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Week 57!

I would like to say to anyone coming in and having a peek feel free to join us just add a post and I will add you. We are a group of ladies that get behind each other and give each other that extra support. We weigh in every Monday x So come and join us x

So I have had a busy weekend no time for exercise although I did have a four mile run on Friday x Been doing assignments all weekend for my course.

Right sounds like everyone had a good shopping weekend so we are all feeling renewed after the weekend to face another week. Lets all put everything into it this week!!!!! (Not that we don't every week of course x )

We don't have another wedding now until MrsDavidson2b in April x x x x





Booty 33......

Wedding Date.....2nd FEBRUARY 2009

Booty 33......

Wedding Date.....2nd FEBRUARY 2009

Mrs Davidson2b...

Wedding date....4 APRIL 2009 @ 11.30 AM

P Bear...

Wedding date....11 APRIL 2009 @ 2.30 PM


Wedding date.....11th JULY 2009


Wedding Date... 18 JULY 2009


Wedding Date.....19 JULY 2009


Wedding date.... 25 JULY 2009 MAINTAINED:\)


Wedding Date.... 14 AUGUST 2009


Wedding date....22 AUGUST 2009 @ 2.00 PM -1/2lb


Wedding Date....28 AUGUST 2009 +2lbs


Wedding Date...SEPTEMBER 2009


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  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have lost 1/2lb! Well at least it is something x

    Have a good day ladies I feel really rough today got really swollen glands. However got to go to work as I have to go swimming with the reception group. (which is not going to do me any good but there is no one else to do it!) Also got to take a class this afternoon and there is noone else to do that either! What a nightmare!!!!

    Heh ho I am a woman and tis is what we do!
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Hi Everyone

    I maintained. Had a really good week of exercise last week. Went to bodypump twice, gym cardio once and then a 5 km run once. Going to do it all again this week too starting with bodypump tonight. My lovely H2B said I looked much slimmer even though I have not lost weight.

    Well done on the loss Rach. What is your total loss so far?

    hope everyone is well. Penel x
  • Well done RL... that is great... you are on a roll!

    Penel... that is fab that h2b noticed... it makes it all worth while!

    I have had a horrendous 2 weeks for food and exercise... I have put on I know I have I feel sluggy and feel like I have undone some of my hard work. So I am freshly motivated as I keep thinking about my pretty purple dress I want to wear on my hen weekend. I have to miss the gym tonight but i WILL be going every other day this week whatever happens!!!

    RL... hope you feel better soon

  • Hi ladies, well done on the weight loss.

    As i mentioned on friday i have put on 2lbs. I think its everything catching up with me.

    But.....I'VE BEEN TO THE GYM!!!! YEY!! Was really nice to get in there. I did 50 mins of cardio and loved it. Def felt it after having 2 weeks off. Staying away from the weights for now.

    Was a nice wknd with h2b, he's gone back to london now till december :\( but i'll be working hard so hopefully won't miss him too much.

    My sister is up from london tonight for a couple of days, we are going down to Leeds to meet my other bridesmaid to hopefully find some bridesmaid dresses. I've only got those and flowers to sort out then i'm just about done. I think someone else has taken over my brain, i am never organised like this!!!

    Have a great week everyone xx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Well done on the organinsing Madone x

    Also well done to all the losers will not e that down now and then I am off to bed as I feel rough!
  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Hi Ladies

    Ah sorry to hear you not feeling well RL, hopefully you will be better tom. Oh my weight loss from sat weight in was 1lb.

    I feel on top of the world today. Told everyone at work about my dress and bm dresses ordered on sat. I feel sooo releived. Called the shop today as my bm's wanted to have a wrap and we forgot to ask. She can get me some fabric the same colour through her sister who has a bride shop in bradford and we are gonna get the seamstress to make them up, ( alot cheaper than ordering them from the designers) so very pleased about that. image

    Off now to do my davina workout. imageops: Then have my homemade spag bol (ww receipe) and then the ironing is calling me !!!


