Gym exercise & weight loss?

Hi there all,

Getting married in 9 weeks time, oh my god I can't wait.

Toning up nicely at the gym so can't wait to have my dress fitting now but the weight is just not shifting.

I'm eating my daily points allowance and saving what I've worked extra for.

Anyone else having the same problem?




  • Leila, it's important to measure yourself when you're losing weight/exercising. You may find that the weight is not changing initially but as you tone up you will probably find that your measurements drop. Bet you can't wait for your fitting!! I have 11 weeks to go til my wedding, it's all so exciting!

    Corinna x

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  • Hello again, have caught up with you on 2 links image Yeah have just started measuring myself so will keep an eye on that. 11 weeks it goes so quick doesn't it, especially now christmas out of the way. Are you all prepared? xx
  • Pretty much all sorted now. Took time away from wedding stuff over Christmas and now fully back in the swing! Meeting with the Vicar last night, and reception on sunday! Also been planning a night out for my hen party lol I'm dreading it!!

    How about you, how are your preparations coming along?

    Corinna x

  • Hi Corinna,

    Plans are going really well thanks.

    8+ weeks to go I'm so excited.

    Spent ages hunting for the right hair pins and have just found them so pleased about that.

    Going for lunch on Saturday to the place where getting married with family so that shoudl be lovely.

    Playing about with the kids goodie bags I've been making, just a few more bits and bobs to get and collected bridesmaids, ushers and best man gifts at the weekend so a few less things to worry about.

    Not even had a dress fitting yet, so can't wait for that. Dress comes in on 1st March!! Plenty more time to get down the gym and eat lettuce leafs image

    Leila xx
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