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1 day off and it's disaster!!!

I do this every time - I have one day off, thinking to myself 'Oh goodie I can afford to eat whatever I want cos I have lost some weight' and then it takes me literally days to get back into the diet again. Why is this????!!! imageimage


  • jacksukjacksuk Posts: 215
    Don't beat yourself up about it then it is much easier to get back into the routine. Lots of people who have famously lost lots of weight say that the way they did it was to give themselves a day or two off and not feel bad about it. I used to get into the 'well I have eaten crap yesterday, i might as well start all over gain next week' cycle - that has gone on for about 3 years!!!! A few days off once in a while is normal and will probably help boost things a bit if you get back into your diet after - a few different vitamins and minerals in your body - even some fat, salt and sugar is good for you!
  • Give yourself one day off a week where you can eat whatever you want and you will probably find if you do that then you won't have as many "bad" days. It also helps with your metabolism as you body doesn't get useto a certain number of calories each day. Then you wil probably find on your day off that you won't eat as much crap as what you thought you much as you aren't being naughty or wrong as you have allowed yourself to do it. I do think we all have that teenager in there somewhere which comes out when we are too restrictive with ourselves and completely rebels. This way you are giving yourself that one day and it really won't make all the difference to you weight loss each week.
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    i do the same, well i used too. I find im much better if i follow the 90%-10% rule. Basically if i make healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and tea and stick to my allotted calories, then i can have a small treat as a snack at some point during the day. Yesterday It was two chocolate biscuits with a cup of tea before bed, today it was a mini milkyway bar at break time at work (some one had bought them in as it was their birthday) So i dont have 'days off' i just have small regular treats. On fridays I make sure i have a healthy breakfast ans lunch and cut out all snacks, and my 'treat' is my friday night tea, which can be anything from going out for a nice meal to homemade pizza infront of the telly to h2b. Because the meal is not always the healthiest choice (pizza being a great example!!) im make sure my other two meals are and i cut my portions down a little for my evening 'treat' meal. On sundays I have 'brunch' rather than breakfast and lunch - which is usually a veggie full english grill up!! These daily, carefully planned and well thought out 'treats' keep me motivated, stop me from feeling like im 'on a diet' and make my healthy eating plan easy to stick too, after all its a change of lifestyle that i want to achieve, i wana eat healthy and maintain a trim figure for the rest of my life, but i also want to enjoy my food!! Anyway, Ive been doing this for the best part of the last 3 weeks, im losing weight and i feel good so i thought id share xxx
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    I do it too - every time I get close to the 10 stone 13lb mark (and that's been on a number of occassions) I suddenly feel like I've got a 'free pass' and go on a binge for a few days and end up right where I started. I did it a couple of weeks back - I went from 11 stone 4lbs to 11 stone 1 in a week and then ate myself stupid image

    Sometimes you need days to keep yourself sane and eat some sweeties - it's knowing when to stop I guess. Have perhaps one treat meal a week and something sweet and then you'll always know that you have that one 'freebie' day to look forward to. Now if I can only follow my own advice.....
  • lucyplucyp Posts: 8
    Are you eating things that are full of sugar when you stop with your diet. Your body probably wants the sugar and thinks it needs it again. Don't worry about it too much people are allowed breaks - if you have a goal you will stick with it a few days is not going to hurt your long term weight loss goal.;\)
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