[color=indigo]Latina size[/color]

Hi Girls (has anyone else tried this workout?)

I wanted a dvd that I would enjoy and my daughter pointed the Latina size one out to me. I really loved watching strictly come dancing with all the Salsa etc...Lilia from strictly come dancing does it and she has a fab body! wouldn't it be nice to think if we do the dvd we will end up with a body like hers!!!

When I went to Cuba in 2005 they were doing salsa lessons but we never did them, so if they have them this time (going to the same hotel) my daughter, sister and I will defo be participating! image

Did it this morning and there are different dances for different parts of your body for example salsa for hips, tum & bum (I think!)

Their are 5 different dance workouts to do. I must say it was quite hard to keep up at first as you are learning new dance steps in all of them but I really enjoyed it.

Anyway if any of you have been wondering what it's like,,,,,,,,,,Now you know!

If you like dancing you will love this, I feel reaaly good for having done some exercise today, gold star for me*

Sorry for the essay! image

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