  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Sounds like it is going well mehikel x

    I feel even worse today but off to work today then I am coming home and going straight to bed!!
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi all, would i be able to join, i need a lot f help i get married 2nd feb 09 and i am soooooo over weight. i am 5ft 4'' and i weigh 17-4 god that's scary writing that down, i can't exercise as i have a bad back so i struggling, but at the moment i am finding it really hard to stop eating. hope you all don't mind me butting in on your group, when do you weigh you? my name is janine x
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Hi Janine aka Booty 33. Of course you can join and we all help each other to loose weight so I am sure you will get some results before your wedding. Feb 09 will come around really quickly I hope you are enjoying the run up.

    It is a shame about your back. Is all exercise out of the window or can you do gentle walking? I read somewhere that in a few circumstances this can actually help a bad back.

    As a tip my best result producing change is to cut right back or stop any alcohol and sugary drinks including tea with sugar. I drink herbal teas with no sugar. After a while they actually begin to taste nice. I love them now. Don't think that because you don't like something you can not change your tastes. You can, it just takes a little while. I never used to like dark chocolate. Then I stopped eating milk chocolate and only ate dark and now I love that too.

    Take care, Penel x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Hiya Booty of course you can join we weigh in on Monday morning x We all try our best to support each other. So come in and have a chat anytime.

  • DLWifeDLWife Posts: 223
    Hi RL and Ladies

    Im going to say goodbye - because I dont get time to come on here very often now.

    But thank you for your support and helping me to reach my goal weight.

    Can I just add that ladies, it really is worth it - I felt very special on my wedding day and I think that part of it was because I felt good about my weight.

    So keep it up, you can do this. Use this forum to be supported when you are feel low and also share your highs to encourage others!

    Well thank you and have wonderful weddings!

    Mrs DL Wife : ))
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi all, and thank you for your warm welcome, rachelliza, i have crumbling discs i can walk, but not for long . i need to start cutting out comfort food, oh i get married in cuba at 4pm. where is everyone else getting married? janine
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Thanks DLwife congratulations and I hope you have a very happy marriage x Thank you for all your support that you have given everyone over the months x

    I am getting married in Somerset booty. Sounds like a good plan try to keep it up and I am sure you will see results.
  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Hi Ladies,

    Welcome Booty to this thread. The ladies are lovely on here, very encouraging, stick with us and we will hopefully help you achieve some results. Cuba sounds a smashing location. I am getting married in Norfolk.

  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi mehikel, thanks for the warm welcome, yes i thought that you all sounded lovely ppl giving loads of support and look forward to hopefully losing weight together, i am so looking forward to going and getting married in cuba, i have never been that far before, only been to france and corfu, so not really looking forward to the 10 hour flight. are you getting married in a church? have you all got your dresses yet? janine
  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Morning Ladies, Booty - yes its a church wedding and my dress is my avatar, ordered it at the weekend along with my bm dresses, have most other things organised, was starting to think about favours now?

    RL hope you are feeling better now?

    Planning on doing my Davina dvd tonite, did it on monday, so had a day off yest!!! I am listening girls, and not so achey today so the muscles must be getting used to the onslaught. ha ha x
  • Welcome Booty... cuba image Wow... sounds great!

    RL... how you feeling hun?!

    DLWife... good luck with married life and well done on all your loss! xxx

    Mehikel... we are having minatures as our favours. H2b is from Jamaica so we are having Jamacian RUm for the boys and then for the girls I would to get a Jamacian cream rum (a lot like baileys) otherwise it will be baileys. I didn't want to go for the normal chocolate.

    I am off to the gym tonight... not been for a couple of weeks with work being so busy and all I seem to havae done is eat out and this week been so manic at work I have not made it! So tonight is the night to get back there!!!!!

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I am still feeling awful! Got to take the dogs to the vet today as he has supected conjuctivitus bless him.

    MrsDavidson2b I loooove Jamaica I had my best holiday ever there it is so beautiful x Met some lovely people and had such a great time x
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Hi Girls

    Are you feeling better Rach. Ahh poor dog hope he feels better soon too.

    I have been to Jamica too. My fave was walking up the Mayfield Falls. So pretty and very quiet. I don't think we saw any other tourists on our walk at all.

    Although my diet has been pretty static my exercise routine is improving. I am feeling really motivated and went for a run yesterday lunchtime. I think after Christmas the real work begins and I will start running twice a week as well as my gym classes. At the moment I am doing 4 lots of exercise weekly but will push this to 5 closer to the wedding.

    So far I have lost 10lb's since I started dieting. Not great but I have also put on lots of muscle.

