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anyone doing rosemary conley?


Seen a few threads on WW and SW but is anyone doing rosemary conley?

I have been doing it 7 weeks now and have lost 6lb, I am a bit gutted it's not more but I missed a week due to a holiday and had a 2.5lb gain a couple of weeks ago.

But last week I lost 4.5lb and got slimmer of the week image

I was hoping to lose 2 stone, but as I have already bought my dress and its quite beaded and may look silly if its taken in, I think perhaps another 10-12lb will be enough, just so I don't have a pot belly and bingo wings, haha (I am lucky that my E cup boobs never change size whether I lose or gain weight)

I am 5ft 4 and weigh 11-2. My ideal weight is 9-6 but as much as I would like to see myself at that weight one day, I don't think I should do it for the wedding cos of my dress, I think I would be happy at around 10 and a half stone.

I do find that it's quite easy to slip off the diet, especially as we like to eat out and it's hard to gauge what is less than 5% fat. Guess the answer is not to eat out, but it is what me and h2b love to do when we have a child free night and its just nice.

We went away for the weekend and twice the main meals were included but one was a carvery and one was lasagne!! plus we had a wimpy on the motorway on the way home as I hadn't had one since I was 6 years old (no it wasnt worth it either!) so til my weigh in on thurs I am just eating soup and fruit to hopefully balance out my naughty weekend, as I would be devastated at a gain!!

Anyone else on Rosemary??


  • Hi,

    I'm not doing her diet but I have been doing her DVD (brand new you) since February, I started 3 times a week and now about twice and walking/running another night. I have also been watching what I eat (although not following an actual diet but counting WW points a bit as I used to do that) I was 12 stone 11 lbs and now 11 stone 2 3/4lbs- I'm 5 foot 91/2 and so well within my ideal weight range now (size 12 bottom size 10 top) and aiming to be 10 1/2 for my wedding day- me and some of the other girls are finding a daily diary of what we are eating/drinking/exercising helps DIARY WEEK 6- all newcomers welcome its also a bit of support xx
  • Hi sazzie i,m doing the Rosemary conley diet(well trying to anyway) ,lost 1st 12lbs in 8 weeks but ahd a slip up this week.My downfall is marshmallows because i think well tey are fat free but i forget there is so much sugar in them, i eat a whole bag at once and thats like 600 calories eek !! I,m 6ft and currently weigh 16st 10lbs ,would like to lose minimum another 3 st by july next year,gotta anyway cause ive bought my dress in a size 12 so no buts about it!! currently am a size 18 top and 20 bottoms. Joining the gym today as its my day off so biting the bullet and going for thats good 41/2 lbs in fact thats brilliant well done.When are you getting married by the way? x
  • Cammieknickers have you tried her DVD? I think its brilliant and she's lovely and encouraging x
  • No i havent as yet,currently bidding for Davinas box set on ebay at the moment.done my bit at the gym now gotta fit it all in ! I did do a video of hers about 10 years ago though,cant remeber what its called,but i enjoed that if i recall correctly. xx
  • oh god did you get Davina- go steady it nearly killed me and I couldn't walk for days, she's like an army recruit soooooo fit, I've done 16 mile walks that hurt less xx

    The rosemary one I've got has colleen nolan - its really helped me and my shape has changed so much
  • Hi michreynolds no i didnt get davinas but by the sound of it i,ve had a lucky escape hehe, i think i,ll get rosemary,s one instead. I,m walking alot more and my new job is very active so hopefully that will make a difference to my weight loss.

    Hi sazzie how are getting on this week ,i lost 2lbs weds night so am very very pleased with that considering what i ate,most of the time i stick to it rigidly but emotional issues the past week have made me stray abit.M fave recipe is the vege bake as i love veg and stuffing and it is very filling though i,m doing susage and mash for tea 2night ,little pptatoe with loads of swede 2 low fat cumberland susages and lots of sprouts and cauli x
  • I don't work for Rosemary by the way lol- I feel terrible being so anti- Davina but I bought both her box sets at once and I'm terrified of even looking at them again (After 6 months I was getting bored of good old RC) but now I know when I'm well off lol
  • I put 1lb back on this week image

    It was to be expected though with what I had eaten last weekend, it;s also been my time of the month this week.

    I am back eating healthy again now, plenty of fruit, veg, chicken, low cal soups etc. We did get a chinese last night but I got chicken and pineapple with boiled rice and only ate half of it. That was instead of me going out with the girls so think I definitely had less calories than I would have had when on the booze (I cant resist bargains, like a bottle of wine in Yates for a fiver when its £3.75 for a glass, so I drink more than I should)

    Well done on your loss and fingers crossed for me for next week image

    I am getting married 15th May 2010 but I want to lose the weight early on and then just work on maintaining, rather than panicking at the last minute
  • I always put weight on when its my time of the month aswell so like you said considering what you ate last week a lb isnt too bad.well done for your choice of chinese, i cant even order one as i only like the special curries from our local so its best if i dont have one but i must say i do miss them!

    michreynolds i,ve bought a dancersize dvd as i love dancing so gonna give that a go from 2moro.

    Anyway good luck girls fingers crossed we will lose this week and sazzie lay off so much wine hehehe xx
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