exactly what you mean. I remember when h2b reached 10 stone and he was so happy because he is constantly trying to put on weight whereas I am constantly trying to loose it. Having said that h2b has put on a bit more weight recently (although he is still thin as a rake) so we are both trying to be 'good' and exercise more as he wants to tone up and build some more muscle before the wedding so we are helping each other out at the mo.
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    20th June, hopefully I will be in the mood for salad all summer. I joined the gym today and paid 13 months upfront, I am determined to go at the very least 3x a week.

    Its gymophobics and they do a 30minute circuit so not too strenuous, meant to be good for losing inches!
  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    Oh I feel your pain on this one. My H2b is 6'2 in his socks and appears to have hollow legs. He can eat and drink all he wants and not put on a pound, and if on the very rare occasion he decides he wants to lose some weight, then he will be able to lose it in a fortnight.

    I on the other hand have spent the last five months going to the gym every day and have managed to shift half a stone, and all I have to do is think if food and it all goes back on again!

    He does have a very physical job so needs more food for energy, but he has just called me to say he has just had breakfast and its.....

    A latte, a bottle of coke, a cheese and ham pasty, then a mars bar for later. No the healthiest i know but he is running round the building site all day......

    I am having, as I do every day, porridge with skimmed milk.

    boooo image
  • Yes! I do. My h2b is about the same height as me, but his legs are so much thinner than mine. It's so unfair! We do regular exercise together and tbh I probably do a bit more than him. I eat a bit less, but he still manages to eat like it's going out of fashion and stay as trim as he likes. I put it down to him having a higher metabolism.
  • littlelynsuklittlelynsuk Posts: 2,276
    Yep!!!! H2bs waist is smaller than mine, some of his clothes I can borrow for pyjamas, some I cant even get past my thighs!!! How depressing!!! It's fine though apart from the fact that he can eat a load of crap so I floow suit but the weight on fo the both of us!!!! Grrrrr ah well, we gotta love 'em!!! xx
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    I may have to pad his suit on the wedding day so I can look thin in the pictures!
  • I know what you mean my H2B is 6'2" and I'm only 5'1"!! He goes have a physical job but he can eat what he likes and never really puts on weight! I've been running and trying to get fit and lose weight and he's just started - he is already fitter than me and has lost the weight he wanted to so fast!
  • BrideToBeeBrideToBee Posts: 1,026
    NickiKitten, i know what you mean my h2b is 6.5 im 5.4 - he caught me weighing myself the other morning in my nightie he jumped on the scales full clothed layers of tshirt polo shirt jumper and workmen pants and boots and bloody weighed the same as me argh!!!

    he's a smokers, no time for lunch and has a labour job so on his feet allday - im office based so sat munching on crap!!!!
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    I always weigh myself without a stich on, that nightie add extra weight.

    I have a weight-watchers scales and it counts tiny quarter pounds!
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