Hey girls

how is everyone getting on with their Spin classes? We had a big thread on this a while back.

I've been going 3x a week but think i need to cut one out and replace with body pump or something else with weights!


  • cp781cp781 Posts: 166
    Hi I've been quite ill with an ear infection and then a viral infection so I havent been to the gym in 3 weeks!! I'm going again on Saturday though. I feel like I've lost motivation to go! I need a kick up the bum.

    Hows your weight lose going?
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    I hadn't been for a while for various reasons, but I've now moved offices and my gym is right opposite, so I'm back on it with avengance and even going in my lunch breaks! Love it!

    If I have time, I try and do weights afterwards - just to keep a good mix of cardio and resistance work.

    Does anyone else have a disco spinning room at their gym with flashing lights and stuff? my gym which is local to my house does and its fab!
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    i started back on it this week.. changing tacts a bit, I was doing body combat, body pump adn the gym. Now I am doing combat, spin and swimming, only started this week but really enjoying it. Mrsm2 we have a spin area in the middle of the gym with disco lights etc.
  • bev2656bev2656 Posts: 254
    im going spinning for the first time next week, im really unfit and need to lose alot of weight but looking forward to it!
  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    you'll hate it but love it I promise! ha ha - great results...hard work, but what a workout!
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761

    how's the spinning going everyone?! im on a mission to lose my last few lbs before christmas, so am spinning like a woman possessed (5 times in the last week, plus 1 PT session and 2 abs classes!) trouble is its having a negative effect and i actually put on 2lbs this week! oh well!
  • boodles... i've just joined a gym and i'm really unfit!! how long do you think i should go before i take the plunge and do my first spin class or body pump??
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    I don't know what you think Boodles, but I think that you don't really need to build up your fitness beforehand!

    Spinning in particular you can go at your own pace, so you can make it as hard or as easy as you like. I dragged my h2b along the otherday and he hated it, because the standing up bit used loads of muscles that he wasnt used to using.

    So I say just go for it, but be prepared for it to be really, really horrible for the first few times!!

    Good luck!
  • cp781cp781 Posts: 166

    I haven't been for weeks. As I said in my previous reply I was quite ill so couldnt go and now membership here in New Zealand is finished so when I come back to the UK in 2 wks I'm going to join Total Fitness where there's tons of classes. Hopefully I'll get back into it easily but I'm feeling really unfit at the moment.
  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    Sorry just saw some of the replies. You def dont need to build up your fitness beforehand as you can do it all in your own pace. I did find i needed to build up my confidence though as it all looked so elite, and that was a waste of time!! the classes are such fun, and really adaptable to your own fitness, please dont be put off!!

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