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I am stuck, can you help?

Hello there! Hope everyone is well!

I have been dieting for nearly two months now and although that is not the longest of time I dont seem to have lost any weight not even one lb which is getting me really down as I am really trying. I have a personal trainer who pushes me to my limits once a week, I have cut down on carbs and am eating more salads and fish etc. I suppose there are deffo bad days where I eat a packet of crisps but on the whole I am being healthy! I would love to loose a stone. Can anyone give me any pointers of how they have lost weight for their special day!

Many thanks

Scarl xx:\?


  • Hi Scarl,

    It seems like you are doing all the right things, however you must remember all the time you are training at the gym you are building muscle, which is great for all the toning. As long as you are not using too many weights as the gym you will reach a balance where you are simply loosing weight not building muscle. At the end of the day to loose weight you need to make sure you are taking in less calories than you are using, its simple maths really. my advice is to try calorie counting and see how many you are taking in and alter it so you are taking in at least less than 2000 calories, which is about the amount to stay the same. Most people try to take in about 1500 calories to loose weight, but remember to take into account all the physical exercise you are doing. your personal trainer should be able to advise you on how many calories should be required for the level of exercise and to still loose weight. Although the foods you are eating are low fat and healthy you would be surprised how much of a factor portion size comes in to it.

    Hope this helps

    Sarah (lost 2.5 stone so far about the same to go)
  • Hey Sarah

    Wow congratulations on your weight loss you sound as though you are doing really well.

    Also thanx for your advice, I think the calorie counting is most proberly the way forward! Fingers crossed! Will let you know how it goes.

    Scarl x
  • Hey, i was 16 and a half stone 2 years ago after i had my baby son. Now i am just under 12 stone. Im getting married in 2010 but need to lose at least 2 stone by next august so i can get my dream wedding dress. I eat healthy and exercise everyday( going for a brisk walk is the best exercise) and try not to eat after 6 in the evening. It was hard to do that at the start but my body got used to it after a while. I treat myself once a week so i dont end up pigging out. Just try and have 3 small meals a day and stay away from snacking between meals. Always have a good breakfast. I never miss breakfast. Its true what they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One more tip stay away from fizzy drinks and drink more water. Hope some of my advice will help you. Good luck x
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