Weighing tonight at slimming world

Got my weekly weigh in tonight and i only need to lose 1lb to get to 2 1/2 stone lost!! I have lost 9lb in the last two weeks but then things took a turn for the worst this week when we had friends over and had a curry!!! oh well we can't be perfect all of the time. I will keep my fingers crossed!!


  • Good luck and you never know, you might be pleasently surprised!! x
  • Noonoo

    We're all human and the old cliche of "A little bit of what you fancy does you good" is very true.

    I agree with cuban bride - you may suprise yourself tonight!!

    Good Luck!

    I was supposed to be going to my weigh in tonight, but because I've got a broken finger (strapped up) and can't drive, I can't get there, too far to walk in this weather. Me and Mum are weighing ourselves tonight at home and letting each other know - then doing the same next week - we're also putting away the £2.50 fee. (Will be able to get back on track properly in a couple of weeks when I can drive again!!)
  • what is slimming world like? do u recommend?
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  • Gembob.

    slimming world is for me much better than weight watchers, I have done both and there was just too much weighing and counting on ww but on sw it's far more straight forward.

    If you go on the website you can print off a trial diet week (i think) to see if it suits you before you join up.

    Hope this helps x
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