    Hope everyone is OK and the weight loss is going well.

  • RL and Penel... that is lovely to hear about Jamaica. I love it out there and obviously H2B is very precious about it. Some people are so critical of it saying it is backwards and that they got offered too many drugs but I love it and it is SO lush out there. We want to take his dad back out there end of next year for his 60th birthday. Stay in bed and warm as much as you can RL.

    Penel... well done on the increased exercise. Have you been measuring yourself as well!? xxx
  • Hi everyone, sorry for the late weigh in.

    Well done on the loss Rachel, hope you're feeling better soon xx

    Welcome Booty, and well done everyone on your losses.

    I'm back up to 10st exactly, so have put on 2lbs, body shape has changed a lot though (lost an inch and a half off my waist, yay!) so hoping the weight loss will follow soon.

    Take care xx
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi me again, mehikel your dress is gorgeous, mine is bonny unforgettable range 1722. can't wait i have just worked out i have 9 weeks from monday till we go to cuba and 10 weeks monday before we get married. i am soooooooooooo excited, i weighed myself today and am 17-4 image hope i can get my head into gear and lose a bit. i no i need to lose alot as we are trying for a baby as soon as we come back, is anyone else thinking of starting for a baby as soon as they married? janine
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    meeeeeeee booty!!!!!
  • Wow, I hope Cuba is amazing!

    We'll probably be trying for one within 2 years, need to move house first.

  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi rachelliza, dippyduck, i have never been to cuba, my friend has and said its great. you are going to laugh now, but i am scared of fish lol.... and i have to face that fear and snorkel and also have to swim with the dolphins, i am scared they wont have a wet suit that will fit, can you imagine the embrassment of that....

    rachelliza are you trying straight after you get married? i am on the mini pill right now, and i was on the depo injection b4 that, i am 35 yrs old. i haven't had a monthly for years, i don't know how long it will take???? i have two boys already from a previous relationship, my boys are 13 and 12, my youngest has autism, ppl think i am mad but i really want a baby with h2b. where do you both get married? janine
  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Hi Girls,

    Had call from bride shop to say all my dresses are ordered and will be delivered in March. It seems very real now, knowing that. So on that note will have 4 months now girls to get this bod into shape. Dont have that much weight to loose , its just toning up, need to concentrate on my bottom half, although according to the lady in the shop she said I had an hour-glass figure. (I never saw myself with that sort of shape!!) Thanks booty for comenting on my dress, its one of the first ones I saw. It sounds very exciting, your honeymoon, snorkeling, dolphins etc, things you only do once in a lifetime. So go for it!!!

    Unfortuneately I am unable to have children, its such a shame that me and my h2b wont be able to have any little ones together, I've waited such a long time to find someone like him, but at least we have each other now, hey. He had a daugther who is 22 and two grand daugthers with another on the way, so we can just spoil them rotten.

    Me x

  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi mehikel, i don't know wot to say hun, i feel really awful mentioning children now, im sorry if i upset you bringing it up,

    i wished all i had to do was tone it up lol... i am happy with how the dress looks on me i just hate how fat my face looks on a pic. i always thought if i get married i will lose all this weight andit just hasnt happened. i give up to easier.
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Booty me me me I want a honeymoon baby. They say 13 days after the first day of you last period is the best time to try, although everyone varies. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I am 28 will be 29 when we marry so hopefully will not find it too hard to conceive. Cuba sounds lovely. We haven't booked our honeymoon yet and are waiting until the new year. Hoping to go to Reethi Beach in the Maldives.

    Yeay Mehikle about your dresses. Being a Nana will be great too you get to have all the best bits and hand them back when they start to cry. image

  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi penel, i am on mini pill and don't have periods so i will just be doing it like i do now every night image))) my problem is i don't know when to come off the mini pill, because i don't want to have a period, but would love to make a baby on honeymoon, when do you get married penel? the maldives sounds lovely, i looked at there to get married but they didn't married you there, dont know if they do now. i am 35 yrs old now, i had my other children when i was 21 and 23 they are 13 and 12. are you on the pill? i was on the depo injection b4 the mini pill.
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Booty I don't think your mad at all I completly understand. It is very exciting. Yes we will be trying straight away.I am 27 and H2b is 34 so we feel itis the right time.
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